Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Year in Review

Like Paulie Walnuts says "you can take 2007 and give it back to the Indians." Sure there were some bright spots, Celtics introducing KG and Ray Allen, Dallas (2) home wins away from Glendale, and of course another Red Sox championship, but all in all, I just didn't care for it. Warning: another Sopranos quote coming "I'm like a woman crying that she has no bread when I've got a Virginia Ham under my arm."

Why should I like this year? Boston College blew an opportunity to play in the Orange Bowl, I could have spent New Years on South Beach. The Spurs, Colts, Tiger Woods, and Roger Federer had banner years, that is the largest group of boring superstars you can have. No T.O., No Mark Cuban, No Phil Mickelson, and no ummmm (insert exciting guy tennis player here). As far as my Red Sox go, a 4 game sweep against a minor league club in the World Series, great. No comeback wins against the Yankees in the playoffs, you know what the most exciting part of the MLB postseason was? Canadian Soldier flies invading 'The Jake.' I'm currently grinding my teeth together like I'm on coke because I'm about to tell you that the most exciting championship team of '07 is 4 college basketball players & Joakim Noah from Gainesville, Florida. UGGHHHH!!!!

In the birth year of LynchyRightNow.Com brought to you by Nike (trying to get a new pair of sneakers, sorry) I was hoping for a slightly better year to discuss but I have been reduced to these top stories:

Two of the top college prospects of all time, Kevin Durant & Greg Oden are about to join the NBA, the Boston Celtics have finally become relevant again, and Orlando big man, Dwight Howard is poised to take over the spot of MDP, Most Dominant Player. But those aren't the top stories in the NBA this year, OH NO. The top stories belong to a crooked referee who has been fixing games to turn a profit and the MSG saga. The Knicks have become one of the worst run franchises in the professional sports, while they play in the same city as the commissioners office and Tim Donaghy proved that once again what I believe is somewhat true, way more of professional sports is fixed than we know about.

While we talk Johan Santana and Eric Bedard trade rumours surrounding the MLB offseason 'hot stove' the NFL offseason is also found in the papers, under Police Log. Between the Pacman Jones incident in Las Vegas which left a man paralyzed and Tank Johnson being arrested with more guns in his home than Scarface . . .wait didn't something else happen? ummmmmmmmm OH YEA thats right Mike Vick was put in jail for the next 2 years of his life. The NFL has more player movement between jail systems than football teams in the offseason.

How could we not go forward without the last month of the year having something overshadow a Patriots team that is attempting to go undefeated, a feat that no one has accomplished since 1972. That something? of course Steroids. A sport that was once known for its acronyms like ERA, OBP, and AVG is now known for HGH, that would be Human Growth Hormone. With the release of one of the most rediculous documents ever concieved, The Mitchell Report, MLB brass has become a laughing stock. Now this isn't the last of it, that is for certain, in 2008 Congress will have something to say, and you still haven't heard the final word from Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds, two of the most celebrated big leaguers of all time.

I love sports, they are my lifeline, as sad as that sounds the majority of my life is based upon what time Cowboys play on Sunday, when tailgating starts for the BC home football games, and what time tip-off is. I sit on the internet in virtual Red Sox waiting rooms, I eagerly get minute to minute updates on what players are moving where, and I even know the name of 10-12 minor league prospects before they hit the majors. When 2008 rolls around I'm looking forward to doing it all over again and I just hope I don't have to learn more about Michael Vick's backyard hobby, what a clubhouse attendent shoots in Clemens' ass, and which refs are being hunted by the Feds and organized crime. Go Celtics!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Dropping Knowledge

The picture to your left is one of former IOWA quarterback, Brad Banks, current emergency quarterback for the New York Jets. Now you may be asking yourself "Who the f*ck cares about him?"
I do, unwisely a friend of mine bet me $20 that Banks did not attend Iowa and claimed he was 99% confident #7 attended Missouri. So on Monday morning he's left asking himself one simple question. How did Brad Banks & Tom Brady cost me money yesterday? Useless sports knowledge pays kids, watch sportscenter. . . . . . . BRAD BANKS FROM . . . . . . . IOWA!

The NFC East will have 3 teams rolling into the playoffs this year, making Philly the odd team out. Washington will need a win against Dallas to put them in the playoffs and with Owens and Romo likely sitting after the Cowboys clinched homefield with the Packers loss this weekend, the Skins will be in. The Giants fought back in the snow and got a clinching berth by defeating the Bills yesterday. For years I have said this is the most competitive division in football now people see why. Philly, Dallas, & Washington could beat any team in the league on a given Sunday when healthy and the Giants, well there is always one team that f's it up.

You won't see T.O. for another two weeks at least, the santa hat clad Owens limped off the field Saturday night, Crutched out of Carolina, and apologized to Jessica Simpson. Well at least you won't hear from him for a couple weeks . . . . hahahaha You have a better chance of seeing Danny 'Fucking' Kaye dance through your living room this holiday. Owens needs to be back for Big D to advance in the playoffs that is unless you believe in the recieving cor of Miles Austin, Sam Hurd and Patrick Crayton.

On the heels of the Cleveland Browns releasing their new T-Shirts in time for the holidays calling themselves "Believeland," Vince Young controls the destiny of his Tennessee Titans, win and your in. One of the best stories in football played their way right out of the playoffs yesterday, oh wait, Tennessee is playing Indy? If the starters weren't going to get some time off next Sunday then I'd say the Browns are def. OUT, but they aren't, a Titans loss puts them in the playoffs no matter what. Up to Madden cover boy to keep his team alive and living to play another week, where they will promptly get a first round exit. Good Luck Vince.

The All-World Linebacker Brian Urlacher and the Chicago Bears waxed 'Wrangler' Brett yesterday thus ending the shot of seeing an NFC Championship in Lambeau. (removing sweat from my brow) I'd still give the nod to Aaron Rodgers if Green Bay ends up in Dallas, but thats just me and most likely JUST ME. I thought Urlacher was going to beat up on the Vikes last week and steal a win from them but a win against the 'Pack' like that will satisfy me. See you next year, thanks 54.

Hat's off to Kobe "Bean" Bryant, fastest to 20,000 points. Kobe is considered one of, if not the best player in the NBA and in my mind one of the top 5 scorers of all time. It is kind of amazing that players still live up to the hype these days when coming out of high school and Bean is one of the few players who actually do and have their entire career. 1 Final question for him: Will he win 1 ring post Shaq? If I was a man with a slight betting problem, which I am, I'd put money on it.

