Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Quick Sound OFF:
KEVIN YOUKILIS IS NOT PLAYING OUTFIELD WHEN THE WORLD SERIES GOES TO COLORADO. This is the god damn championship series people, you don't start trying him out in the outfield to keep him in the lineup. You want the solution? So you can officially stop suggesting this rediculous course of events that should never happen. Mike Lowell stays at 3rd base & batting 5th, you wait and see how Ortiz & Youk hit in games 1 & 2, then you determine whose pitching before you make any decisions. David Ortiz coming off the pine facing a lefty as a pinch hitter is brain crushing. In the case you would want him pinch hitting, you have Crisp or Ellsbury on the bench to come in and pinch run for Papi & Hinski finishes the game off, if it's Youkilis who is pinch hitting, you leave him in to run for himself, and play 1st .

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