Friday, May 29, 2009

New Podcast Out

After a week long break from The Right Now Podcast the Right Now Crew is back. We're talking all things happening in major league baseball, ManRam playing in the ASG, the exciting times of Zack Greinke, and of course baseball in the Epicenter (Boston). Due to our lack of confidence in Orlando and Denver two weeks ago, we have playoff basketball retractions and much more.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wasn't this supposed to be easier?

The defending champion Celtics and the perennial champion Spurs had already been taken care of. Vitamin Water & Nike decided to jump their NBA championship promos, rather than waiting for the finals to kick off. This is the NBA, the league that got Ewing to New York and Shaq a 4th ring. Kobe v. LeBron was about as sure a thing as the Clippers drafting Blake Griffin this June. We're going to get to see this. Aren't we?

Not so fast . . . .

Four games into the Western Conference Finals, one team looks exhausted, the other looks in control. I should add that control is not a word used to describe a Laker bench which includes Luke Walton and his 6 foul in 13 minutes game 4 performance. The Denver Nuggets are crashing the party and in a very big way. Tied 2-2 in the Nuggets/Lakers best of seven series is not where Kobe thought they'd be, but maybe we should have. Seven of the Nuggets 8 victories heading into the conference finals were by ten points or more. Their previous opponents had only managed two, 2-point victories in ten outings. Oh, and Carmelo Anthony was playing like the Carmelo Anthony we knew at Syrcause, the 29 ppg. Carmelo Anthony. While this series may be tied, it could very easily be over or at the least already pressing Kobe to the brink. 3-points:

(1) The Lakers depth is a myth. The Laker bench scored just 24 points combined in game 4. Nuggets backup guard, J.R. Smith scored 24 points on his own. That same Laker bench pulled down 16 rebounds as Nuggets backup Chris Anderson pulled down 14 on his own. Not Jordan Farmer, Lamar Odom, or Luke Walton bring close to the energy off the bench as Smith and "Birdman" do. This Laker bench that everyone including myself raved about has already packed it in. If either of these benches is game changing, it's the one that includes the guy with the mohawk and the guard who sparked a series.

(2) One team is having fun, the other is just working. Kobe doing work is accurate, judging by his energy level it's wearing him down. While Dahntay Jones and Kenyon Martin are banging around with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, Melo and Chauncey are bringing this band of so-called bad boys together. The Lakers are missing free-throws, Kobe is forced to play 35+ minutes every night, and it seems as though the Rockets series took more of a toll on the defending Western Conference champs. The Nuggets each know their role, Kenyon rebounds, Chauncey calls the shots, and Melo closes the show, none of them make it look like "doing work."

(3) It's a bad time for this. This is the wrong time to decide that Derek Fisher is getting old and can't lock down the game winner. This is the wrong time to decide Andrew Bynum and Pau aren't tough enough for the games bangers. Of course, this is the wrong time to find out Vujacic and Walton give you nothing off the bench. Kobe has to be scratching his head at the team around him, he sits for two minutes and they give up the ten point lead he just gave them. Can Kobe will this team to The Finals? Can the old Kobe, the one with red in his eyes, score 52 points at will and give the Lakers two more wins? It's a bad time to realize that only that Kobe can get the Lakers to where they need to be.

A 3-game series with two being in L.A., somehow the Nuggets may be in the driver's seat, we'll find out.

. . How did we get here?

The Cavaliers are down 3-1, no really the Cavaliers are down 3-1. Maybe now we should point out that they are a LeBron miracle three away from being swept right out of the postseason. The NBA's best record throughout the regular season, the MVP playing better than ever, an 8-0 record throughout the postseason, and the best home record in the league, poised to dismantle the Magic en route to The Finals. However, something came over that Magic team after they knocked off the defending champs. The Magic have been reminded that they win when Dwight Howard touches to the rock. Now the untested Cavs are in it to play for their playoff lives. Dwight Howard recorded his 15th double-double of this playoffs and he's become increasingly dominant as the playoffs move forward. 3-points:

(1) The Magic just aren't afraid of anyone, or anything. A Dwight Howard suspension in series 1, the defending champs in series 2, and the leagues top contender for a title in series 3, nothing fears them. They shoot their three-pointers, no matter how ill advised. Their working with a replacement point guard for their all-star Jameer Nelson who was hurt at mid-season. Dwight Howard is now 1 technical foul away from riding the bench for a game. The Orlando Magic and their coach who gets banged on by everyone nationally are a game away from the NBA Finals. Only them, believed they could do what they've been doing and you've got to show respect for that, or at least try to.

(2) Anderson Varejao and Zydrunas Ilgauskas have no solution for Dwight Howard. Anderson Varejao hanging on his arms and he's still pouring in buckets and ripping down boards. Just like the Celtics without Garnett, the Cavaliers have no one on their roster who can match up with Howard physically. He's changing the way LeBron attacks the basket because no one he's defending can pull him further outside the lane than where he needs to be or wants to be. As a fan of this game, the potential of seeing Dwight Howard against those big bangers in Denver is growing increasingly interesting as you watch it develop this way. If the Cavaliers want back in this series, someone needs to put a body on Howard or he'll continue the dominance he displayed in overtime of game 4.

(3) Mickael Pietrus is very good. The Magic guard who was averaging just nine points a game in the regular season has really turned it on in the postseason. Pietrus has scored 10+ points in ten of his last twelve games, including four, 16+ point games. In the game which pushed Cleveland to the brink, Pietrus drilled five three-pointers in 40 minutes. Splitting time with rookie Courtney Lee, Pietrus is turning in a fantastic run. He has picked up the scoring to give Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis that extra boost in this series. If Cleveland finds a way to stop Howard, they've then got to deal with leaving wide open 3-point shooters, including Pietrus who has been just deadly.

If the Magic want to close this out before returning to Orlando, you can't let the Cavaliers get off the mat in game 5. A wise man once said "you going to put a gun on me, you better use it." If th Magic don't put away Cleveland while they can, this series could turn quick.

With all that being said, you've got to wonder what we all missed? Was it Stan Van looking more like Ron Jeremy than a championship coach? Did we forget what Carmelo Anthony did in the Olympics and in college? The Nuggets and Magic could meet in the NBA Finals, as basketball fans we should be excited but as casual fans . . .AHHHHHHH!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Keep It Real Friday: 5/22

Keep It Real Friday, back at it again.

Let's get after it . . .