Not getting away from this one without saying I told you so. Had Tony Allen not boneheadedly gone for an upfake that Tommy saw coming you might be looking at a Celts team that just knocked off Detroit and Orlando in one week. I like people overlooking the C's though, saying they haven't played anyone, it gives them a competitive advantage. I like KG when he is dominate, but when he is angry and dominate? That would scare any man. The first win was lucky, now the C's stay healthy and you may see 3 professional sports team from the epicenter take home championships this year.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sorry . . .

For the e-mailers out there, or (3) guys with nothing to do, I'm sorry to dissappoint, my blog is not actually sponsored by 'Team Jordan' that picture there is to remind me of when Jordan was known for greatness on the court, not dissappoint as an exectuive.

The Associated Press LOVES Barry Bonds

So everyones man crush Tom Brady wins the AP Male Athlete of the Year. ESPN runs a column about how humble Brady feels because he has won this award in a team sport, considering the 1st and 2nd runners-up, Roger Federer & Tiger Woods both play individual sports. BUT after reading the column ESPN lists who recieved the 4th most votes, ahead of Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning, ahead of ALCS MVP and World Series winner Josh Beckett, and ahead of Eastern Conference Champion Lebron James, is none other than the most controversial athlete in the history of professional sports, Barry Lamar Bonds.

Oh how we forget, Mr. Bonds became the all-time home run king this past summer, passing Hank Aaron and putting his stamp officially on the history of the game, as if it wasn't their already. Then once Major League Baseball was finished with their season & the San Francisco Giants were finished with his contract, he was federally indicted on perjury charges, how convienant. Lets bleed every last dollar out of his fans before we decide to tear the guy down. You and I both know that once Bonds' ability to rake in money for the owners of the San Francisco Giants hit a ceiling he'd be gone from the bay area and baseball. It isn't coincidence we can't all be that ignorant. Bud Selig is great at ignoring problems when they pad his wallet and that is what Barry Bonds and the 'Steroid Era' did. Once whispers turned into rumours, rumours turned into problems, and problems turned into seats in front of Congress, Bud took action. When that golden goose stopped sh*tting golden eggs it got indicted. The AP gets II Thumbs UP for attempting to make BLB the Athlete of the Year, that would have been great!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kris Kringle & I do WORK

It is the last day of work for anyone who is actually important in their line of work or just going on vacation before the holiday. In the spirit of things I figured that I'd lend a hand to the BIG guy, no I'm not talking about Jesus, and hand out presents to some of our more noticeable sports figures. I want to preface this by mentioning a few people who wont' be recieving gifts, Shaq's ex-wife (for promptly putting the Diesel into retirement), O.J. Simpson (hasn't recieved a gift since the mid-90's) and Charlie Weiss (whose been robbing the ND Board of Trustees all fall). Opening up the BIG BROWN BAG . . .

1 Monoply "Get out of Jail Free" Card for you know who. The real life Cruela DeVille. Mike Vick. How can we not give a christmas present to a guy who says "he's learned his lesson." When I was growing up I also learned some lessons, Carmelo taught me "Don't Snitch," Allen Iverson taught me about how you can't throw your wife out of you house naked in the cold because you think shes cheating, and now Mike Vick taught me, no burning the testicles of fido. Thanks, Merry Christmas.

1 Copy of the 'Mitchell Report' to MLB Commisioner Bud Selig. Just hours after Senator Mitchell delivered his findings in the steroid investigation, or as I like to refer to it, interview with club house attendents, Selig answered questions regarding what was in the report. ALL THE WHILE ADMITTING HE HADN'T READ IT YET. Almost direct quote "I haven't had time to review the report extensively." Errrrrrr I was almost on page 300 after looking at it and attempting to pretend to work for two hours yet Ole' Bud didnt have time to review it yet. Being the owner of the club who just signed one of the most prominent and OBVIOUS steroid users Eric Gagne, you would think he'd look through it right? Well, Happy Holidays, your very own copy.

Christmas came early for Jacksonville RB, Fred Taylor. Taylor seems a lock to replace the newly injured Steelers RB and rushing leader, Willie Parker in the Pro Bowl. After the Jags were completely snubbed and zero voted to Hawaii, Willie Parker broke his leg thus ending the season for fantasy geeks everywhere and Taylor most likely will be getting his first Pro Bowl nod of his career. Fred Taylor has gone all but un-noticed his entire career, quietly one of the few top 20 statistical RB's of all time with zero Pro Bowl nods. So for you my friend, I have Broken the leg of Willie Parker. Merry Christmas.

to Sid The Kid and the NHL. I'd like to give the NHL 1 ESPN Hockey Contract. In 20 Years we are all going to wake up not even knowing about the career of possibly one of the top 10 Hockey Players of all time because of the current state of the NHL. I'm not a Hockey fan, never have been, probably never will be, but I also hate Cycling, Tennis, & Diving yet we all know the names of Lance Armstrong, Roger Federer, & Michael Phelps. Could be a crying shame that we don't know more about Sidney Crosby. Since the NHL canceled a season due to strike and canceled their ESPN Hockey Contract, your more likely to find a rerun of the popular 90's Sitcom, Coach. (great show by the way) I actually sat through a Bruins game last night, well let's be honest, PART of the Bruins game last night and the kid was pretty exciting, I was cheering for the Penguins once I saw him play that is. The Poinsetta Bowl with Navy v. Utah was more exciting, but I'm sure ESPN the DEUCE wouldnt' mind carrying Crosby games. Little stocking stuffer for ya NHL.

a BLOCKBUSTER NBA TRADE to Kevin Durant. It just is a GIANT waste to have him playing in Seattle for the Supersonics. A city that likes having an NBA franchise but doesn't want to pay for it, an owner that wants to send the team in the middle of Oklahoma a.k.a. middle of NO WHERE, and on a team where he is forced to shoot the ball WAY to much, and most likely will kill him earlier in his career than if he had been on a team that could develop him . . really? could we not have fixed this lottery with two of the greatest talents of all time coming out? Durant you need something good for Christmas, Trade Em' to a team that can allow him to become a superstar PLEASE.

Arthur Blank needs SOMETHING, ANYTHING, this holiday season. I heard it on a radio show yesterday but If I was Arthur I'd be going home and making sure my wife was going to stay with me. Michael Vick openly lies to him last Spring about his involvement with the dog fighting, Bobby Petrino looks him in the eye and says he is on board THE DAY BEFORE JOLTING him to head to Arkansas, and then Parcells uses him to leverage a job in Miami. If there is a guy who wants 2008 to come more than anyone, it is Arthur Blank. Hmm what to get a guy who has NOTHING.

1. Josh McDaniels - NE Patriots Offensive Coordinator, this young guy has to strike while the iron is hot. He is a "Belichick Guy" and after he goes 16-0 this season those guys could NOT be hotter. Benefitting in large part from the acquisition of Randy Moss and the unconscious play of Tom Brady, McDaniels is one of the hottest NFl coordinators in the business. .

