Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NFC Championship Part 1 (that you won't get to see)

By now, if you follow sports so religiously because your real life job sucks. you know that the NFL's Thursday Night football game between the Pack and Cowboys won't be televised on "regular" television because the NFL doesn't already make enough money charging $28 for 4 bottled budweisers at each of their stadiums, but I digress. The NFL will be televising the game on its own network, promptly named the NFL Network, original. So how about I give my readers a preview of a game that they probably will only see highlights of, how exciting is that?

This game will most likely determine homefield advantage throughout the playoffs in the NFC, much like the earlier matchup this season between the Patriots and Colts in the AFC. Both the Cowboys & Packers will face simliar opponents in the final four weeks of the season, making this game even more important. The Pack finishes with Raiders, Rams, Bears, and Lions, oh my . . . . . . that was corny, Dallas finishes with 2 divisional opponents and the Panthers and Lions. Because of New Englands 11-0 bout with history both the Cowboys and Packers could finish the season with 15-1 and 14-2 records and seemingly fly under the radar, and here is why:

Dallas' 10-1 record, while a great start isn't that impressive. The Cowboys have victories against the Jets, Rams, and Dolphins who have a combined record of 4-29. Their one loss was a 3 touchdown loss to the Pats who are 1 of 2 teams they have played with a winning record, the other was the Giants who Dallas has beaten twice. Green Bay? Key victories include that same Giants team whose quarterback is making Phillip Rivers look like John Elway, the Detroit Lions, and San Diego Chargers. Like Dallas, the rest of their victories came against teams with losing records. Their loss however was against a Bears team which Dallas seemed to handle pretty easily early in the season.

TO THE QUARTERBACK MATCHUP: Romo v. Favre . . . . Favre's season is extremely impressive given his age, the last couple seasons he has had, and the numbers that he has been putting up are nothing short of astounding. 298.5 ypg is good for #2 in the league behind the future Eddie Murphy, Tom Brady. Favre is in the top five in the league in passer rating, touchdowns and yards per game @ 38 years old, you know what most 38 year olds I know are doing? NOT WINNING 10 professional football games in one season, thats for sure. The only thing Favre is doing that guys his age do is wearing wrangler jeans. Now, for Tony Romo . . . here is a guy who has recently started dating pop superstar, Jessica Simpson. Do I need to say anything else? Fine. Romo is top 5 in the same categories as Favre and if not for Travis Henry a.k.a. Tom Brady, we would be talking about the rediculous TD passes that Romo has been throwing, 29, but that is still 10 behind Brady, yet good for 2nd place on the list. Romo has also engineered the Cowboys to 30+ points in 7 out of their 10 wins. Ummmm can I take any more dumps on Tom Brady? Nope, topic ended. (It's just jealousy, I really want to BE Tom Brady.) Favre's top target is Donald Driver who averages nearly 14 yards per catch and is 13th in the league in receiving yards, Romo on the other hand is throwing to argueably the top receiver in the NFL, T.O. who is only 2 yards off the lead for most yards recieving, along with all-pro TE, Jason Witten (750 recieving yards) and he never ran over a meter maid like Randy Moss did.

Besides under center these teams both are extremely talented all over the football field especially on defense. The Packers run out the league leader in sacks, DE Aaron Kampman with 11 total sacks. They also have a linebacking cor of A.J. Hawk & Nick Barnett who have combined this year for a total of 163 tackles and both rank in the top 30 in tackles. Their 12th ranked defense is nothing to overlook, neither is the 7th ranked defense in the league, that of the Dallas Cowboys lead by their defensive backs Roy Williams, Terrence Newman, Anthony Henry, and Ken Hamlin who combine for 16 interceptions on the year. Henry who is tied for tops in the NFC with 5 (much respect to Redskin, Sean Taylor, may he rest in peace.)

Quick Sidenote: If you don't know Patrick Willis, first year linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, he leads the NFL in tackles with 110 and covers the entire field like Ray Lewis used to 3 years ago. I say this because while researching defenses in the NFL, Willis is the name that comes up most, he is a beast.

The 'X' Factor - Marion Barber, the Cowboys runningback is off to his best season on the ground, through 11 games he has 715 rushing yards, more than any in his 3 year career. Barber has firmly replaced Julius Jones as Dallas' #1 choice in the backfield, to go along with his 700+ yards Marion has rushed for 7 touchdowns. Averaging 5 yards a carry, he is one of the most difficult backs in the league to take down on the first hit, it will take both Hawk and Barnett to slow down Barber who is on pace to eclipse the 1,000 yard mark this season. Ask Rodney Harrison how getting facialized by a Barber stiff arm feels, and he was on roids. Green Bay's 32nd ranked rushing offense will have to improve this Thursday night if they expect to beat Dallas on the road, with the hawks in the secondary, Dallas will be able to drop linebackers and not be concerned with the weak ground game.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Concession Blog

From reading my blog you all know that I have been rooting for BC Quarterback, Matt Ryan to win the Heisman Memorial Trophy all year long. Well I have come to the realization that it is time to make my Al Gore like concession of the campaign, so you got it: (small change of plans)

Point 1: Tim Tebow is the next Heisman winner and that is final. Tebow has 22 rushing touchdowns, 10 of those touchdowns weren't just QB sneaks through the centers 5 hole. For you Darren McFadden lovers, that would be 7 rushing touchdowns MORE than the Razorback has. While we are on McFadden, Heisman Trophy winners are contenders from wire to wire, the 43 yard rushing game against Auburn in a week 6 loss followed by the 61 yard rushing game two weeks later against Florida . . INTERNATIONAL, make him a second place finisher at best. If we are going to concede the Matt Ryan campaign because of his performances against unranked Florida State followed by another loss and bad outing at College Park in Maryland then McFadden has to answer for those two games as well. Tebow compiled 838 yards on the ground and 3,135 yards through the air, to go along with those 22 rushing td's we mentioned , he added 29 passing touchdowns. Tebow never had a game that he threw more than one interception resulting in only 6 interceptions, compared to Ryan's 16, Hawaii Quarterback Colt Brennan's 15, and Missouri QB Chase Daniel who tossed 9 to the opposing team.