After all that, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz broke out of his homerun drought on Wednesday night. It took Big Papi 130+ at bats and a subsequent benching to get off the mat, but I'm still concerned. The Red Sox have a 3-hole hitter batting .210, that is a reality. Sox Triple-A lifer, Jeff Bailey, has 2 homers with big club in 80 less at bats, that is a reality. Among every day players on this club, Ortiz is dead last in on-base percentage, that is a reality. The Sox are stacked with young minor league talent, all that can be used as trading chips to add a bat, which is a reality. The Yankees finally have Alex Rodriguez back in their lineup and Mark Teixeira is hitting again, that is a reality. The Yanks are closing fast and Tampa isn't to be snubbed out yet, that to is a reality. It needs to be said and not taken lightly: David Ortiz has about two or three weeks to find his stroke. If he can't, the Red Sox will be forced to play their hand and discuss other options. The Cleveland Indians are quickly falling out of contention if they haven't already (15-26). Their DH/Catcher Victor Martinez is hitting .400, just a suggestion. The Orioles are where they usually are by now, does veteran Aubrey Huff (7 homers, 33 RBI) become available? I love Big Papi, but I loved Nomar, Pedro, and Derek Lowe. If the Red Sox need to part ways or find another option, I'm more than willing at this rate and Red Sox Nation should be to. KEEP IT REAL!

Finally, Thank You Carson Palmer. I redirect you to this story. I like my quarterbacks in charge. In charge of the huddle, in charge of the sideline, and in charge of demanding quality play from the guys around them. Carson Palmer taking shots at Chad Ochocinco is overdue but at least it's getting done. Chad Johnson is a joke, from his off the field antics to his on the field antics. Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens, and Plaxico Burress were and are great talents but I've got news for them. The days of the wide out who plays only on offense are on the way out, and fast. Super Bowl MVP, Santonio Holmes not only catches passes but also returns kicks and can run across the middle of the field. DeSean Jackson, the Eagles standout rookie receiver both catches passes and returns kicks. Hell, they wanted more than one of those guys drafting Missouri speedster Jeremy Maclin and guess what he has a highlight reel of kick returns to go off of. The Patriots top target? Wes Welker, of the kick returning, over the middle catching, and game breaking mold. Want more? The Chicago Bears made their defensive back/kick returner Devin Hester a wide out, why? To get more versatility out of him. If Chad, Terrell, and Plax want to have an impact playing the way they play, go to practice, stay out of trouble, and for the last time: SHUT UP! KEEP IT REAL!

Mine That Bird, needs more love. I'm going to show it to him. Let me take a swipe at Calvin Borel, the jockey that rode Mine That Bird to victory in the Kentucky Derby then tossed him to the side for the Preakness. It's called horse racing, not jockey racing. All due respect but outside of die hard horse racing enthusiasts who will remember the name "Calvin Borel," no one. Did you remember that he rode Street Sense to the same victory just two years ago? No. I don't care if Rachel Alexandra is the best horse since Cigar, you don't toss a 50-1 odds horse who rocked Churchill Downs for some cash, easy move guy. Mine That Bird popped off as runner-up at Pimlico, you may have been able to take that race and head to Belmont as a Triple-Crown contender? Choose history over cash next time buddy. Now for Mike Smith, the jockey that road Bird to the Preakness runner-up. Smith is ditching Mine That Bird for another horse and another race! Mike Smith, you are Mr. Irrelevant in my book. I'm don't condone beating females, but I want Mine That Bird to destroy Rachel Alexandra in Belmont, put a stamp on it! KEEP IT REAL!

Kobe Doing Work, riiiiight. The much ballyhooed Spike Lee documentary was the most boring thing in EVER. I mean it, next to watching paint dry and grass grow, Kobe Doing Work is right there. The documentary seemed as if it went on forever, Kobe Bryant doing voice overs on an entire game from last season, yep that sounds about as boring as it was. Two things stood out most: (1) What LeBron seems to do with a wink and a smile, is impossible for Kobe to do. Between his legal issues several years back, the feuding with Phil Jackson and Shaq, people don't buy Kobe as a "good guy." No one attempts to get people to like him more than it seems like Kobe does. If your a great guy you don't need to try and convince people you are, it's overkill. (2) His teammates don't attach themselves to his intensity, at least not like they do with Kevin Garnett. With Garnett, everyone around him gets up for the games they get tough like KG does and they are inspired by him, with Kobe it's just different. Kobe Doing Work may have been meant to show us how great Kobe is, but it was just boring. I want to see KG Doing Work, KEEP IT REAL!


I really feel for the Nuggets and Magic. Sure Orlando stole game 1 from the Cavs and yes the Nuggets showed they can play with L.A., but this is the NBA and EVERYONE wants Kobe v. LeBron, just like they wanted Boston v. L.A. last season. I'm not saying it's fixed but come on, how many more NIKE commercials and Vitamin Water commercials need to be played on television before someone says "I get it, you want Kobe v. LeBron and you won't stop hyping it." If the NBA wants to showcase to the world they'll do it with LeBron and Kobe, so as for Orlando and Denver, sorry. 24 v. 23 is happening, the sooner you get used to it the better you'll be. KEEP IT REAL!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not So Fast

The Los Angeles Clippers have won the rights to the top overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, congratulations Clipper faithful (all three of you). As winners of the "Blake Griffin Sweepstakes," the Clips have the option of adding an All-American power forward who earned national player of the year honors this past season. A replacement for Elton Brand whom they lost in free agency last season, adding to a core that includes 2nd year guard Eric Gordon, and would now of course include the premier prospect in this draft class. Blake Griffin is a lock, right?

Not so fast . . .

Since 2000, as many as four of the top overall picks have been busts. LeBron James is the king of basketball, Dwight Howard has transformed into Super Man, Derrick Rose is legit, and Kenyon Martin is no longer with the team that selected him. That still leaves Greg Oden, Andrea Bargnani, Andrew Bogut, and of course Kwame Brown. The Oklahoma power forward Blake Griffin is neither as imposing as Dwight Howard or a play making guard like Derrick Rose, so will he be joining the ranks of Bogut and Bargnani?

The rumours of this draft class being less than desirable aren't just rumours. At least 8 of the rumoured top 10 picks have questions and they're major questions. Hasheem Thabeet is a 7-2 shot blocker, so was Greg Oden. Stephen Curry lacks size and hasn't had time to develop into a true point guard. Brandon Jennings has been in Italy for the past year and scouts may not have a true example of the type of player he is. Demar DeRozen, Jordan Hill, and James Harden are all unpolished and won't be impact players for a couple years, can these teams wait? If Blake Griffin is 6-10, I'm 6-5 (and I'm not). Tyreke Evans has a small sample size and isn't as explosive as the current rookie of the year and fellow Memphis Tiger, Derrick Rose.