2. Derek Anderson - Here is a guy who has a great thing going on in Cleveland and to be honest, I DON'T THINK HE IS GOING ANYWHERE. Arthur Blank and whoever the new coach is in Atlanta would greatly benefit from Anderson but he may just be to valuable to Cleveland right now. Proving this season that he can be a "solid" NFL quarterback in the league his value may never be higher and with the Falcons holding a top draft slot, you never know what a new GM would pay for an established quarterback. Especially when the alternatives have been Byron Leftwich, Joey Harrington, and Chris Redman. Look for McNabb, Grossman, & potentially top Draft Prospects Matt Ryan & Brian Brohm to also be in the Falcon Stocking.

3. Floyd Reese - Former 13 year GM of the Houston Oilers & Tennessee Titans, currently ESPN NFL contributor, Floyd Reese may be exactly what Arthur Blank needs. A guy who has proved his staying power, wants control over who he acquires and gets rid of. Reese is responsible for draft picks as deep as hall of famer Bruce Matthews, Steve McNair, Eddie George & Pacman Jones errrrr, so skip that last one, Jevon Kearse, and more recently, Vince Young. A General Manager who has had such success with draft picks both by their play of the field and also the extremly high tendency for them all to be signed before camp is another plus. Even if you don't go out and get a free agent QB, you can count on Reese to take the best available player in the draft.

Your Welcome, Mr. Blank (who needs Tuna anyway?)

Gotta love the birth of christ!!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Let me settle it . . PLEASE

I know that every national media outlet wants to continue to annoint Bill Parcells as the son of Christ, especially around this holiday but HOLD THE PHONE please. The guy isn't exactly "responsible" for the 12-2 record of DA BOYS. Besides the incarceration of Michael Vick, exempting the Falcons from a "good season," the injury riddled 49ers, and the fact that Jon Fox has literally done nothing over 5 years to improve the Panthers, there is alot more factors that make the Cowboys 1 or 1A in the NFC. NONE Of which I credit to the Tuna.

Tony Romo, an UNDRAFTED free agent was NOT THE RESULT of a "all knowing" Bill Parcells, and I know you all may think that, but thats because you dust off fossils and I dig them up. Last years wonder kid and brain child behind the New Orleans Saints, oh yea, and former OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR OF THE DALLAS COWBOYS UNDER THE TUNA, is an alumnus at Eastern Illinois, the same school which Romo attended and won numerous awards in his four years there. He is responsible for convincing Bill to grab this kid as a sleeper because he'd seen him play when Bill was busy recruiting Bledsoe, Terry Glenn, & Vinny Testicularverde to come play in Dallas. Two offseasons ago after Payton had took the job in New Orleans, Romo was the guy he wanted to come with him, but Jerry Jones & Bill had blocked that. So he convinced that crazy ass owner in NO to sign Brees, which again seems like a pretty good move now. The most stable and 9th quarterback to start since the retirement of Troy Aikman, isn't the guy who Parcells shopped for. MAIN REASON FOR THEIR 12-2 start.

The Dallas rushing attack is led by none other than errrrr Marion Barber, NOT Julius Jones, the Notre Dame RB that Parcells had fallen in love with. In the Tuna's last season with Dallas he as most NFL coaches do refuse to admit when they are wrong, continuing to hand the ball to Jones the whole game until they got into the red zone, where Jones sucked. Barber was among the league leaders in touchdowns that year, and still couldn't get consistant carries. PS Ask Rodney Harrison what its like when 24 comes running at you.

I give Parcells some credit for the defense, the defense that allowed Aaron Rodgers to torch them in the second half against the Packers, the defense that allowed Trent Edwards to march up and down the field in Buffalo, and the defense that gave all those Pats fans more things to torture me with. Kudos on DeMarcus Ware though, he is dirty.

How about TO? Aside from the 1 or 2 games where DB's blanketed him, TO has been a model reciever, hasn't dropped as many balls, scored a ton of touchdowns, and remained subdued at times. The guy who Parcells didn't want, refused to call by name, and Jerry Jones went out and got. Granted Jones pays TO as much as he pays his own Plastic Surgeon, but who cares it ain't our money.

Listen, I watch more than 1 NFL game every Sunday, I know which teams can play and which teams in large part can't. I know that the team that plays from Dallas is alot better this year, alot less likely to pound the ball 40 times a game, and in todays NFL, a team that is willing to break a game open through the air and put points on the board. All things Parcells didn't do. So when you run your mouth about how much he has done for the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and New York Jets remember this. ZERO SUPERBOWLS while he was at the helm of those franchises. At the end of the January there are still 31 teams that go home as a failure, you play to win championships not to "make" the playoffs.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dropping Knowledge

D-D-D-Dropping Knowledge, Thanks 50 Cent for the Intro:

Celts are still undefeated at home (20-2), Bobby Petrino is still a scumbag, and I wasn't mentioned in the Mitchell report. All in all i'd say it was a pretty good week. Second time i'm posting this and hopefully I can exhibit Patriot like consistancy and produce a pretty good blog.

Jessica Simpson better not screw up Tony Romo. In the midst of my dream season, minus that loss to the Pats earlier in the year, Romo started playing like he was Nick Lachey this Sunday in the Cowboys second loss on the season 10-6. DeMarcus Ware played like the beast that he is and the Cowboys didn't even score a touchdown. While the camera flashed to Simpson 5 times in the owners box, wearing a pink Romo jersey, i've never been that annoyed at a blonde with big, well you get the point. I did want to point out that Brian Westbrook may be the only athlete to ever play for a Philadelphia franchise that I actually like, by far the key offensive weapon on the Eagles he is probably one of the smartest players on the field every Sunday. Aikman pointed out that "how many players would have stopped on the one yard line to ensure a victory rather than running the ball into the endzone" not many, and Westbrook most likely did that on his own. Da Boys have 2 games left, and all of a sudden they mean something, the only thing in the NFC that can stop Green Bay and Brett Favre is Texas Stadium.