Point 2: My hat goes off to coach Jeff Jagodzinski, first year Boston College skipper who did everything but announce that he full endorsed Matt Ryan's candidacy and would do everything possible to raise his stats to those of a Heisman contender. I'm talking absolutely refusing run the ball within the 10 yard line, you could argue that this tactic cost the Eagles a shot at a potential National Title run when they lost to Florida State after blowing two opportunities inside the 5 by passing the ball on 3 downs each time. Giving Ryan nearly 60 more attempts than each of the other quarterback contenders for the Heisman and narrowly beating out each of the contenders in passing yards. Given more skilled targets i'm not sure that Ryan wouldn't have thrown for 5-7 more touchdown passes. Jeff Jagodzinski would have earned a leg of the trophy had Ryan won it. His Tom O'Brien moment came at Maryland, losing to a team who they clearly should have beaten in a time when they clearly needed the win, but because of the slippery hands of a Clemson wideout, BC won their spot in the ACC Championship Game.

Point 3: Fans and alumni of other New England schools have desperately wanted to be "The College Program" in the area but we all know this is a professional sports town and we never really embrace the collegiate game even when the University of Connecticut is storming all other basketball programs, men and womens, in the country. The highly criticized fans of Boston College, referred to by haters as "Superfrauds," a play on their Maroon & Gold tee's labeling themselves "Superfans," did alot for the campaign of Matt Ryan a.k.a. Matty Ice, and they should be applauded. The websites, the t-shirts, and the school supported campaign MattyIce.Com are all excellent displays of fandum. ESPN spotted the BC diehards down in Blacksburg, VA after the miracle win against Virginia Tech, another sign of the campaign. For myself, I love college sports in general, and attending a very small division 3 school doesn't feed the addiction, so I latched on to the most respectable school as close to a college sports powerhouse as New England can provide a.k.a. successful at more than one sport. Thanks to my friends at RyanForHeisman.Com for the T-Shirt, much appreciated.

Point 4: He's not Seattle Seahawks QB and former BC Quarterback, Matt Hasselback, or Pittsburgh backup and fomer BC Quarterback, Brian St. Pierre, and definately not CFL legend and journeyman who is legendary in New England, Doug Flutie, he is by far the best BC QB I've seen and the best pro football prospect at quarterback in 2008. I've yet to see Ryan in any of his years as starter become "rattled" when losing in a game in a hostile environment. Where has he won? I'll name a few places you might be familiar with: South Bend, Deathy Valley, and the previously mentioned Blacksburg, VA. Ryan is as "Big Game" as they get and you know it. Here is a guy who can sit back in the pocket toss three interceptions in one half and shake all that off come out in the second half and lead your team right down the field, through the air, without hesitation. You have to respect that, if not anything else.

Finally, Point 5: While not exactly a portion of the Concession, I wanted to note and send thanks to ESPN.Com writer Gene Wojciechowski for recognizing something that the Hokies and the rest of the college football world seemed to forget, I quote: "Just think if you could take Ohio State, West Virginia, LSU, Mizzou, Hawaii, BC (sorry, Hokies -- BC won on your field), Oklahoma and USC (sorry, Kansas and Georgia -- you've got to win your conference or at least reach your conference championship game to qualify), and then start an eight-team, seven-game playoff." The prospect of that happening would make my f'n head explode and I'm not kidding you. You want to see conference muscles get flexed try that on for size, so the Pac-10 wants to show up the SEC, bring it on, the Big East wants revenge on former members who flew to the ACC, let's see it, you include those Boise St. and Hawaii teams that run the table but haven't really "beaten anyone" in a big conference. This isn't bowl season, this is a playoff which would showcase Heisman candidates against each other, it would showcase a team beating tough battle tested programs 2 or 3 weeks in a row, and who would argue that they deserved to be crowned champion at the end of the day? Reality says, probably someone, but at least you'd have a more defined CHAMP. Bowls for everyone else, conference payouts for the playoff teams, semi-final games be the "BOWL SERIES" and the opportunity for even more money for you capitalists out there.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tryptophan Hangover

So by tommorow morning, my vacation will officially be o-v-e-r. Quick Recap - lost my wallet in the biggest city in the world, Boston College snatched their seat in the ACC Championship Game, Cowboys & Packers won and then ate turkey, LSU coughed up their shot at a National Championship, people continued to not watch or care about hockey, and Ray Allen nailed a last second three pointer to give the celts their 11th win. OH and the Patriots survived a scare from the lowly Eagles behind A.J. Feely, you know the quarterback who wasn't good enough to start over Joey Harrington and a one leg Dante Culpepper. But I thought in the honor of Thanksgiving, now that I've survived all the tryptophan I can handle, I'd do a little comparison.

