Sunday, October 14, 2007

It is, what it is

Boston College is still undefeated, Dallas lost to New England, & The BoSox split the first two games of the ALCS. Those were the sporting events that I was paying close attention to this weekend. I did manage to see LSU do what was bound to happen given the trend in college football this year, watch The Arizona Diamondbacks come back down to reality, and actually see a professional football game where Vinny Testaverde faced off against Tim Rattay (nine days ago they were jobless, but that's what makes it mentionable.) I was prepared to suck it up last night, not complain, and just say . . . It is, what it is. BUT THAT AIN'T HAPPENING, NOT RIGHT NOW.

1. Boston College handled Notre Dame at no point in that entire game was I ever in doubt that BC would turn out their 7th consecutive win. When the score was cut down to 20-14, I still knew that Notre Dame would lose the game. They moved the ball down field on the Boston College defense only one time, the second touchdown they scored was on a mistake from Heisman Trophy candidate, Matt Ryan. After that "mistake" Ryan drove directly down the field, and countered Notre Dame to increase the lead to 27-14. The BC defense did, what they'd done the whole game and refused to allow Notre Dame a shot at stealing a victory. The environment was hostile (despite ND's 1-6 record) and it only gets more hostile for Boston College, October 25th, Thursday Night ESPN game, the Eagles will face off in Blacksburg against the Hokies.

2. AFC is the more dominate Conference as if you didn't already know that going into "The Duel at Dallas." Despite the Cowboys 24-21 lead right after half time, New England was scoring at will, converting 11-17 3rd downs throughout the game. The Dallas defense played well but were on the field entirely too long in the first half, that results in break downs in the secondary, tired and slow defensive lineman by the 4th quater. THAT IS WHY THE 5TH STRING BACK SCORED A TOUCHDOWN WITH 30 SECONDS LEFT, NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE SOFT, PLEASE give me a break. I'm man enough to give New England their due, but I refuse to go on a 20-minute lovefest about the Patriots, not doing it. I also would like to point out that Dallas clearly is the best team in the NFC, and I like their chances at getting to the Super Bowl. That was not a team intimidated by the Patriots at all, and they clearly showed that.
3. Experiment Gagne = Over about two months too late, but at least its over. Listen, I am definately not for ripping Terry Francona, but I mean come on how many times is this guy going to cost, or come dangerously close to costing you a game. It's the playoffs, if there is one more guy besides Dane Cook that I don't want to see in this postseason, it's Eric Gagne. I'm still sitting in shock that neither C.C. Sabathia or Fausto Carmona made it past the 5th inning and the Red Sox aren't up 2-0. I'm still under the impression that I should be more worried about Cleveland, but I'm just not. Untill the Red Sox are down 3-1 I'm not going to worry, NUFF SAID.

(thanks dirt dogs for the pic)
4. College Kids are College Kids I've said this about major division 1 basketball for a couple years, since George Mason wound up in the Final Four two years ago to be exact. Now it has to be amended for major division 1 college football. What I'm getting at is, on any given Saturday, football players from small schools or large schools are the same age unless your last name is Weinke. So when they play against each other, those small schools get up to play against the large schools, they can make their season with a win over a large school. Ask the kids from Stanford what their record is after the year is over, they won't remember 20 years from now, but they'll remember knocking off USC when USC was top dawg. Those kids from App. State, you think they will remember how well they played against any other D1-AA team? No, but they sure as hell will remember the win they had at The Big House against Michigan. This won't be the last year we have a revolving door at #1, and this won't be the last year you see a school like USF @ #2, seven weeks into the year. Ohio State beware, LSU & USC know what its like to fall from grace so quickly.

5. I'm sick of sports today . . .I'm actually just tired of Patriot fans today, they are giving me a royal headache and make we want to vomit. I'll be back with a vengence tommorow.

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