Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quick Pick em' . . .

Alright, it's fair to say that my debacle known as the MLB Divisional Playoffs, which included my predictions of a world ending 3rd ALCS involving Sox v. Yanks in 5 years & a cataclysmic NCLS involving the lovable losers, Chicago Cubs, and the city who claims to be the most suffering sports city of the past 20 years, Philadelphia Phillies, just didn't happen. I have no justification for this, nor will I begin to defend my picks whatsoever. 1-3 is pretty f'n horrendous and I cry myself to sleep just thinking about it. WITH THAT SAID . . . . .

ROUND #2 The Championship Series

Arizona Diamondbacks v. Colorado Rockies

I didn't want to see this happen at all, when it happened, I cringed along with every MLB executive who was counting on a NLCS to bring in major television ratings. Listen, if you can't even fill up the ballpark of the team with homefield advantage you have major problems. With that said, I want the D-Backs to win, and I'll get to that in a second, my prediction is:

Rockies in 6

Webb looks unhittable, I say he pitches twice, on days he doesn't pitch, the Rocks will win. Matt Holliday for MVP, the campaign/love affair continues.

ONE MORE THING: I'm against all states, who hold spring-training facilities, having major league baseball teams. So FLORIDA & ARIZONA, GIVE EM UP. I don't know if to many people would cry if Tampa Bay, Arizona, & Florida were just disbanned to other parts of the country. The saddest thing is, out of those franchises, hold 3 World Series championships in the past 10 years, AND NO ONE CARES. Small tangent, I apologize.

Boston Red Sox v. Cleveland Indians

I'm not being unbias on this one, I'm a Red Sox fan, that's why I want the Diamondbacks to win, because if the Sox get in, there is no way they are losing to the Arizona Diamondbacks, NO WAY.
Key Matchup will be Game 3, Daisuke Matsuzaka v. Jake Westbrook . . . . I think Beckett will be able to give the Sox a lead, and with him going twice, and Schilling twice, who appears to be going strong, paired with the fact that Manny is hitting the ball 520 feet everytime he gets to the plate, they look great. Go Red Sox! ! ! !

Sox in 5

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