Butternut SQUASH: I tried the orange potatoes before but they were just dissappointing, I tried cheering for the Eagles, but in the end they were just dissappointing. Up 28-24 in the fourth quarter against the Yankees of the NFL and A.J. Feely comes alive, throwing two interceptions one in the end zone and one to seal the game for New England. I cheer for America's Team, we play in the NFC-East which means that your never allowed to cheer for Philadelphia (the most losing sports city in the country) but when your playing the Pats and hopefully ruining their shot at history, I'm forced to try them once, but like squash, never again! Like squash they looked like they'd be a good side, but no I was wrong. At least I can forward to Pats fans that Big D roughed them up 38-17 on the road, so maybe Glendale won't be so bad after all.

The Stuffing: My favorite of the sides, never a dull side of stuffing. UPSETS - Darren McFadden and the Razorbacks of Arkansas, Chase Daniels and the Missouri Tigers, and Pete Carroll and his Trojans. Lets be honest though, McFadden is the best collegiate football player in the world, Kansas has played well with a soft schedule, and the REAL SC got team got healthy and stood up. But like stuffing, upsets are pretty filling and always a delightful treat. Nothing fills up the Thanksgiving holiday better than some college football upsets.

Cranberry Sauce: Brett Favre, a timeless classic. Cranberry Sauce is classic, I'm a Cranberry Sauce out of the can kind of guy, sliced up and put right out on a plate. When you think of a good outing for a QB what do you think of? 300+ yards, 3 Td's, and 25+ Completions right? Never failing, just like that cold cranberry sauce with the imprint of the can on it, Favre threw for 381, 3 TD's, and 31-41 completions. Impressive? a little. Great things never change.

The Mashed Potatoes: This award goes to Eli Manning, you don't get much more mashed than Eli did with brother Peyton watching over him Sunday afternoon. Eli's 33.9 QB passer rating and four interceptions made the Vikings secondary look like all-pro corners. On a week were Jason Campbell played well, A.J. Feely blacked out and turned into the A.J. Feely who beat the Patriots two years ago, and Tony Romo well, he played pretty Tony Romo like leading da boys to a 10-1 record, Eli had one of the worst games of his career. On a side note, I've never had bad mashed potatoes, I love them all the time, I could eat them anyway . . . .then again I'm Irish, that was expected.

The Gravy: What else can be said about the 2007-2008 Boston Celtics? Kobe said they've sucked his whole career, now look at them (admission from the Lakers star) they are off to one of the best starts in franchise history (11-1) and finally the last second shot doesn't need to be a forced irratic layup from Paul Pierce (Ray Allen gets the rock) Twice in 11 wins Allen drained the last second shot and when Pierce did in Orlando, they lost. So when I say giving the ball to Allen in the last minutes is gravy, it really is. The Celtics, after many dissappointing years of guard play have brought in one of the most clutch shooters and 3-point threats in the league over the past ten years. Gotta give praise to Jesus Shuttlesworth around Turkey Day.

Da Bird: The Boston College Eagles, for taking down The U for the first time in 15 contests. The Philadelphia Eagles for giving the Patriots a scare and proving that I was wrong, Andy Reid is a great coach. The Kansas Jayhawks proving me right again when you don't beat anyone legit, it doesn't meant your #1 it just means your a pretender who will get shut down at one point. The Arizona Cardinals, who lost to the 49ers AGAIN, thank you because the more wins SF gets, the less likely that the best college back, Darren McFadden could end up on New England, which would be a nightmare, just ask the Bayou Bengals. Lastly, to that jacka*s Rodney Harrison, who continues to flap his arms like they are wings mocking the Philadelphia Eagles, steroids must affect your brain because that was TO thing, and he no longer is on the Eagles, but you keep doing it, you've officially joined the ranks of Shawn Merriman, steroids does a body good, bragging about it makes it even more asanine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

763 = $275 Million

Did you think Wilson Betemit was going to roll out the billion dollar new Yankee Stadium, to open in 2009? Come on, really? So I don't think we should all be "shocked" that both Alex Rodriguez & the Steinbrenner brothers just gave in to each other and came to an agreement.

Brian Cashman, Hank & Hal, and i'm assuming 1/8 of the remainder of George's brain, all communicated to uber agent Scott Boras and Alex Rodriguez along with every media outlet in the world that in the case where A-Rod were to opt-out of his Yankee contract they would not be in the bidding for his services, thus taking the largest wallet in professional sports out of the picture. Good Move

The best baseball player to walk the face of this planet opts-out of a contract which had an additional $80 million left on it along with an offer from New York to extend that same contract giving him a deal totaling $290 million. All the while attempting to up-stage Major League Baseball announcing the decision during game 4 of the World Series. Bad Move.