The Clippers don't exactly have luck at this spot. In 1998 the Clips selected Michael Olowokandi, exactly. Olowokandi was a seven footer who poured in just 12-points a game in his best NBA season and never recorded double digit rebounds per game in his entire career. Things you don't exactly appreciate from your #1 pick. That draft also didn't seem as deep looking back on it. While Blake Griffin tore up the ranks at his size last season, the NBA is a different game, going against other power forwards like fellow #1 pick Kenyon Martin may be difficult for the smaller Sooner. If your the Clippers you'd prefer what Miami got out of Mike Beasley in 2009 than what Mike Olowokandi ever gave you, that might be a better representation of what Griffin can do when it comes to immediate impact.

It isn't all just negativity here. Yes the Clippers did only win 19 games this season, but Al Thorton, Zach Randolph, Baron Davis, and rookie Eric Gordon the Clips have some pieces in place. When they add Blake Griffin they do become better than they were in 2009, and right away too. Griffin puts himself in great position for rebounds, something the Clips need help on. Griffin can bury the outside shot so he gives them that versatile look, and like Gordon and Thorton, he's young enough to give you a core three for at least a few years. The Clippers are in the best position this season, a weak draft class, the player with the least amount of questions. Your right, he is a lock.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conference Finals for Horses

In an effort to get people excited about the 2009 Belmont Stakes and also the conference finals matchups without the Celtics, I've added a little twist to our NBA Conference Finals Preview. Take off your hiking shoes and strap on your horse shoes, we're getting after it.

The Orlando Magic a.k.a Eight Belles, 2008 Kentucky Derby runner-up. The fast young filly who finished second but was ultimately put to rest just minutes after her biggest success. That is who the Orlando Magic are, lambs led to the slaughter house, that slaughter house being run by the player they call King. The Orlando Magic romp the defending champs in a decisive game 7 only to meet the Cleveland Cavaliers, the 8-0 thus far in the postseason Cleveland Cavaliers. The Magic may have the most physical big man in the league, but their offense doesn't run through him enough for Orlando to have a shot. I've said this before and I'll say it again, with the amount of 3-pointers that Orlando shoots it acts as both their gift and their curse. If your not hitting they become long rebounds, taking that same most dominant big man Dwight Howard directly out of position and in turn transition. KEY: For the Magic to grab a game or two, eight-year veteran Hedo Turkoglu has to have more games like his game seven performance (25 points, 12 assists).

The Denver Nuggets a.k.a. Smarty Jones, '04 Derby and Preakness winner. The headline ran on Sports Illustrated, "The horse from the wrong side of the tracks, looks fit for a triple crown." Find a headline that better fits the Nuggets? Perennial outs become the team everyone wants to win. Like Jones in '04, Denver looks to do something special but not a triple crown just knocking off the defending Western Conference champs and spoiling our hopes of seeing LeBron v. Kobe, right? Led by their prize fighter, veteran ace in the hole Chauncey Billups, Denver might just have what they need to do it. The Lakers are soft, don't argue. The Nuggets have bangers, Kenyon and Nene. The Nuggets have leadership, the previously mentioned. A bench, J.R. Smith averaging 16 off the pine in the playoffs. Oh, and Carmelo Anthony having a postseason of 27 points a night. Seems to me with this type of cast they have what it takes to be what Smarty Jones was, a champ. KEY: Drop the Lakers and stay on them, Chris Anderson and J.R. Smith can dominate the Lakers bench with both energy and scoring, tread lightly L.A.

Extra: I like this upset special more than women like buying shoes.

The Cleveland Cavaliers a.k.a. Big Brown, 2008 Derby and Preakness winner. The most feared horse since Michael. Like Big Brown, LeBron and the Cavaliers passed their pre-test and first two legs of their championship. The regular season champs ran through Detroit and Atlanta like Brown ran through Churchill and Pimlico. When Big Brown was looking like a slam dunk for the Triple Crown, he looked unbeatable and that is exactly how LeBron and the Cavaliers have looked thus far. Eight wins by an average of 15 points per game, LeBron is scoring 32 points a contest, and flat out no one could look better than these guys. Without the mystique of the Celtics and without having to play one game in Title Town, ask yourself if Cleveland will show any type of vulnerability against the likes of Orlando and Dwight Howard. You know that look that Michael got, that look that said "no one is stopping me, no one is holding me down" that is seeing red and that is what LeBron has right now. Excellent guard play from Delonte West and Mo Williams should give LeBron what he needs and the key? KEY: No let down, as long as the Cavaliers crush the Magic spirit in the first two games in Cleveland they'll avoid a similar Big Brown like finish.

The Los Angeles Lakers a.k.a. Rachel Alexandra, 2009 Kentucky Oaks and Preakness winner. She could be the most dominant horse in ages, being the first filly to win the Preakness in 85 years, but has she spent herself? The race in Pimlico is her title and the Belmont may be her downfall? Could Kobe and the Lakers actually win the title? More importantly, are the Lakers going to take a stand at some point here? 40-point victories followed up by road losses, an inability to get physical down low, are the Lakers walking into a buzz saw in Denver? As much as we'd like to see Kobe v. LeBron for a Championship, much like we want to see Mine That Bird ('09 Derby) v. Rachel Alexandra ('09 Preakness), will the real horses arrive in the final leg? Is the next race too long for the Lakers? Do they allow Denver to push them to brink? Does the selfish Kobe come back when the Lakers go down 1-0? L.A. has the opportunity to reassert themselves as the most feared in the West, or they could be back at home with Phil and Kobe another year older. KEY: Much like Rachel Alexandra, they have what it takes to win this leg, but will they get there healthy enough with gas still left in the tank? Pau & Lamar have to take charge right now.

You'll get your Belmont Stakes Preview but let me wear these high tops for a little while longer while I pray for Kobe v. LeBron. The Coronation.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Keep It Real Friday

Back at it for your favorite Friday enjoyment: Keep It Real Friday.

Getting after it . .