Not Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Rodney Harrison, or Richard Seymour were the MVP of this weeks latest drama in Pats v. Jets, but that title goes to Kelly Washington. Yes, in New Englands 20-10 win over New Yorks other NFL team, Kelly Washington pinned the Jets inside their own 5 yard line on the first punt of the game by saving it before the ball rolled into the endzone, result Pats pick the ball off and walk into the endzone the very next play. Kelly Washington also later would block a Jets punt setting up the Patriots with excellent field position, result of which led the Patriots to a score. Hats off to the Bengals reject and to the DB's of the Jets who I think played a pretty good game . . . . (cough, cough, thank you for covering)

Baltimore announces this week that they will not be terminating Brian Billick at the end of the season, he repays them by being the first team in the NFL to suffer a loss to the 0-13 Miami Dolphins, nicely played my friend. On ESPN countdown, Ditka predicted the Dolphins win and his explanation was "i don't know why, i'm just picking them" if only we could do that at our jobs when the boss asks us why we did something. Not only was this the 3rd game that CBS decided to cut in and show us, but when they did cut in we witnessed Troy Smith playing quarterback for the Ravens, which may actually have been a step-up from Kyle Boeller. I guess if you can't mess up someones unbeaten season, then messing up someones imperfect season is the next best thing. Go Ravens!

The Wolverines HATE the Moutaineers. For the second straight year Michigan has lured a head ball coach away from West Virginia. Last year the Wolverines hoops program took a stab and secured West Virginia head coach John Beilein and this year they have successfully lured in a new head football coach, Rich Rogdriguez from West Virginia. Talk about a shitty 3 weeks for the West Virginia football fans, here you have a team who is 10-1 and on their way to a National Championship game, then they lose to a Dave Wannstedt coached Pitt team and are headed to the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma at which they will be coached by an assistant because Rodgriguez is now in Ann Arbor. I don't know how Michigan fans feel about this but I'd be a little scared of a new coach who just choaked his way out of a National Championship, especially considering their recent woahs with ole' Lloyd. Back to the coal mines for the WV fans.

Canseco v. A-Rod Jose is wearing a little thin on me these days. Not the most humble of men, we know that, but after everyone is finally willing to admit that he isn't as obnoxious ass, he won't shut up now. Jose is now upset that A-Rod wasn't named in the Mitchell Report, and he says that his new book about steroids will mention things about A-Rod since their paths once crossed. I really don't like A-Fraud all that much, and my opinion of him isn't good, but i'm going to stick up for the guy here, the reason he isn't mentioned in the Mitchell Report along with the fact that he possibly may never have done steroids or HGH is because those mentioned in that report are people who came in contact with 2 clubhouse attendents, who never crossed paths with A-Rod. Balco has nothing to do with Rodriguez because he never played for a BAY AREA ballclub, and Larry Bigbie never played with him as well. The others named are people who are stupid enough to buy drugs from a pharmacy on the computer and use their real names, like Troy Glaus and Gary Matthews, and that in short is where the senator got his information. SO SHUT UP JOSE. Did he really think that MLB was going to hire him to develop an extensive report on widespread steroid use over the last 20 years? I wouldn't hire the guy to do my laundry.

Kobe is finally happy, for now. With the Lake show off to a 13-9 start and playing pretty well for a team who Kobe wanted nothing to do with three weeks ago, Bryant is finally sitting idle and not begging to be traded. I'm sure we will revisit this topic when they go into the tank 1 week after the all-star break. Did you really think he would be traded anyway? Who are you going to trade Kobe, the most exciting player in the game, for? Answer me that, this is L.A. and Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, and Tyrus Thomas aren't L.A. Jack doesn't pay to watch Luke Walton, he pays to watch Kobe Bryant score 81.

Alex Rodriguez was the feature this week on 60 minutes, Katie Couric hung out with him at his house with his wife in toe and watched him in the batting cages as well. He hung Boras out to dry (which I believe was planned by the two of them), he never explained who the blonde woman with him in Toronto was, and basically made an attempt to get every person over 50 who watches that show to like him. I watched it as a baseball fan, and thought what I've always thought when I heard A-Rod talk, he's full of it and himself. I don't believe his personal friend is Warren Buffet and I don't believe he negotiated the contract without Boras' opinion, seeing as how Boras is in line to make 15 million out of the deal.

Lastly, I watched ESPN countdown this morning, as I mentioned before, and they did a piece on Browns quarterback, Derek Anderson from Scappoose, Oregon. Well his friend and Playboy Playmate of the year Sara Jean Underwood from the same hometown, was talking about how Anderson and his friends used to play a game in Scappoose called Poop Dollar. What is Poop Dollar? It is a game where you place a pile of poop under a dollar bill and laugh when people pick up the dollar bill. My response to that went something like this:
errrrrrrrrrrrrrr, that is what they do for fun in Oregon. Answered one question I've always had.

Next Week Preview:
Celts v. Magic II
Dolphins look to begin a new streak (hahahahaha)
Michael Vick builds a team of his own sort of like in 'The Longest Yard' GO VICK!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Let me be the first to say, I LOVE STEROIDS, alright so maybe Canseco said it first but you get the point. After the "World Wide Leader" covered the release of the Mitchell Report for 24 consecutive hours I'm JUICED UP, no pun intended, but i'm not that shocked and who really is? I want to get several points across to whoever is reading this, and you've probably heard a stance similiar to mine because after ESPN interviewed everyone who thought anything yesterday, I'm sure i'm not the only one with these opinions.
George Mitchell was reported to collect $60 mil from MLB to conduct this witch hunt, in my mind that is a travesty. $60 Million put toward the education of young athletes on the dangers of steroid use would be a great initiative set forth by MLB. Instead Bud Selig chose to spend the money on this, a weak investigation done in part to make it seem like he is "doing" something on his end to absolve himself of blame.

If you don't get it yet, I DON'T THINK THIS SHOULD HAVE EVER BEEN DONE. I'm right about this and no one will convince me of anything different. Look, what was going to come out of this? We already knew that the last 20 years of Major League Baseball was riddled with steroids and other performance enhancing substances so no new news there right? So Mitchell goes out, finds some names and tells you all a bunch of shit you could have figured out on your own, the one exception? Guys who were facing federal jail time gave him some cashed checks, big deal. We'll get to those "guys" in a second. It was a meaningless investigation that just gave Barry a little company, thats all, didn't change my opinion about one thing regarding steroids.
Roger Clemens was on "the list" NO SHIT, all those people tearing up Barry Bonds for the last five years, for reasons I'll leave you to figure out, never ONCE applied the same thoughts to 7 time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens. I'm not saying 40-year old pitchers winning the Cy can't happen, i'm saying velocity doesn't go UP when you get old naturally, i'm saying your muscle mass doesn't double when you hit 38 years old no matter how hardcore you train, and have you seen Roger when he struck out 21 in the 80's? HE WAS HALF the size then, as he is now, sound like someone from the Bay area to you too?