Yankee brass decides to hold firm on their decision for now, they don't beg A-Rod, they don't even put in an offer. Scott Boras attends the end of the season General Managers meetings, and it is leaked that team A-Rod is looking for a landmark deal in the neighborhood of $350 Million. Boston shows minimal interest and has an offer on the table to series MVP Mike Lowell. The Chicago Cubs are in no position to make a substantial offer because the Tribune company has yet to put the sale of the team through and already has backloaded the contracts of Soriano, Lee, and Ramirez. Essentially taking the top 3 baseball markets completely out of the equation. Bad Move

Rumors are swirling around New York, could A-Rod really end up across town at Shea? In my estimation, absolutely not. Omar Minaya & Willie Randolph are wearing thin on the city of New York, the collapse that the Mets took over the last 8 weeks of the season was amazing to say the least. For Omar to invest $300 Million into more offense when clearly the needs of his franchise are pitching would be wreckless, not to mention they already have argueably the best 3rd baseball in the National League under contract, David Wright. Omar isn't that dumb, he reassured Wright as of last week that he will be the 2008 3rd baseman. Good Move

West Coast? The Angels never presented an offer as far as we know but seemed like a good fit for ole' Alex. You leave pressure packed NY for no pressure LA, you leave screaming greaseball fans for the fans who created the 'rally monkey,' and you go from a owners owner to a players owner. On the baseball side, he gives them a huge bat in the middle of their lineup, taking pressure off of Vlad, leads a band of young talented hitters, and plays the hot corner for a team that needs a 3rd baseman. Why they didn't come with an open check book? well I'll leave that answer for the rally monkey. Bad Move for the Angels

The other LA team, well it seems as though getting Papa Joe was enough for them. A-Fraud would have fit perfect there as well, a staff, that healthy, could compete with any other in the National League, in desperate need of another offensive threat and to fill the hole at 3rd base. They have the money, but it seems as though they would rather trade for Miguel Cabrera, in my mind an excellent move, Cabrera is N-A-S-T-Y, but if they don't land him and passed on A-Rod, Good Luck Joe, Good Move contingent

Which brings us where? BACK TO THE BOMBERS
They can't stand Boras at this point, I don't blame them, if not for him they'd still be cashing a $21 Million from Tom Hicks. The image conscious Rodriguez has read the papers, listened to the radio, and watched television for 3 weeks now. He has watched the baseball jesus, Peter Gammons, rip him during the World Series, Braves President, John Scheurholtz claim that no athlete is worth that kind of money, and heard rumours of collusion between general managers. Where does A-Rod look to now? Back to the pinstripes of course. They depths of Yankee Brass wanted this to happen, this is what they needed to begin with, they need A-Rod to ring in THE NEW STADIUM, they need him to break 763 wearing those same pinstripes, and they need the one guy after Jeter on their roster who wasn't worn down. For $275 million dollars, they got it. Boras is deemed the bad guy, A-Rod seems a little less greedy, very little less greedy, and the Yankees are what they've always been, spineless. Good Move


Where do the priorities of the United States justice system lie? Barry Bonds has been indicted on perjury and obstruction of justice, all while the lives of American soldiers are lost every day in Iraq, all while we are in the midst of one of the most important presidential campaigns in US history, and the United States justice system is concerned about wether or not an 'Athlete' is hitting to many homeruns. Don't kid yourself, this isn't about justice and preventing future people from lying in grand jury testimony, this is about pop-corn headlines and prosecutors who want to read their name on the ESPN ticker. Murderers, Rapists, and Pedafiles run loose every day and you know what is on the front page of MSN.Com, the f*cking indictment of the most prolific home run hitter of all-time, because it's important that he spend time behind bars right? PLEASE. This is the American way though, recall when President Clinton was going to be Impeached for lying about a blowjob which is EVEN MORE REDICULOUS. I'm begging people to look at this and ask one question, whose setting their priorities within the justice system? Several years ago when McGwire, Sosa, and Palmiero sat in front of the people who are supposed to be RUNNING THE COUNTRY to determine what is being shot into their ass that makes them hit homeruns, I was disgraced, disgraced at the fact that those men aren't out solving other important problems in the US, instead they want to grill ball players, excellent idea. Thumbs up to all of you who don't get it, something needs to change.


It's getting close to my favorite holiday of the year, Thanksgiving, nothing like celebrating the genocide of the Native Americans. Thanksgiving in the year 2007 is about high school football rivalries, massive amounts of food designed to make the American people fatter, and getting completely wasted with high school friends you don't really care to see the other 364 days of the year the night before, ahhhh to be American. I've taken all of next week off to gamble, drink, and celebrate, so be prepared for some over the top blogging.

BUT FOR NOW!!! I am going to go mailbag on you: ( what the professional athletes I blog about have asked me not to publish on my famous website )

BC Quarterback, Matt Ryan: Is it true you really never attended Boston College? and just have a strange obsession with my skills?

LynchyRightNow.Com : Thanks for the response Matt, I really appreciate it. It is a fact, I never attended Boston College, I do however intend to be an overbearing parent and force my children to go to Boston College, since I'll be paying for it, I feel that will justify the obsession. As far as your skills go . . . yes, I have a strange obsession with them and I have also been predicting since the end of last season that you, Matt Ryan, will be the first quarterback taken in the 2008 NFL draft. For the first time in my life I will wear the jersey of another team because my Dallas Cowboys will be picking 31st. (New England finishes 18-1) I can hear the champagne bottles pop.

All-World 3rd Baseman, Alex Rodriguez: Lynchy, if I may call you that, after leaving Scott Boras I have no direction in life, please help me determine where I should be playing next year?

LynchyRightNow.Com : No problem A-Fraud, call me what you will, so you want my help? I told you before, YOU ARE WHAT I THOUGHT YOU ARE, (sorry had a denny green moment) So I hear you are thinking about crawling back to Harry and Lloyd (dumb and dumber) I think this is a horrible idea and you overplayed your hand, now your going to eat sh*t from the worst fans in professional sports? 10,000 Miles, that is where Joe ran to, maybe you should give him a call. Don't take this the wrong way but you couldn't handle Boston, we make the playoffs, and in the playoffs well your not exactly our kinda guy.