Roy 'Doc' Halladay is the flat out best pitcher in the major leagues, and he has been for some time. Since 2002 the Toronto Blue Jay right hander has won 12 games or more six times, including 3 seasons of 19 or more. Forget putting Royals break out star Zack Grienke on the cover of SI, Halladay has already won seven games and is a large reason why the Blue Jays are in first place in the almighty American League East. Feasting on American League batters like no Blue Jay has done since Juan Guzman, Halladay has struck out 95+ batters every year since 2001, including two seasons which he went over 200, yes 200 batters. The 32-year old work horse is racking up wins in a city where the 'W' actually means something given the lack of offense they've had for the past several years, excluding this season. In 2009, the pitcher known to Blue Jay fans as 'Doc,' shows no signs of slowing down. In 8 starts Halladay has an earned run average slightly under 3.00 and has walked just seven batters compared to the 49 he's struck out. So when your talking Beckett, Sabathia, and Lincecum, I'm talking Roy Halladay, KEEP IT REAL!

Steroids, Favre, and Octomom is the answer. What are three things I wouldn't mind living my life without is the question. Here's the thing about steroids and baseball, it's all fraudulent the whole notion. Baseball cares now, after the media blew it up, but ask yourself whose head was in the sand when Brett Boone and Brady Anderson were having 50-homer seasons? Now they want to march around and pound the table, get a grip people they knew what was going on then and did nothing because of the piles of cash coming through the back door. However, now with the media latched on to it, they are going to care? Fraudulent. Brett Favre, I could name twenty quarterbacks I'd rather have under center, maybe even 25. Maybe he is injured, maybe he's just old, but either way I'm all done. Manning, Brady, Roethlisberger, Brees, Rivers, Cassel, Romo, McNabb, E. Manning, Campbell, Hill, Delhomme, Ryan, Flacco, Warner, Palmer, Schaub, Collins, Cutler, Rodgers, Hasselbeck, Orton, and Pennington. Pass on Favre. Octomom is out there, I mean really out there. I have some questions for her: Has Marvel Comics contacted you about a sequel to Spider Man? How awesome will your future Mother's Day be? 8 kids buying you presents? Sweet. Actually, scratch that it's all a little too crazy for me to comprehend. KEEP IT REAL!

. . . . .I'd hop on my soap box and scream about Glen Davis covering Rashard Lewis, but I'm too upset. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thoughts & Prayers

No column today folks, just wanted all of the readers of LynchyRightNow to say a prayer for Boston College linebacker, Mark Herzlich. As you may know if you've been following our site, Herzlich is our favorite college football player and plays with more energy than any player I've ever seen. Unfortunately he is now facing his biggest battle, nope, not a new Virginia Tech running back, he's fighting cancer. For more information read:

ACC Defensive Player of The Year battling cancer

Good luck Mark, thoughts and prayers are with you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can it happen?

Could 3 of the NHL's Original Six advance to their respective conference finals? Either Crosby or Ovechkin won't be headed to the NHL's version of the final four but who cares? Who cares if the NHL broadcasts their playoff games on an obscure cable network? Above all that, the National Hockey League has the opportunity to put as many as half of their cornerstone franchises on the games biggest stage, front and center.

Ticket Punched:

The Chicago Blackhawks, for the first time in fourteen years will be four steps from the Stanley Cup finals. It took a team with more youth than the cast of Gossip Girl (yep, that's a Gossip Girl reference), beating one of the games elite goalies to punch that proverbial ticket. The Blackhawks are littered with young talent and backed by a fan base second to few. The Chicago faithful filled the United Center, prepared as the Canucks were on the playoff brink, with an excitement and rush that she hadn't seen since the Jordan years. It may have taken the Blackhawks four third period goals to bury the final Canadian representative in the 2009 cup playoffs, but they did it and their stars didn't fail to show up. Led by their 20-year old right wing Patrick Kane, and 21-year old captain Jonathan Toews, the Blackhawks stormed Canuck goalie, Roberto Luongo with 3 goals in less than four minutes to open the third period. While the fans look to Kid Crosby and Alex The Great, they better not be sleeping on Patrick Kane, whose game 6 hat trick lifted his team to the conference finals. All the kids aside, if the Blackhawks want to bring the cup back to Chicago, they'll need the 12-year veteran, Nikolai Khabibulin to be on his (A) game. Khabibulin has a GAA against of 2.68 against Detroit, a possible conference finals opponent. The NHL and its fans are in for a treat with Chicago's fans rabid for playoff hockey and the Blackhawk players who are hitting their full stride at the right time.

Don't Slip Now:

The Detroit Red Wings are on the cusp of the conference finals, their title defense still intact. After the Red Wings defeated Anaheim in game 5, it was back to the West Coast to punch their ticket to the round of four. A 10:00 start time on the East Coast and we'll find out if the Wings can join their Original Six mates, Chicago, in the conference finals. Getting after it, the Red Wings went from down 2-1 to up 3-2 in just days and they don't see to be stopping. 10 goals combined in games 4 & 5 including goals from stars Henrik Zetterberg, Marian Hossa, and Johan Franzen. The Red Wings offense has simply turned the once hottest goaltender in the playoffs, Jonas Hiller, into a guy letting up five+ goals a game. However, if the Wings want to advance past a tough veteran Ducks squad and further they'll need to get more out of center Pavel Datsyuk. Datsyuk finished the regular season with 97 total points, good for fourth in the entire league behind only Malkin, Ovechkin, and Crosby. In the postseason however it has been a different story for the Red Wings star, he's only recorded 4 points and only 1 goal. Our advice to the Red Wings, the best way to defend a title is to not allow the Ducks to push a game 7, especially not against Jonas Hiller.

Come Out Throwing:

Down 3-1, the Boston Bruins dropped 4 goals on Carolina and their Vezina Trophy finalist, Tim Thomas, reverted to his regular season dominance. Make no bones about it, the Bruins aren't out of the forest yet and their biggest challenge comes tonight. Boston got punched in the mouth throughout games 2, 3, and 4, then in game 5 Carolina Hurricanes forward Scott Walker decided to do it literally at the expense of Aaron Ward's face. Here's my advice to the Bruins, put that on the shelf and get him back in the coming season, take care of business in Carolina and bring this series back to the beast that is Bruins Country. If the Bruins want to continue their cup quest it has to be on the pads of Tim Thomas. Thomas played awful in the Bruins three losses allowing 10 goals and was unable to put together consecutive periods of good play. It's no secret that the Bruins are where they are because of their defense and combined goaltending. Their offense will have to come from 21-year old Phil Kessel among others. In games which Kessel lights up the lamp the Bruins are 4-0 this postseason, in games which he fails to do so the B's are just 2-3. If Boston brings this game back north the Hurricanes have more to worry about than just the Bruins faithful roaring in the garden. Expect captain Zdeno Chara and or enforcer Milan Lucic to remind Scott Walker that gloves come off first.