Imagine what that report looked like 1 year after Georgey started? HE HAD NOTHING. With ZERO subpeona ability and Don Fehr advising every major leaguer to hire their own counsel before speaking to anyone, Mitchell had NOTHING. His investigation was preparing to be a solid JOKE and yesterday would have never happened. UNTIL, Bud Selig squeezed Jason Giambi because of his bonehead comments to the media and intimidated him to the point where he was afraid of further punishment so he decided to give Mitchell as little as possible without getting in trouble. Kirk Rodomski, former New York Mets club house attendent, was facing serious jail time for distribution and with federal agents watching his every move decided to show Mitchell a bunch of canceled checks from MLB Players. THE ENTIRE REPORT is based on a guy who probably should be facing IRS charges, and a disgruntled personal trainer of Roger Clemens & Andy Pettite. THEY HAD NOTHING from any legit sources, and Mitchell knew it, he still knows it, he spit back the same shit we already knew, and it took him 400+ pages to do so. Why did he advise Bud not to take action? No evidence and no credible witnesses.

Give me a vote, and I'm PUTTING EM' ALL IN. If so many people cheated and it is soooooo wide spread then doesn't that in itself level the playing field? Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, and Mark McGwire all of em' go in my ballot. They were SUPERSTARS of the past 20 years and their numbers are so remarkable that even cut in half, which would be rediculous, they still get in. If you are so wacked about who used and who didn't, what are you going to do? eliminate the last 20 years of baseball history and act like they never happened? I'm sorry but I'm not looking my children in the eye and telling them that I never watched a clean game until I was 30 years old. .

Bud Selig and the owners of all 30 ball clubs are to blame in large part, along with the players of course. I cannot ignore that revenues, salaries, and popularity have sky-rocketed during that era and you know who benefits most? THE OWNERS, how does an owner shell out $36 million to an average run producer? BECAUSE HE'S MAKING THAT 20 times over. Of course they knew what was going on, you'd be ignorant not to. It makes me mad to hear that Bud was even the slightest bit dissappointed in Senator Mitchell's assesment of HIM and his cronies, I mean I know the guy dresses like he is teaching high school Math, but COME ON he probably has more bank than you or I could imagine.

Finally, if steroids made me better at my job and I couldn't get caught and it would better the life of my family and their families for the next 50 years, I would be injecting myself regularly you can bet your ass. (no pun intended)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cowardly Cardinal, Falcon, & Razorback

You don't know sleeze till you know NEW University of Arkansas head ball coach, Bobby Petrino. Less than 24 hours after assuring Atlanta Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, that he was in fact not moving back to college football and would continue on as the head coach of the formerly Mike Vick Falcons, Petrino was being announced as the head football coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Just when you thought no one was as much of a turncoat as Nick Saban was, ole' Bobby one ups him and storms out of Atlanta and leaves it burning worse than when Sherman went through.

(turn on that time machine music do do do do do do dah)

First off, the guy walks on Brian Brohm and the Louisville Cardinal after they had a great year, strike while the iron is hot, I get it. But what about all those high school students who he had heavily recruited earlier that fall? I'm guessing ole' Bobby didn't mention that while he was sitting in those living rooms and telling them how Louisville was a program on the rise with National Title hopes? You can't tell me that no blame goes to Petrino for the defense that Louisville displayed this year, were talking about a defense that gave up 42 points to Middle Tenn. State and got massacred against USF in Tampa, 55-17. Not only does Petrino screw former Heisman candidate Brian Brohm by leaving to Atlanta at the end of last season, but I'm sure Brohms wallet might be affected by Petrino's newest job in Arkansas. This isn't the Matt Ryan bias coming out in me but Brohm isn't so much of a lock to be the first quarterback taken after he coached up Chris Redman to the point where the Falcons may not even be selecting a quarterback AND the Brohm/Petrino relationship gave the Louisville signal caller a little more hope of being a top 5 selection, which means BIG MONEY. So now, HALF of the state of Kentucky and the Brohm family welcomes another shot at Bobby.

Now to the Falcons. Do I feel bad for the fans? Yes, who wouldn't they had no idea they were cheering for a serial dog killer (again, I will refrain from my opinion on the idiocy that has occured here) Did they choose Bobby Petrino? In my mind there is only one person who can refer to himself as Bobby, that would be Bobby Bowden, anyone else who is referred to as Bobby and over the age of 30 needs to look in the mirror (makes me think of Bobby Brady) Not to mention the guy has said LITERALLY NOTHING publicly about what he thinks of Mike Vick or the situation. Widely hated by the assistants who HE HIRED, meaning they did at one point like him enough to apply for the jobs. While were on em' the assistants had families they moved to Atlanta, and uprooted, now Petrino just ditches them in the middle of the night? NEWSFLASH they are going to lose their jobs when the new coach comes on board you dick. It almost pains me to utter the next few lines: I actually AGREE with D'Angelo Hall, Joey Harrington, and Lawyer Milloy. Petrino couldn't handle the NFL, where the players make more money than you, you don't just get a new crop every winter based on your ability to handle a living room, AND he really isn't man enough to face to face talk to these players. THE GUY WROTE A F'N letter to a bunch of adults explaining his non-explanation for leaving Atlanta. Now I don't know much about Arthur Blank, but what more can this guy handle? I just hope his wife doesn't leave him next.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Marc Stein, Think Green

ESPN.Com's hoops contributor, Marc Stein, seems to be a little scared to make the Celts #1 or #2 in his weekly "Power Rankings." He loves the Spurs, no criticism there, he dropped the Suns from #2 to #4, they did lose to Kevin McHale's team, and he dropped Orlando to that #2 slot out of the top spot, I also would have done the same, but what is missing? OH YEA, #3 . . . that would be the BEST RECORD IN THE NBA, Boston Celtics, and a team who was a free throw away from starting off 18-1. Stein's excuse for Boston standing still with all the movement around them:

"I know, I know: Boston had nothing to do with spitting out such a cake early schedule. But I can't help it: Boston can't wow me more than the Spurs and Magic have until the schedule gets harder, like it or not"

Well my friend, I DO NOT LIKE IT.

DA Celts, have allowed the fewest ppg(88) than any other team in the NBA and that was supposed to be their weakness. Sharing the rock should have been a problem with most teams adding two superstars to a team who already had one, but the C's average 23.7 assists per game good enough for 5th best in the league.

Mr. Stein you want to say the Magic have "wowed" you and Boston has had a cupcake schedule? Won't disagree with the cupcake schedule comment but what exactly "wows" you about the six losses the Magic have notched up? 4 double digit losses, a second 4 point loss to the Suns, AND a 6 point loss to the Indiana Trailpacers (Thanks, I owe you ATH)? NONE of that really impresses me, Boston has ZERO double digit losses, only two losses on the season, and you could argue that they could very easily be 19-0. I know, I know they did lose to the Magic, but Detroit lost 4 to the Cavs last year, and no one would argue the Cavs are a better team.

