Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sounding Off . . . Till Oct. 25th

Because I am personally suffering after the Red Sox 7-3 defeat at the hands of the Indians last night, I've decided to blog about something that I won't be able to blog about till at least after October 25th, Boston College Football. Why you ask? Because it's my blog, and I don't give a sh*t. A victory in Blacksburg on Thursday, October 25th will give the Eagles another notch on their belt and allow them to maintain AT LEAST their #3 ranking and improve them to 8-0, this my readers, makes me ecstatic. Tailgating is so much more fun when your team is ranked fairly high after the first two months of the season are over. With the Sox on the brink of elimination from the playoffs & the Patriots taping opposing sidelines, (as if having the best quaterback & reciever combination in the NFL wasn't enough to win the game) I'm going to be cheering for Boston College & South Florida to continue winning, so we can actually convince someone that a playoff is necessary in College Football.
Quick Note:

ESPN's Heisman Watch still has BC Quarterback Matt Ryan as a top candidate for the esteemed award. "If Ryan had done more against Notre Dame he'd really could have taken control of the Heisman Race" direct quote. 32-49 for 291 yrds and 2 TD's ain't much to stick your nose up at, but i'm sure someone will find faults in his play. Good Luck at Va. Tech !

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