Word to the wise; If the NHL wants to remain on the forefront of professional sports you need be cheering for the Bruins, Wings, and Blackhawks because paired with either Ovechkin or Crosby, we're in for one helluva final four.

Root For These Guys

For now. In the aftermath of the Manny Ramirez suspension we're left asking ourselves some questions: Who can I cheer for? Which t-shirt jersey do I buy my six-year old? That's what I'm here for folks, to let you know.


Brian McCann Catcher Atlanta Braves - Probably our favorite player on this list. I first noticed how good the 25-year old catcher was during the World Baseball Classic. Behind the plate for the Americans, McCann hit .333 and finished the classic fifth on his team in on-base percentage (.444) In McCann's first three full seasons with Atlanta he's already won two National League silver slugger awards. The Georgia native should be penciled in for 18-25 home runs and between 85-100 RBIs a season for the next several years. Expect McCann to grow into a leader as the Braves continue through their youth movement.

Justin Morneau First Baseman Minnesota Twins - Most likely the elder statesman of this group. Playing in Minnesota has kept Morneau's name from being household, but it sure deserves to be. The Canadian born first baseman broke out in 2006. Along with taking home an American League silver slugger, Morneau slammed 30+ homers for the first time in his career and drove in 130 en route to an American League MVP. Off to another fast start, through 32 games Justin Morneau is hitting .322 and leading his team in runs batted in, homers, on-base percentage, and batting average. If your looking for slugging first baseman who can rake, Justin Morneau will be your guy and you've just begun scratching the surface of this hitters ability.

Freddy Sanchez Second Baseman Pittsburgh Pirates - When Sanchez was dealt from the Boston Red Sox to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the summer of 2003, the Red Sox knew what they were giving up and that must have been tough. Sanchez is developing into the best second baseman this side of Dustin Pedroia, flat out. In 2006, the Pirate second baseman hit .344 and played every game but five that season. He's back at it in 2009 hitting .317 through the first month and a half of the season. Freddy Sanchez is giving the Pirates a good stable middle infield playing in 145+ games each of the last three seasons. Leading the Pirates in hits and average this season, both Sanchez and center fielder Nate McLouth give Pirates fans something to cheer for, which they haven't had in some time.

Hanley Ramirez Shortstop Florida Marlins - Not many players have lived up to the hype of their youth as Hanley Ramirez is. Arguably the pound-for-pound best player in the majors, and he's only 25. Ramirez has everything you could want in a ballplayer. Speed, Hanley's grabbed an average of 46 bases a season in each of his first three full. Plate discipline, .348 this season, .310 career including a season in 2007 where he hit .332 in 154 games. Power, the Dominican has increased his homer total every season from 17 in '06, 29 in '07, to 33 in '08. Ramirez has had 12 multi-hit games through 29 contests. Once his fielding improves it'll be hard to argue that there is a better player (other than Pujols), remaining in the major leagues. Hanley Ramirez should be all over your radar if your any type of baseball fan.

Evan Longoria Third Baseman Tampa Bay Rays - We've already talked about Hanley Ramirez and Justin Morneau, if you needed more than that to forget Manny, Barry, and Alex, than Rays third baseman Evan Longoria should fill your need. What Hanley Ramirez is to young and versatile in the National League, Evan Longoria is that in the American League. No one in the majors is hotter than the Rays third baseman. Right now, Longoria is tied for 4th in the American League in batting average (.358), second in the league in home runs (11), and first in the league in RBI (44). Furthermore, against inter-division rival Boston, Longoria is hitting an amazing .375, driven in nearly half of his runs (21), and gone yard five times. Evan Longoria is prepared to be a thorn in the sides of Boston and New York for many years to come.

Ryan Braun Right Fielder Milwaukee Brewers - Cecil's kid and C.C. weren't the only reason the Brewers snuck into the playoffs in 2008. Outfielder Ryan Braun is one of the most exciting players in the National League. An all-star in 2008, Braun knocked in over two hundred runs in his first two seasons. The Brewers have a corner outfielder who can hit 34+ home runs a season and drive in over 100 runs, that a huge piece to their success. Playing in 38 more games in 2008 than he did in 2007, Braun had 28 more hits, 13 more walks, and 13 more doubles, expect him to only get better at the plate. This season Braun has shown no signs of slowing down his rise, 8 homers, 28 RBI, and hitting .345 through 30 games. Like many more on this list, Braun leads his team in all those categories and also in on-base percentage.

Shane Victorino Center Fielder Philadelphia Phillies - If you watched the Phighting Phils bring a championship to the city of Philadelphia last season, then your aware of Shane Victorino. Victorino is a "balls to the wall" outfielder who plays with reckless abandon. His gritty play reminds me of guys like Aaron Rowland and Jim Edmonds. The player known as "The Flyin' Hawaiian" doesn't have some of the monster numbers as some players on this list. He isn't prepared to launch a hall of fame career, and probably will never have his number retired, but he's on this list because of the way he plays the game, tough. Victorino steals bags pretty well, 54 in 2006, 62 in '07, and 69 in '08. The Phillies center fielder doesn't make errors, five in the last 4 seasons. I'm taking the guy who can help my club manufacture runs, save runs by his play in the outfield, and can still get his bat on the ball, 10-15 homers a year.

Nick Markakis Left Fielder Baltimore Orioles - The guy is hitting .350 this season and he plays in the American League East, so he's getting on this list. He's a 25-year old with only three years under his belt and the Orioles have already extended him through 2014. Here's why: As of today, Markakis is among the top ten in the American League in batting average (7th), runs (1st), on-base percentage (5th), RBI (6th), and on-base plus slugging (8th). If you could lock up a guy for under $70 million who is producing at this clip, you would do it. Markakis is very consistent, hitting .303 for his career and averaging 185 hits a season, this is the perfect type of player to cheer for. A more exciting, easy to root for form of J.D. Drew. Baltimore will be hoping for Markakis and center fielder Adam Jones to anchor their lineup and their outfield for years to come.

Adam Lind Designated Hitter Toronto Blue Jays - Yep, I have an American League East bias. The Blue Jay is busting out this season, "on fire" may be underestimating it. Having never played in more than 90 games in his first two professional seasons, Lind has only managed to hit 20 home runs and 86 RBI in those years. Through 33 games this year, he's already hit 6 home runs and drove in 31 runs. I'm excited to see the Blue Jays through the next couple months and see if they can maintain, Adam Lind will take a huge role in doing so against the good American League East pitching. The Blue Jays left handed DH will have to continue his terric first month of the season if they hope to stay atop the division lead.