The Celts have two big games coming up, on the 19th they play against Detroit, and the 23rd they get a second crack at the Magic. If the "Boston Three Party" comes up with two wins in those games, can a northeast hoops team get some love?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Jesus doesn't vote for Heisman

I've punched my one way ticket to hell a long time ago, there is no difference between a first class ticket or a coach ticket to hell, so I don't mind writing this. Jesus doesn't give a shit that you returned a kickoff 89 yards for a touchdown, he could care less that you can slam a baseball 438 ft., and he certaintly does not award you with a Heisman Trophy for being a good Catholic.

This weekend Florida signal caller and 2007 Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow walked up to the podium at the Downtown Athletic Club and before his parents who raised him, before his coach who recruited him and put him in the situation to win, and before himself for grinding it out in the weight room for hours making it impossible to tackle him, he thanked his "Lord and savior, Jesus Christ." Oh Tim Terrific took time to thank pretty much everyone he could think of, including Gator Nation and fellow Gator 'Heisman Winning Jesus Lover' Danny Weurfel, and one more time, Gator Nation. I would just really appreciate it if these athletes stopped being so naive as to think that Jesus Christ is the first person to thank, he isn't.

Thank You, Nicholas S. Lynch for the hard work YOU put into getting a college degree. I'm not thanking Jesus for that, now if he paid back some of the student loan money I owe, then maybe he'll get a pat on the back and a Thank You from me.

Dropping Knowledge

You would think after the Packers v. Cowboys showdown, and the Ravens scare on MNF that we would know all we need to know about this year in the NFL. What I learned this weekend is that what seemed like a straight shot for both Dallas and New England to meet in Glendale for part II, will be slightly more difficult than advertised. (this week is going to be the start of a weekly segment, I have tentatively agreed to call "dropping knowledge" gives it a little street flair for this caucasian kid from the burbs)

The Green Bay Packers are better than what they showed against Dallas when they played each other last week. True, they did just play Oakland but it wasn't that they punched Oak-Town in the mouth that impressed me, it was HOW they beat them which did that. Ryan Grant needs to touch the ball for the Packers to win in the playoffs, against a good defense you have to run the ball, and let Brett win the game when it is close. Brett Favre is a good quarterback but throwing the ball more than 30 times a game allows you to become predictable, throw 3 pass rushers at you, drop 8 and let them play outfield, that was how Dallas took advantage of them early.

Talking trash is for guys like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, not guys like Jon Kitna and Anthony Smith. Let us start off with Jon Kitna and the DETROIT LIONS, you played well and I applaud that but you rip the entire Dallas defense last year and also predict one of the most losing franchises in the NFL over the last 20 yeas would win 10 games this year. Jon, pick up your bible you jesus loving maniac and go to the doctor, if not for that running game of yours Dallas runs Detroit into the ground yesterday, and 10 games? Bro, you were 6-2 and have lost 5 straight . . . . . Barry Sanders coudln't win a Super Bowl with Detroit, what makes you think you will? Since you probably don't know, or care who Steelers back up free safety, Anthony Smith is, he is the guy who Tom Brady and Randy Moss ABUSED LAST NIGHT, I'd say they took him out to the proverbial "wood shed" but that would be an understatement. Anthony Smith, I don't play professional football, nor would I ever be good enough to play professional football, but I do know that you don't run your mouth when your a backup, when your playing a team who hasn't lost a game, and more importantly, WHEN KNOW ONE OUTSIDE OF PITTSBURGH EVEN KNOWS WHO YOU ARE. How does it feel to have Tom Brady in your face letting you know he's about to go deep on you AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN, and there is nothing you can physically do about it.

While we are on Brady, whose stopping New England at "THE RAZOR"? Jacksonville? Cleveland? Pittsburgh? maybe San Diego? Indy? . . . . . . . here is a thought. NO ONE. Come on, Philly took a shot, Baltimore took a shot, it ain't happening. They'll be in Glendale where all bets are off, but as far as the AFC goes? Champagne will be on ice till next season Don.

Miami will NOT win a game. That is a bad team, it isn't that they don't try, it isn't that they are out coached, they are just bad. Mike Ditka said that this morning on the radio, and he is right. The Fins aren't beating New England so get that out of your head, if you believe that will happen I got a story to tell you about a guy who comes down chimneys, an oversized bunny who hides eggs, and 3 little pigs who could build houses. Baltimore, New England, and Cincy . . . . . which of those teams will lose to Miami? Do you think Baltimore and Cincy want to be the team that LOST a game to Miami? This has gotta hurt Don.

New York Giants and San Diego Chargers aren't winning anything, you may say well they both won games yesterday, close games, but let us look at these teams for what they really are. The "G" men lost to Dallas twice, and Green Bay . . .the only two teams who will compete for the Super Bowl, they let Philly hang around yesterday, when Philly had no business hanging around, and not only that but Eli Manning seriously just looks bad out there. He overshot Shockey in the endzone on a wide open play, a play which Romo, Brady, Favre, Peyton, all make. Plaxico IS hurt, he made some miraculous plays yesterday, but watch him get up, watch him in pre-game, the guy is clearly injured. The Chargers? Lost to New England, should have lost to Indy, who are they going to beat? Norv should have never been hired, and you shoudln't have let your offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator get poached. Good Luck Phillip, now you've got LT pissed at you.

and finally . . . . .
We have seen the last of Michael Vick in the National Football League, PERIOD. I will leave my opinions on the charges out of this because it is at the point where they just don't matter. Sentenced to nearly two years in federal prison for dog fighting and gambling among other things, let alone the fact that the commish will probably tack on another season after he is released from prison. Where does that leave Michael Vick? He won't be the type of athlete I'd take a chance on as an NFL owner, why would you? He'll be approaching if not already 30 years old, out of the league for almost 3 entire seasons, and it'll be a public relations nightmare for the team. So what would be the benefit? Hello Canadian Football League.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Survivors of South Beach . . .

Carl Pavano is in Yankee exile, Ivan Rodriguez is still playing backstop 130 games a year ( begins with s-t-e and ends with roids ) at 36 years old, Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell have become New England legends, and Ugueth Urbina is in a Venezuelan prison for the next 14 years after he and a bunch of his friends lit a guy on fire, nice. This week however the last of the 2003 World Series Champion Florida Marlins, Dontrelle Willis & Miguel Cabrera, have been moved off of South Beach to the armpit of America . . . . Detroit, Michigan. In doing so, the 2008 Detroit Tigers may be the best thing to come out of the 'Motor City' since Eminem or they could be the worst thing to come out of the "D" since syphillis, crack, and Ben Wallace.