Knicks guard, Stephon Marbury: Have I got a story for you . . I want to know are you interested to hear what I have on Isiah? for a small fee that is

LRN.COM : errrrrrrrr YES YES YES, let me be the first to say, this is more exciting than the last Harry Potter book. Stephon, I'm sure your tale of Isiah gropings and MSG cover up is going to be just fascinating, but I will let you know your employer probably won't be thrilled about this, and he may even buy you out. Give Vin BaNKer a call, dude has been making bank off of about 10 teams for 6 years and hasn't played a lick of basketball. Straight Cash Homie.

Patriots wide reciever, Randy Moss : Look at me now, straight ballin on the Patriots.

LRN.COM: Was that a question? Randy, you are "straight ballin" and now that you have seen what happens when you get traded to a franchise like Oakland, sign whatever contract they give you. Brady has your back, and start working on the resume for the Hall. Peace out Homie!

Cowboys Quarterback, Tony Romo: Can the best QB in the NFC get some love?

LRN.Com : I'd devote a whole week long blog to you if you had beaten the Patriots, but you didn't and I have to endure the insufferable New England fans even longer. Jerry Jones just gave you $30 mil guarenteed, and you just broke up with one of my top 5 women . . I'd say your doing alright.

49ers Head Coach, Mike Nolan: Nick, my man whats up? Who should we select with our top 5 draft pick next year?

LynchyRightNow.Com: Really? Mike you need to sit down with the GM and he'll explain to you how that pick belongs to Belicheat. You could have drafted a real QB prospect, Matt Ryan . . . . future all-world OT, Jake Long, maybe even someone on the defensive side to help out Patrick Willis but you won't be selecting in the first round. Good move the rest of NFL thanks you. DICK!

NASCAR driver, Jimmie Johnson: How about a blog talking a little bit about NASCAR and my NEXTEL Cup Championship?

LynchyRightNow.Com: Jimmie I won't have a problem doing that for you, actually I was just discussing with my buddy JD from that NASCAR is a way of life and I'm going to embrace it . . . football can be dangerous but a sport where your favorite guy could die at any turn, thats drama. Thanks for the letter Jimmie!!!!!! P.S. I hate Dale Jr.

Celtics Forward, Kevin Garnett: How can I fit in in Boston? It is kind of new for me even though we are off to a 7-0 start I'm still looking for a way to go out and not be noticed as much what would you suggest?

LynchyRightNow.Com: KG, your a 6'11" african-american surrounded by a bunch of irish and asian people . There is no way you won't be noticed. Welcome to New England.


Notre Dame Head Coach, Charlie Weiss: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

LynchyRightNow.Com: Exactly what I was thinking too, good luck Coach.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Finals Preview . . . . (with 75+ games to go)

San Antonio v. Boston - Am I jumping the proverbial gun? You betcha.

With Boston College Football losing their second consecutive game (albeit to another UNRANKED CONFERENCE OPPONENT) and the opportunity for Clemson to completely void the entire 8-0 start and Heisman season of Matt Ryan, I've gone completely crazy. I've had to say goodbye to a possible BCS National Championship game, the Heisman trophy, and now possibly the ACC championship (along with a trip to the Orange Bowl) I swear the prospect of the Cialis erectile dysfunction Bowl is on the horizon. If that wasn't bad enough the insufferable New England Patriot fans have completely taken over the world. Anyone reading this in Dallas, TX please save me, I live in the epicenter of the sports universe and if I hear one more Patriot fan brag I might stick a fork through my skull.

I am as excited if not more excited about the 2007-08 Boston Celtics than Rosie O'Donnell was when she found out she could legally marry another chick (if it was any other lesbian like the one married to Ellen, then it'd be hot, but I digress.) Paul Pierce isn't getting doubled up any longer, he isn't completely exhausted mid-3rd quarter, and he actually is doing more than his patented "erratic drive to the rim and throw it up then act like you got hacked" move anymore, this my friends, is exciting. Ray Allen is getting his quiet 20 points and 3 clutch 3's a game, and Kevin Garnett feels like Andy Dufrain did after escaping Shawshank, oh yea, and the Celtics are off to the best start in 20 years. I see the C's play friday night at another poorly named entertainment venue, TD BANKNORTH GARDEN, and two major "views" have changed for me:

1. I used to be against the light shows and ridiculous PA announcer, who I only wish I could meet in real life to see if he talks like that, "HELLO AND WELCOME TO MY HOUSE, I'M FROM AUBURNNNNNNNNNNNNN, MASSACHUSETTS AND CAN'T STOP YELLING AT YOUUUUUUU," his wife probably is deaf. I am all for it now, I loved when the Chicago Bulls did that while introducing the hands down best basketball player in the history of the world, but I thought it was ridiculous announcing the likes of Sebastian Telfair & Marc Blount like that, I mean the crowd isn't getting excited to watch them play, we aren't that stupid. But when I hear . . . "FORWARD, FROM FARRAGUT ACADEMY, KEVINNNNNNNN GARNETTTTTTT" I get chills down my spine, haven't had that happen while watching the Celtics since 2001.

2. $6.75 is an asinine amount to charge for one 12oz. cup of draft beer, but I didn't even mind paying for it because of what I was about to see. Did I piss and moan the whole time when I had to watch Ricky Davis play and pay that amount for a beer? OF COURSE. If the Celtics sign Gilbert next year I'll be paying $10 bucks a beer and you won't hear a peep out of me (that's probably because I'll be sitting two rows away form the last row in the arena, but you won't hear a peep from me.)