Johnny Cueto Starter Cincinnati Reds - I like to think that I get some things correct when I give you my predictions: In my 2008 MLB PREVIEW I predicted Johnny Cueto was the pitcher to watch in the National League. So I'll say it again for you, watch out for Johnny Cueto, he's god damn filthy. In six starts this season, Cueto has come out blazing hot. A 3-1 start in the win/loss column, a 1.59 era, and getting through nearly seven innings every start. His last two starts have been amazing. 15 innings combined against Pittsburgh and St. Louis, struck out 12 batters, and allowed just nine hits. If your looking for a starter that can develop into the Johan Santana type, look to a flame thrower like Johnny Cueto.

Ramon Ramirez Middle Reliever Boston Red Sox - Ramirez is everything the Red Sox thought they were getting when they dealt their fourth outfielder Coco Crisp to the Royals for his services. Ramirez has anchored the Red Sox bullpen this season and gives Papelbon that set-up man they were looking for. The 27-year old journeyman has a 0.55 era in 16 appearances for the Red Sox, he's allowed just one run to be scored off him, and struck out eight. While the Yankees have their set-up man starting games, and the Rays have a bullpen which has shown signs of weakness, the Red Sox with pitchers like Ramon Ramirez have been able to jump on those teams in the late innings, he's a big part of that.

Ryan Franklin Closer St. Louis Cardinals - The 36-year old Cardinal closer seems to have his stride in this role. In 14 innings this season, Franklin has recorded nine saves and struck out 13. The reason I put him on this list of young studs is because Franklin isn't young and he exemplifies every reason why the Cardinals never have a horrible season. LaRussa and company can put pitchers and position players in the right spots and it seems as if he has found that role for Ryan Franklin in 2009. Over the last two seasons Franklin has recored a total of 18 starts, this season he's already half way there and were only a month in, I want to see Franklin complete this year strong and the Cardinals go deep into the postseason.

I hope this gives you parents out there some new players to keep an eye on and tell your kids about, hey it's either that or you tell them to play outside till July 3rd when Manny gets back into the Dodger lineup, I'll take a pass on that.

Friday, May 8, 2009

What's Next?

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in" - Michael Corleone

I was watching Carl Crawford steal six bags in one game, I saw Jacoby Ellsbury nab home plate, maybe the steroid era was over? Maybe after watching the greatest players of our generation, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and Roger Clemens, have their legacies tarnished, personal life shattered, and character questioned, maybe everyone got the message. At least maybe the stars got it, maybe the guys who were destined for Cooperstown got the message, you can be remembered as one of the greats or you can be remembered as one of the cheats, easy decision right? Wrong.

We haven't fully grasped the suspension of Manny Ramirez. So, in true LynchyRightNow fashion, I'm going to help us all out:

This suspension stretches coast to coast, it's the nature of the beast. It isn't just the fans of L.A. who should be irate, the fans of Boston have to have some anger in them. For a city who waited 80+ years to win a World Series, and had the fortune of winning two in four years, we've got to be pissed off that those years could be rightfully tarnished in some way. Ramirez was the 2004 World Series MVP, now it may take 25 guys working together to win the series, but you could argue without Ramirez it wouldn't have turned out the same. I'm not going to convict Manny of using during those years, but others will and the questions will be posed. The true blue Dodger fans must feel duped, they were going to Chavez Ravine long before "Mannywood," and now everything they accomplished in 2008 and going forward will have that dark steroid cloud lingering over head. Manny played an important role in putting Boston baseball back on the map, not since Fernandomania had baseball been as relevant on the left coast, now clouds linger over both of the storied franchises.

Manny isn't the first, won't be the last. The suspension of Manny Ramirez won't be the last we hear from the steroid chronicles, bank on it. 100 more names still lay in the weeds from the same list that one Alex Rodriguez was outed from. Manny however, may be the straw that breaks the camels back. What I'm getting at is, now that we see Ramirez on (*) era, can't we all agree that this era in baseball will forever be linked to one thing, steroids. Maybe we all do, and maybe I'm not being clear: The steroid era is what the RICO laws were to the mob. If anyone your associated with is found guilty of doing anything, even if your not involved, your guilty. Maybe your favorite player is David Ortiz or Greg Maddux, while never found guilty, they excelled in "The Steroid Era," put them in the HOF, but they're still linked to this era no matter what. What can you do? We don't know of everyone who used and we don't know who definitely didn't, so if you played in the era which we'll earmark, then that's how the cookie crumbles. Otherwise expect the list to grow and grow and expect years to pass before some people are let in the hall of fame, whether they should be or not.

Surprise! Alex isn't alone. As much as the A-Rod haters want to pin steroids to the greatest slugger since . . well Barry I guess, many more will join his ranks before all is said and done. You have the right to not cheer for him, you have the right to call him a cheater, but I hope you pay players like the beloved Manny Ramirez the same jeers, he's earned it now if he hadn't already. Let's bang on Manny some more, let's bang on his legacy of not running out ground balls, refusing to play for his teammates, kicking and screaming his way out of a city, shoving aging clubhouse attendants, need more? What?!!? Too much? NOT ENOUGH. Which one of those things is worse than allowing your opponent to drill a 3-0 fastball by telling him it's coming in the midst of a blowout game? ALL OF THEM ARE WORSE. Alex may not be a "great guy," and he may not be a role model for millions, he's probably very self involved, but what separates him from Manny Ramirez? Nothing now. I hope we attack Ramirez in the same vindictive way we've chosen to bang on Alex, equal rights.

What's being Manny? Manny? If what is rumored comes true, it's safe to say Manny is smarter than your average bear, or at least he's duped us all into thinking he's just a hitting savant. Manny may have been doing in private what Victor Conti needed professional doping labs to do. The drugs he used, were on some level fertility drugs used to stabilize testosterone levels after coming off a steroid cycle. Some even say those were the same type of drugs used for Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds during their years working with the BALCO Laboratories. So your telling me this isn't a new phenomenon? Exactly. Manny and probably countless others are flying under the radar with different type of PED's, the drugs are advancing with technology, the skill it takes to evade testers is improving, and if there is a way to cheat and succeed, players will look for it. So no, take off your rose colored lenses and realize, Manny is smarter than you think, he shoulders all of this blame for his actions, and yea I'm a little shocked by that too.