I'm sorry Detroit you most likely have just become New York - midwest - big off season acquisitions that include a pitcher in steady decline since 2005, an all-world third baseman with a Bartolo Colon problem, and a shortstop on his 5th team in 11 years whose been passed around more than Paris Hilton. Had this deal gone down three years ago when Florida first cleaned out Beckett, Burnett, and every other piece of the 03' World Series champs, then you might have just made a blockbuster deal. Try to follow along . . the additions

Jacque Jones, after spending two years in the JV's, or the National League if you will, Jones has experienced a decline each season in Hits, Runs Scored, RBI's, and more drastically Home Runs going from 27 in 06' to 5 in 07', hardly the protection you would like to surround Magglio and Shef with.

Edgar Renteria, So I'll join my friends on this one, Sox fans who love to rip up Renteria for what he didn't accomplish in his short stint with Boston. I always defended that at the time Renteria was the best shortstop available, and he was. NOW on the other hand, you had to trade to minor leaguers to acquire Edgar, a guy who clearly belongs in the National League playing for a team like Atlanta where the fans barely know what sport you play. Here is the thing about Atlanta, they rarely make mistakes when they trade for prospects, so you've got to question why they are so eager to deal a guy who just hit .332, it's questionable at least. It isn't like they gave up just "prospects" they gave up front line pitching prospects for Rent-a-wreck. So here is my conclusion on ole' Edgar, YES YES YES YES, if there was ever a guy who would crack under pressure it's him, and I hope he is up with bases loaded against Boston because that is a inning-ending double play waiting to happen.

Miguel "BARTOLO" Cabrera, this might be the addition that I have a hard time finding a problem with. Career highs in both Home Runs and RBI's lead you to believe that the 24 year old 240lb thirdbaseman is a great talent, but the fact that the Tigers still gave up 6 players for two, leads you to think it might have been a bit TOO much. The added weight of Cabrera has to contribute to the increase in errors he had this past year, and he'll be seeing American League pitching consistantly for the first time in his career. I'll be honest though, he hasn't hit below .320 in each of the last three seasons, and has played in 150+ games staying away from injury every year. The power he provides will be the real protection surrounding an aging DH and Magglio Ordonez.

The D Train, Dontrelle Willis: Now for the past couple years there has been more rumors about Dontrelle Willis than Lindsay Lohan, luckily none of them resulted in anything. Here is a pitcher who has been much heralded to seel jerseys and tickets than win championships for you. He has been in steady decline every year since his first in the majors, and boasted an era in the fours last year combined with a 10-15 record. Essentially traded for a major league ready Andrew Miller, this might be the piece of the deal that haunts the D. My buddy Roche said it best, Willis sucks. In the American League his ERA will go up a whole run, and he won't even get to use his best National League asset, his hitting. So Detroit goes back to their original problem, after Justin Verlander . . . who are you throwing out on the mound?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wouldn't "U" like to cheer . .

While one of the saddest weeks in school history for the University of Miami, this weekend alumni all over the NFL played with big hearts and were an inspiration to everyone. Saddled with the death of one of their own, we saw some of the most dedicated football players let alone most talented football players in the league play with more heart than I've seen some guys play with in the Super Bowl.

Put aside the refs, the undefeated season at stake, and the bonehead timeout by the Ravens sideline and you are left with 3 former University of Miami standouts playing serious football which no doubt was sparked by the death of their friend. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and most notably Raven RB, Willis McGahee gathered before the game in prayer and I couldn't help but notice what the camera crew picked up out of the mouth of Ray Lewis came something like this "the outcome of the game isn't as important as how you play the game, play with everything you got." Not only is Ray one of the most feared athletes on the planet, for more than one reason cough cough errrrr, but here is a grown man letting tears out before the game when he knows the cameras will be on him, Reed, and McGahee because of their ties to "The U" that is nothing short of honorable.

Their accomplishments last night won't be on the cover of Sports Illustrated because they lost the actual game, but that is why I wanted to note what they did. McGahee ran through the Patriots defensive line like a hot knife through butter, on 30 carries he rushed for 138 yards, if you watched the game, they couldn't stop him, I haven't seen him run like that since his first couple years in Buffalo. My friend Joe had it right, Ray Lewis looked like the Ray Lewis who was running from sideline to sideline making tackles two years ago, if not for the most rediculously called timeout of all time he would have made the tackle that won the game for his Baltimore Ravens. As for Reed, the Patriots dropped about 20 passes or I'm sure he would have made more tackles, although 3 tackles and 1 Int isn't to bad for one of the nastiest defensive backs in the NFL.

*My hat also goes off to Patriots defensive lineman, Vince Wilfork, who also played with Sean Taylor at the University of Miami and contributed with 6 tackles for the future 4-time Super Bowl Cheats, i mean Champions.

As for the rest of the alumni of The University of Miami, FLA . . .the workouts that they participate in over the offseason are legendary, they attract both current NFL players and current students at the "U" as well as retired players who've played at the school this I assume would create a real bond between the athletes, something like when George Jung went to prison with a bachelors in marijuana and left with a masters in cocaine, these athletes learn how to play professional football which why you see so many of them be successful in the league. I'd be pretty proud to cheer for the "U", on the field that is.
It's a sad day in the F-L-A

Monday, December 3, 2007

Jabar Gafney, you my friend are a LIAR

I have watched approximately 1,321,980 professional, college, and high school football games in my lifetime, 980 of those have used instant-replay, and I have seen that exact sane catch made by Jabar Gaffney last night in the closing seconds of the Patriots/Ravens game about 25 times. You know what was different about last nights catch though? IT WAS RULED A CATCH. I'm being completely unbiased on my opinion about this, he didn't have control of the ball when he went out of bounds after his two feet were inbounds watch it 1,000 times and tell me you don't agree and I'll call you a liar. This isn't to say that the next play Brady and company wouldn't have just buried the ball in the back of the endzone, I'm simply saying it wasn't a touchdown the rule clearly states the reciever must have control of the football before stepping out of bounds, and he did NOT. So congrats Jabar, you have managed to get away with it, but you certaintly did not KNOW you scored a touchdown, because not even the refs were sure you did, and he was standing right there.