About this whole "only team in the NBA left who is undefeated" thing, if it is 20 games into the season, then I'll mention it, but with 77 games remaining, it may be too early. Here is the thing that really gets me jacked up, the team leader in ppg isn't Garnett it is Paul Pierce, Ray Allen is the one who is taking the 3-pt to win the game not Paul Pierce, and KG leads the team in assists per game. What do those 3 things explain? UNSELFISH PLAY, the only thing , after injuries that could bring a team like this to a shuttering halt. Those three guys are going to make Doc Rivers look like the second coming of Red, 9 months ago Doc was about to get fired faster than Imus. New Jersey comes to play against Boston again the 14th, four days after they got shut down by the Celts, when Boston beats them a second time I'm personally forwarding this blog to Jay-Z. So have I mentioned I'm a Celtics fan? But who will the Celtics meet in the Finals 7 months from now?

Sidenote: It takes the NFL 5 Months to play out an entire season, yet the every other professional sport requires more than half the year.

San Antonio, one of my favorite quotes about a champion is "to be considered the best, you've got to beat the best," and that is why I won't hate on the San Antonio Duncans just yet. The picture to the right actually makes me squirm, but at least he isn't holding up a Lakers jersey, that'd be blasphemy.

The Spurs are one of the only teams in the NBA that I respect, they don't go out and trade for street thugs like Zach Randolph, Greg Popovich isn't groping interns, and they've won 4 championships since Jordan retired the second time in 1998. Tony Parker is arguably the best guard in the league and a finals MVP to boot, Argentina's son, Manu Ginobili is averaging 19 points a game, and Duncan? I'll take his 17 & 10 a game any day, pretty much because he could explode for 30 on any night if he wanted to. This is the quietest dynasty in the history of the NBA. If the Spurs and Eva Longoria win it this year, that will be 5 Championships in a 9 years. They've won more than Shaq, more than the Bad Boy Pistons, and it looks like they just signed Josh Beckett to pitch errrrr wrong sport, still a good move. I'm more scared of this team in the post season than I am of my mother. How have I gone this long without mentioning Big Shot Bob, he is currently injured and has this to say "I've got to get my bio-mechanics going again, could take three weeks," I don't even know what that means and I'm excited about it. How does Robert Horry have 7 rings and Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, and John Stockton have zero? Oh yea, I forgot, DA BULLS. Don't give me that, Horry had nothing to do with those rings, If he hadn't hip-checked Steve Nash into the boards last year, Phoenix wouldn't have been playing short-handed. BACK TO REALITY, the Spurs have championship experience, they are extremely well coached, and have the best player in the game right now. Sorry Dan, it doens't matter that Al Jefferson & Ryan Gomes beat them last year when they had the season wrapped up and were just waiting for the playoffs. CELTS in 7, I've lost control.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's GO Time with Red Light

Schill's back and I couldn't be more excited. So what if he has his own blog, so do I, so what if he's a tad overweight, so am I, so what if he thinks he is smarter than everyone else, so do I . . . .err so is it a wonder why Schill is one of my favorite ballplayers? No.

People lets face the numbers, he is one of, if not the best, postseason pitcher of all time. In a Red Sox uni alone the man boasts a 6-1 record in 8 postseason starts to go along with his 3.28 era. When he said in that chevy add four years ago, "I'm headed to Boston, to help break an 86 year old curse" and then he came through on that not once but twice in four years! So Schill likes to talk to the press, at least he has something to say. Damned if you do, damned if you don't, for years people criticized the likes of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and dozens of other athletes who wouldn't pick a side on one topic or another outside of their profession, Schill while I disagree with him, campaigned for President Bush after the 2004 World Series, he spoke out on Barry Bonds, and also negotiates his own contracts not because he won't have to give a cut to an agent, but because he actually is smart enough to do more than just play ball. Let us not forget the actual contract he just negotiated, not only did he challenge himself by the type of incentive laiden contract, but he also took less money guarenteed to play for our beloved Red Sox, in a time where Alex Rodriguez opted out of a contract that would guarentee him close to $250 million dollars more in his pocket and Roger Clemens courted teams he knew would pay through the nose for his services just to prove that he could make that money, Curt stayed to actually contend for not his 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Championship but his FOURTH. Now alot of Dan Shaugnessy lovers out there like to point to things like his media pressence or the fact that they don't "buy" the bloody sock Schilling sported during game 6 of the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees, or they just hate his view on alot of things, those are THE SAME PEOPLE WHO HATE THAT MANRAM doesn't respond to the media. THEY NEED SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT, NUFF SAID ON THAT. I see it like this, if it was fake or not, the injury sure as shit wasn't fake and to put your f*cking career on the line to win a championship is something we should all be proud of and thankful for.
He isn't Pedro Martinez, Schill doesn't feel disrespected if he's not considered the "ace" of a staff he doesn't need to be the #1 pitcher on the staff. He has played second fiddle to Randy Johnson, Petey, and now Josh Beckett. So as self promoting as you think he may be, the man knows when to play his role and play it well.