The silver lining. There is a silver lining in this situation, hear me out. As long as current Red Sox outfielder, Jason Bay, never gets found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs, here is a guy we can root for. The first thing out of Red Sox fans mouths was "he isn't Manny though", and they were exactly right. Through 29 games, Jason Bay has played in every last one, at this point Manny would have needed at least two or three days off. Jason Bay has clubbed a team leading 8 homers through the month of April into May. Ramirez has 6, in the National League. Manny has knocked in 20 baserunners, our Canadian outfielder has drove in 29 including 8 multiple RBI nights. In the off-the field distraction department, Ramirez is taking the cake, while Jason Bay got four RBI's last night. So what if we thought trading away a future hall of famer for the star player on the Pirates wasn't smart, turns out the ownership group and front office of our franchise in Boston may have a leg or two up on some other franchises. Let's get on the back of Jason Bay and root for a new breed of ballplayer.

Finally, I want to say I like the way the game is being played. It sucks that we have to have the steroid conversation over and over again, but it might just be part of the times we're living in, part of the fabric of the game we've witnessed. I'm through with Manny being Manny, unfortunately baseball being baseball has just begun

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

High Five

After devoting an entire Saturday morning column to the NHL Playoffs, I've decided to give our basketball fans a taste. We've got the five best questions from you the readers to LynchyRightNow, I'm all about giving the fans what they want!

Let us get after it.

SIDENOTE: If you were looking for some talk on whose winning golf trophies, soccer trophies, and or baseball trophies . . . not just yet.

Do Yao and Artest have enough to push the Lakers to the brink?
- Eric, Houston

No, next question. Alright I'll give you a tad more than that. It really is an amazing thing what the Rockets are doing in the absence of Tracy McGrady. Their offense seems to have opened up and Yao is playing the way a 7'6" center should. In game 1 of their best of seven, Yao scored 28 points and pulled down 9 defensive boards, taking away 9 second shot opportunities for the Lakers. Both Ron Artest and Shane Battier want to play the role of Kobe stopper, and more importantly both seem to frustrate the superstar. The Rockets may have exposed how to beat the Lakers in game 1, however beating them once and beating them four times are completely different things. The Lakers lose when the disparity in scoring shines its ugly head, Kobe 32 points next highest scorer 14 points. With all that said, the Rockets won an 8-point game while the Lakers shot 2-18 from behind the arc. Their bench doesn't give as much help as you'd like and the Lakers are too deep. Ariza and Fisher will have their games and we'll see how the Rockets respond. Keep in mind the Rockets were 0-4 against Los Angeles in the regular season.

Forget not having Garnett and Powe, forget being exhausted after their 7-game slugfest, what is the Celtics answer for Dwight Howard?
-Mark, Tampa Bay

In my not so humble opinion, the Celtics are just better than Orlando. Orlando shoots way to many three-pointers for a team that has the most dominating big man in the league roaming the paint. If there is only one thing, other than exhaustion, which came out of that Chicago series it was the confidence that Big Baby Glen Davis got. Perkins can hold his own against Dwight Howard (16 boards, 3 blocks) it's Davis that will have to continue his 10-15 point contribution if the Celtics want to continue their title defense. Back to the 3-pointers with Orlando, they were 9 of 27 from behind the arc in game 1 while the starters were only 5 of 19 from behind that same arc. Three-point shots that don't go in cause long rebounds, the type of rebounds that Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen are capable of tracking down, the same boards that leave Howard too deep inside to get those boards. If your running the Magic offense, how excited are you that your guards shoot too much and it takes away from the best part of your game, the seven foot animal known as Dwight Howard. The majority of Howard's boards come on the defensive end, that's a fact. To go full circle on this one, Glen Davis needs to hit that mid-range jumper he has seemed to own as of late. Perk needs to draw Howard slightly out of the paint and allow Ray and Paul to take as deep as they can. Let the Magic shoot, it plays into your game.

What does winning the MVP do for LeBron and the Cavaliers?
-Ray, Ann Arbor

At first I wasn't going to give this question the run, however it actually does do something. Lately I've really thought that LeBron gives his teammates way to much credit. It's one thing to be humble, but LeBron is constantly talking team, and constantly giving props to everyone but himself. However, I admit I might have been wrong about King James. His teammates may not be built to make the deep postseason run, but LeBron is ready to win now and he knows the only way that can happen is if they get ready quick. All the credit he gives them is empowering to them, and their play is showing what he does is working. Mark my words, come the conference finals the Cavaliers will be 8-0 and will have had plenty of rest. A day after LeBron wins the MVP and on a day that is supposed to be about him he makes it about his teammates, how do they repay him? By dissecting the Atlanta Hawks one quarter at a time. LeBron could score 50 a night if he wanted, however him scoring 34 and guards Mo Williams and Delonte West chipping in a combined 34 really pull the Cavaliers championship run together. Make no bones about it; LeBron is ready to win now and so are the Cavs.

Not hearing much about Denver/Dallas, what gives?
-Cy, Sacramento

While both of these teams had impressive first rounds, Denver over New Orleans and Dallas over San Antonio, there were some things missing. How can we judge Denver when they played a squad in 'Nawlins that did everything but forget what time the game started. The entire team rolled over and palyed dead as the Nuggets steam rolled them. As for Dallas, in the Spurs absence of Ginobli, it was clear they weren't the same team. The excellent play by both Josh Howard and Jason Terry allowed the Mavericks to handle the Spurs with ease for the most part. Neither of these teams played a team like Utah or an energy team like Portland that just got outplayed by Houston. But, but, but, but it doesn't mean this series won't be entertaining. Denver v. Dallas could be the most exciting of the second round series'. Chauncey Billups has given Denver what they never had, a strong playoff seasoned point guard who knows how to distribute. Speaking of playoff guards, you don't get more veteran than Dallas guard Jason Kidd. We talked about the play of both Howard and Terry, they'll have to continue if the Mavs look to bring down the #2 seed in the West. The Nuggets have alot of weapons and talent wise the Mavericks do match up, if all the games in Denver didn't start at 10:00 on the east coast, you'd know that too.

Of the teams remaining, which player still in the playoffs can make the most impact for his squad?
-Chris, Charlotte

Call me a homer, but it has to be Celtic power forward Glen Davis. Now starting in place of the injured Kevin Garnett and Leon Powe, Glen Davis has gone from averaging seven points and four boards in the regular season to a mind blowing 18 points and 8 boards a game in the postseason. I've watched more than enough Celtics basketball, post-Garnett injury, to realize that Davis is the x-factor. The attention given to Ray Allen on the perimeter should give Davis open looks which he has to hit. Rondo's ability to pull defenders into the paint leaves Davis open for that mid-range jumper we discussed. Dwight Howard banging with Kendrick Perkins will force Davis to make his layups and finish plays for the Celtic bigs. Davis has gone from playing 23 minutes pre-Garnett injury to close to 35 minutes post-Garnett injury, as impressive as that is we have to hope that his frame can keep his motor going. If Glen Davis doesn't play the way he is capable of the Celtics have small chance at advancing.