Well, not exactly chaos it is actually pretty typical as to what unfolded last night during the BCS Bowl Selection Show and I LOVE IT! What do you expect to happen when you have a post season determined by a voting method and not the actual play on the field? Do you think that a computer system & managers of the national league in major league baseball would have voted Colorado and Arizona into the championship series in their league? Do you think that NCAA head basketball coaches and a computer system would have put George Mason into the final four two years ago based on strength of schedule? Well they wouldn't, but they aren't given the opportunity to answer that for us, NCAA college football coaches are given that opportunity, and they have done a pretty good job if you ask me. BUT THAT IS WHERE IT STOPS, once you get past the title game with Ohio St. against LSU, the rest of the system is more wacky than Dick Vitale after a game winning 3-pointer. Let us start off with the title game:

LSU deserves to be there based on who they've played, how they've played, and of course HOW EVERYONE ELSE PLAYED. They are the SEC Champions, the same conference that is CLEARLY the best of the power NCAA Division 1 college football conferences. So stop it Georgia your plate is full enough with Hawaii. As for Ohio State, you did what West Virginia wished they could have done this week, and that is stay at home and not play another game. The Mountaineers had no business losing to Pitt, but we should have seen this coming, Michigan lost to Division 1-AA App. State, USC was hurt and lost to Stanford, is it that shocking that WV choked in this season of all seasons? Of course not. I'm going to go out on a limb on this one, and I'm sure I'll be the only one to, but that is why I'm doing it. Ohio State 42 LSU 40 triple OT.

Time to FIESTA, Oklahoma v. West Virginia. Winner of this game is like the guy who gets to date Cinderellas ugly stepsister. Oklahoma thinks they deserve a shot at the title after beating the previously ranked #1 Missouri Tigers, not only this past week but also earlier in the season and for the same reason we considered Missouri and Kansas frauds coming out of the BIG 12, undefeated for most of the season, we should consider Oklahoma fradualent. Bob Stoops, losses to Texas Tech & Colorado don't exactly make you the best of the two loss teams so sit down. Ahhh and the previously mentioned Moutaineers, I've been waiting to take a shot at you and the BIG EAST for months, so here it comes. WHO DID YOU BEAT? If you had beaten Pitt and played for the National Championship it wouldn't have been that far fetched that you were one of the most over rated teams playing for a championship, EVER. South Florida was exposed, UCONN lost to Louisville before the refs helped them out, and Cincy is playing in the Bowl game to decide who gets papa johns pizza for a year? So I couldn't be happier you choked and coughed up your shot at a National Championship. Played at home, against Dave Wannstedt, in the biggest game you've played in, in years and you choked. NEWSFLASH a loss to Dave Wannstedt in a big game is about as embarrassing as you get. No limb climbing on this one Oklahoma 39 West Virginia 22

While it almost pains me to discuss a FedEx Orange bowl w/ out mentioning the Boston College Eagles, I must move on and remember Dennis Greens life lessons, they are who we thought they were, hello Champs Sports Bowl. TO THE GAME: Virginia Tech v. errrrr what? you mean Missouri didn't get in this game? Kansas did? I mean didn't Kansas and Missouri play each other two weeks ago and Missouri handle them on a neutral field? Oh, they did and didn't they end the regular season with the same record? Wait, has vegas placed a line on Kansas' coach, Mark Mangino getting out of South Beach w/ out giving Hulk Hogan is sunglasses back? Let's be serious here though, Virginia Tech you got manhandled by LSU 48-7, while it may be your only "real" blemish on your record its a HUGE blemish. You either play LSU for the National Title which no one could justify, or you get in over LSU which again NO ONE COULD JUSTIFY. You get credit for playing them in the regular season though because you could have scheduled Alcorn State as your non-conference road game and been a Matt Ryan comeback away from being undefeated. So Oranges are all your getting from me, tough break. Kansas come on, this is about money, you have no business being in a BCS Bowl Game. You played 1 solid football team, and lost to them. Virginia Tech 36 Kansas 10

Are you ready for a surprise fellas? My friends and I have discussed college football all year long, because quite frankly it is way more exciting than our desk jobs and in JD's case, school. One constant theme is that I believe Colt Brennan, June Jones, and The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors ( that was seriously your name there for a while) are a joke. The only program to navigate through their season undefeated. Well, consider my pride swallowed. THEY AREN'T a joke and they are about to play in the most exciting of all the bowl games. Don't pass the SUGAR BOWL up, (like that pun, it was intended) Hawaii will face the Georgia Bulldogs, probably one of the hottest teams in the country, in the Sugar Bowl on New Years Day. The SEC powerhouse will fill the Superdome with fans, ATHENS TRAVELS TO NAWLINS, TRUST ME. BUT Hawaii actually played this past week unlike Ohio State and Georgia, and they beat a Pac-10 team in Washington, they weren't letting anyone off that Island with a win. Not only did they come back to win that game, but the previous week they knocked off 2006 miracle makers, Boise St. making me, a believer. June Jones is not a genious, and Colt Brennan will not win the Heisman, but if Mark Richt and the Georgia Bulldogs don't get up for this game, and put the title bid behind them, there will be alot of unhappy dawgs in Nawlins. YOU WANTED FORECASTING, YOU GOT IT . . . . . . . .
HAWAII 52 Georgia 49
Roses for the Big 10 . . . .UGH. Southern California lost to Stanford when they were decimated with injuries, and more people need to acknowledge that. There is only one team that I actually thought could be considered for the BCS Title Game over Ohio State and that was So. Cal but I'm not shocked they aren't in that game, they belong playing in the Rose Bowl and I'm kind of excited to watch them put on a clinic against Illinois, which I fully expect to happen. I'm not sure who the Rose Bowl committee is comprised of, but I'm guessing it has a bunch of old white guys who watch two conferences play football every week. Given the opportunity to grab pretty much any of the top teams in the country because of losing Ohio State (Big 10 Champs) to the BCS title game, and you go tradition over an actual game, not shocking. Illinois in the Rose Bowl is rediculous, I wanted to see Illinois v. Florida, Ron Zook against Gainesville, in the Capital One Bowl, but instead the Rose Bowl committee passes on EVERYONE ELSE WHO DESERVES A BCS BID. I know, I know, you can't take 3 teams from the same conference in the BCS Bowl Games, BUT YOU HAD THE FIRST PICK, you could have had Florida v. USC which would have been a GREAT GAME, you could have showcased Chase Daniels against USC, but you passed on all of that to watch USC role up another Big-10 team in a BCS Bowl Game. Awesome idea. USC 70 Illinois who cares

Spoons for your BOWLS:
Missouri deserves a shoutout if you haven't noticed the theme yet, they got SCREWED. To cheer for Chase Daniels just tune into the non-BCS game, The Cotton Bowl where they will play Arkansas and fellow Heisman candidate, Darren McFadden.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The SEC has it in for the Big-10 and I fear for them. Florida will embarass Michigan in the Capital One Bowl, Tennessee will slice up Wisconsin in the Outback Bowl, and in reality, LSU will probably do a number on the sweater vest in the BSC Title Game.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Finally, I love watching college football from late August all the way through the first weekend in December but the bowl games are about money, and we all should know that. There is way to much money at stake for these games to be completely eliminated and a playoff system implemented so let us just accept that for what it is, SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT AND THAT'S WHAT I DO BEST. READ IT!