Lastly I want everyone to know this about Curt Schilling, in his four years as a Red Sox he has amassed a 53-29 record with an era of 4.19 along and 574 strikeouts. If you exclude the season he was coming off of ankle surgury Schill has thrown with an era under 3.80 and also averaged 143 k's a year. In his 98 regular season starts Curt has managed to only have 16 no decisions, that is utterly amazing. If 2008 truly is your last year to witness Schilling pitch know that he may not be a hall of famer, but he's got 3 Rings that he earned.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


We are mid-season and many teams are underperforming with a team that should be winning, so turn back the clock three years and LETS TRUMP IT UP:

Scott Linehan, St. Louis Rams - From September 9th to October 28th the St. Louis Rams, former 'Greatest Show on Turf' have scored a total of 99 points in 8 contests. Those 99 points, are good for the lowest scoring team in the NFL. 4 road games and 4 home games have resulted in 219 points allowed and 8 defeats. Stephen Jackson was supposed to break out this year and lead a very powerful ground game, they have the 29th ranked rushing attack in the NFL. That same offense leads the NFL in turnovers as well, with 24, which includes 16 interceptions, also a league high. This past week they have equaled their loss total for the entire 2006 season and they still have 8 games to go against the Saints, Packers, & Steelers which will all be losses. Linehan finished his first season in St. Louis with a 8-8 record.

This is a small quote from the St. Louis Rams website regarding Linehan & the Rams offseason:
"The strong finish of 2006 was a springboard to an equally impressive off-season that saw Linehan and the Rams aggressively address a myriad of needs. They signed such free agents as Drew Bennett, Randy McMichael, Chris Draft, and Todd Johnson, and traded for James Hall, Dante Hall, Donnie Jones, and others. "

I'd assume that Linehan was brought over to bring the offense he constructed in Minnasota to St. Louis, the two years prior to Linehan's arrival the Rams were a combined 14-18 with 1 playoff appearence in 2004. For Scott to reach that point he'd have to go 6-2 the rest of the way, and if 6-10 overall got you into the playoffs in the NFC you oughta just throw out the book and give the Lombardi trophy to the winner of Pats v. Colts, part deux. Sorry, YA FIRED!

Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals- clearly the most disappointing team in the NFL and franchise in the state of Ohio. The Cavaliers made it to the championship series in the NBA and the Indians advanced all the way to the ALCS in baseball, and the states college football team lost in the title game last year and is currently sitting at #1 in the land behind, 'the Sweater vest,' Jim Tressel. The defensive genious who helped lead the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl victory was brought in to turn the Bengals franchise around, and since he has been there its been the defense that has held this team back. Obviously losing control of his players off the field is discarded due to the dozens of arrests this franchise has seen of its employees over the past three seasons, proving these aren't isolated incidents going on. With offensive talent like Palmer, Johnson, and Houshmandzadeh the Bengals still have been unable to win probably due to their 30.5 pts a game allowed and 350+ yards allowe a game. So when do the Bengals and their fans continue to be satisfied with Lewis' inability to input a strong defense? Brian Billick was brought into Baltimore with an offensive mind to create offense and help them win, he has yet to do that the difference? A SUPERBOWL VICTORY. Sorry Marvin, 2-6 and 4th place in your division isn't good enough, YA FIRED!

Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles - Now I don't want to be accused of piling on Reid, but the question has got to be asked, for his own sake should the Eagles step in and relieve him of his head coaching duties at this point? Reid has had a very successful tenure at the helm of the Philadelphia Eagles, he is the guy who runs everything for that organization, but that may have all come at a great personal cost with the troubles of his two boys at home. His appearences in the NFC title games including one appearence in the Super Bowl only two years ago, all the while being considered one of the best teams in the game year after year have given him great respect as a head coach. It isn't just his personal off-field life that is causing the coach to lose sleep at night, the play of the Eagles this year has been very inconsistant, and after the Cowboys game on Sunday at 'The Linc,' and being the Eagles have to ask themself if Reid is still the answer? The Eagles 1-3 record at home, and 3-5 record over all puts them in last place of the division and with the Giants and Cowboys have to good starts it puts them by behind the eight ball already. When has Reid gone out and gotten McNabb help? Terrell Owens, and they made it to the Super Bowl, but since then besides refusing to negotiate with Owens, McNabb has recieved no support offensively with the sole exception of Westbrook. As a friend of mine pointed out, Reids loyatly to Donovan McNabb is killing the Eagles this year, not only did he in the off season go out and refuse to re-sign Jeff Garcia, the guy whose spark got the Eagles going and into the playoffs last year, but it was Garcia who played better than McNabb last year, but Reid went out and drafted a quarterback alot earlier than people suspected him to when the Eagles had more glaring needs. McNabb ranks 23rd in the league in completion percentage, he's had one great game against the Lions and other than that been very average. I understand that Reid is a good coach and has a great track record but there is no question that is work life and personal life have greatly impacted each other, if Reid were a player you don't have to ask what would have already happened. Put him on leave, suspend him, or straight up fire him, for his own sake. Sorry Andy, YA FIRED!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Who needs a Heisman anyway?

With 2006 Heisman Memorial Trophy winner, Troy Smith, spending time in Baltimore behind the likes of Kyle Boeller & Steve McNair, the question has to be asked, why would you want to win the Heisman Trophy? I admit, I am in a state of depression after Ryan's performance Saturday night and searching for a positive.