Thanks for reading, any questions feel free to e-mail me directly at

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thoughts From The Puck Playoffs

What was once a stretch for me to be writing about hockey, has now become somewhat "my thing," coupled with playoff hockey being infinitely more exciting and the Bruins being relevant, I'm tuned in.

My thoughts from the puck playoffs:

Any rust? Didn't look like it. A 4-1 series opening victory gave the Boston Bruins that top seed shine. Bruins net minder, Tim Thomas turned the Hurricane attack into nothing more than an afternoon shower. (Come on, give me credit that was good) The Boston Bruins came out and continued their goal scoring attack on Friday night. In five playoff games the B's have recorded 21 goals, four or more in each of their victories. The Bruins defense has yet to allow more than two goals in any game and with their most recent victory have pushed Tim Thomas' goals against average down to 1.40 after game 1. What does a cup favorite look like? My guess is something fairly close to the Black & Gold.

Live from Hockeytown, the '07 & '08 cup winners square off in the second round. We're talking Ducks v. Wings baby. Game 1 gave us exactly what we expected from these two veteran laden teams. Nicklas Lidstrom, Red Wings captain, showed up in a big way during the opener in this best of seven. His game winning goal with under a minute remaining showed the Red Wings defending champion swagger. This series will give you great goalies, both Jonas Hiller and Chris Osgood have come to play. The Ducks got great play from Ryan Getzlaf, as they have all year long. But of course the story of the night was the two goal performance turned in by near 20-year veteran Nicklas Lidstrom. We're in for a great one folks.

The only series opening north of the border, Canucks v. Blackhawks didn't disappoint in game 1. The Canuck offense jumped on Chicago early and took a 3-0 lead heading into the third period. With Roberto Luongo in net having a fantastic playoffs, the Blackhawks seemed destined to get shutout in game 1. That was the case however, until Chicago turned to their 20-year old Calder Trophy winning right winger, Patrick Kane. Kane would draw the Blackhawks closer by scoring two third period goals that were followed up by a game tying goal from center Dave Bolland. At 3-3 the once destined for a shutout Blackhawks were looking to steal game 1. Luongo and the Canucks would be able to hold off Chicago's comeback by scoring two goals of their own, including an empty netter, in the final minutes. Were you looking for excitement? Assuming Blackhawk captain, Jonathan Toews, breaks out of his playoff funk (zero goals since April 18th) we'll get that excitement we were looking for north of the border.

Lastly, because you know what you were looking for . . . Pens v. Caps, the NHL's banner series. A 1:00 pm start time puts the games premiers players on the ice by themselves. The Derby won't be running, puck fans have nothing else to watch, on stage right enter Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby. Ovechkin, the LeBron James of the NHL, high scoring, cocky swagger, ever the antagonist. Crosby, the chosen one, Mario's protege, I'm using a new nickname for him "The Commercial" because that's who'd be used if you were carrying the NHL banner. That isn't all though, those players are the highlight films, but the real story should be your runaway MVP candidate and points champion, Penguins center, Evgeni Malkin. In the first series Malkin recorded 4 goals and 5 assists against in-state rival Philadelphia. Beware of the big stars on the big stage, if Ovechkin wanted to prove to the world how good he is, this is the place to do it.

I was asked why hockey and why now? After banging on the sport for so long, I gave up. Playoff hockey is undeniabley exciting and with these four series it sure won't be dissappointing. Eh?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Keep It Real TGI Fridays

Witty title, I know. Let's get cracking on this weeks edition of Keep It Real Friday. After watching my Celtics get pushed to the brink last night I'm full of venom . . . . WATCH OUT!

Selena Roberts, be prepared because I plan to write a book about you some day. I hate Alex Rodriguez too, but your obsessed, I'm talking Ali Larter in that new movie Obsessed. It's one thing to expose a guy in the newspaper, there is a certain type of person who loves reading that type of thing, BUT YOU WROTE AN ENTIRE BOOK BANGING ON THE GUY. One would think you are a spurned lover here. Furthermore, to think your on the cutting edge of investigative journalism here is over the top. Alex gained weight in high school, Alex slept around, Alex went to strip clubs, Alex played poker non-stop, and on and on it goes. Selena Roberts just wrote a book about 95% of the guys I know. We went through puberty, grew six inches and put on weight. When your in your twenties alot of guys go to strip clubs and if you have money you go to more expensive strip clubs. Alex slept around isn't news, 75% of athletes probably sleep around, different cities, whose going to find out? I'm not condoning it but why Alex? It's not everyday you have a nauseating reporter crawling up your a** to find out what you had for dinner. My buddies play poker non-stop, side games, online games, casinos, but you know why no one is writing about that? BECAUSE NO ONE CARES. I wouldn't read the book if you gave me a signed free copy. Selena Roberts is infatuated with Alex and its a bit much. She may be a great journalist but going forward she's a tabloid reporter, "Hey Selena, there goes Brittany." KEEP IT REAL LADY, your obsessed!

Sports Illustrated, what's happening to your New York Mets? Good pick on the World Series winner though, keep 'em coming. I don't care what your trying to convince me of SI, it won't work. Until the New York Mets come out and win a god damn division title I'm not buying them. There in 4th place behind the Marlins, Phillies, and Braves. An offense that includes Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, David Wright, and Jose Reyes is somehow 9th in the National League in runs scored. They're sitting just ahead of the Giants in 15th place in homers, the Giants whose cleanup hitter is Bengie Molina. With a .282 batting average they should be scoring alot more runs. 21 games into the season the New York Mets pitchers have allowed 81 walks, have an .era north of 4.40, and a starting pitching staff with an .era north of 5.00, and this is the team that is supposed to be winning a title? If it wasn't for their cross town rival Yankees, the Mets would be the greatest group of combined talent that can't seem to win a thing and continues to under achieve year after year. Here's a thought, ADD A FEW MORE STARTERS THAT CAN WIN GAMES. Keep It Real, you know the Mets aren't winning anything in the near future, that's a fact.

KEEP IT REAL, I'm not mentioning the Celtics for a reason.

I can't give you any more on this edition of Keep It Real Friday . . . I'm too nervous about the C's, as always KEEP IT REAL!

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