Troy Smith was drafted behind 7 other of the nations young quarterback prospects, in the 2006 draft, only one, Brady Quinn, was considered for the precious hardware. There are some obvious reasons as to why Smith falls so far behind other quarterbacks, but NFL teams don't really consider the trophy as a plus on your resume, lately its actually hurts some of the past winners. 2004 winner Matt Leinart saw his stock slip all the way to #10 after leading his Trojans on one of the most impressive runs in D-1 football history, since he has been in the league Leinart has saw little success, and will be out for the rest of this season with an injury suffered after he was all but replaced by Price Chopper employee of the month, Kurt Warner. 2003 winner and Sooner, Jason White, was selected in New York, the 4th Oklahoma Heisman Trophy winner, most recently tried out for the Titans . . . . in 2005. Now Heisman winners aren't always the Britney Spears of parenting, there are some successes:

Top 3 of the past 10 Years

3. Current DB for the Green Bay Packers, Charles Woodson is in his 10th NFL season at 30 years old. During his Junior year at the University of Michigan, Woodson was in the running against a guy you may know by the name of, Peyton Manning. In 1998 he was selected 4th overall by the Oakland Raiders achieving Defensive Rookie of the Year honors in the same calender year. Garnering nearly 60 solo tackles in 2004 and recording a career high 8 interceptions in his first year with the Packers in 2006. I remember watching Woodson play in college, he was filthy. This is the first cornerback, and I'm assuming Deon was like this too, that I witnessed play college football and could change the course of a game with punt returning, defensive play, & he took snaps on offense as well.

2. Ricky Williams the New Orleans Saints and Mike Ditka expected alot out of one of the most decorated running backs coming out of college over the past twenty years. Williams was not only the entire draft class of the Saints that year, he destroyed the Heisman balloting with 673 more first place votes than the next closest guy (Michael Bishop.) Now his marijuana use has been highly documented from every angle, but from 1999-2005 Ricky eclipsed the 1,000 yard mark 4 times and pushed close to 2,000 in 2002 with the Miami Dolphins. Last I checked Ricky was teaching holistic medicine classes on a herb farm in Washington? He owes the Fish millions of dollars for retiring early, but for some reason, I don't think Ricky cares.

1. Carson Palmer after his heisman trophy winning season at USC, Palmer was selected #1 by the cincinatti bengals. Although this year they absolutely suck and I bet on them losing every single week. Last year alone Palmer threw for more than 4,000 yards to go along with 28 touchdowns, coming off the previous year where he threw 32 touchdowns and for 3,800+ yards. Many think he may be the most gifted QB in the NFL with the brightest future, in a league which boasts studs like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Palmer is surrounded with talent in Cinncinati and if only his defense could get on track Cincy would probably be alot more of a threat in the league.

Heisman Winners 96'-06'

2006 - Ohio State, QB Troy Smith
2005 - USC, RB Reggie Bush*
2004 - USC, QB Matt Leinart*
2003 - Oklahoma, QB Jason White
2002 - USC, QB Carson Palmer
2001 - Nebraska QB Eric Crouch
2000- Florida State, QB Chris Weinke
1999 - Wisconsin, RB Ron Dayne
1998 - Texas, RB Ricky Williams
1997 - Michigan, DB Charles Woodson
1996 - Florida, QB Danny Wuerffel

*Leinart and Bush aren't out to farely decent starts . . . . . Leinart has a bit of an up-hill battle in Arizona and Bush is at least surrounded with some good talent which will take pressure off of him.

Could you find a better set of Champions?

Pap dropped an F' bomb on Letterman, Manny talked cars and gave Steve Carell knuckles on Leno, and David Ortiz told Conan to "go out and get some ass." All things considered I'd say Boston was represented pretty well on late-night talk shows this past week.

The Late Show with David Letterman: Only a week after clinching game 4 of the 2007 World Series with a strikeout, Sox lights out closer, Jonathan Papelbon "jigged" his way out on stage, a dance I have yet to get sick of seeing. There was more than one thing worth mentioning for you who haven't already seen it, if you haven't I'm sure our freinds at could help you out, and if you want to find gorillas having sex, I'm sure they could help you out with that too. Letterman tried as hard as he could to act like he knew one thing about baseball, but he failed miserably, asking questions like, "Is that pitch legal?" and "Does your arm hurt at night?" either Dave was going to see if he could rub down Pap's arm or it was the first thing to pop into his head. Letterman also asked Pap about Mike Lowell, after reading it off the teleprompter and confirming that he had no idea who Mike Lowell was. But the highlight of the night for me was Jonathans dead on impression of David Ortiz, "I got somesing to say (thats not a misprint) if you wear this Red Sox uniform jersey, your a bad motha f*cker." Not only did Letterman turn five shades of red, but Pap apologized, slapped him on the back, and then explained how since it was a quote, he thought they'd be okay with him saying that. I'd like to thank the producers for letting us watch that without cutting it out, it was pure classic late night television, followed by a Girls Gone Wild infomercial.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Manny Ramirez was by far the most comfortable of the Red Sox to appear late night, which is shocking in itself. Ramirez came out on stage wearing sunglasses, in a television studio, and hugged both host Jay Leno and resident guest on the couch, The Offices, Steve Carell. Awkward. Within minutes Jay told the audience how a week earlier, (when the Red Sox were in the midst of the World Series) Manny phoned him at his garage to see if he could hunt down a car that Ramirez wanted to add to his collection. Ramirez explained to the audience what Manny being Manny meant, and didn't include how to fans it means we let him take un-explained trips to the DL, and don't get mad at him for not running out fly balls, but no biggie right? Ramirez also brought Jay a baseball helmet for him to wear and cracked a joke about the chins of both Leno and Sox first baseman, Kevin Youkilis. Is it just me or was anyone else sitting at home wondering who took over the brain of Manny Ramirez for the entire segment? After the joke he turned to Steve on the couch and stuck out his fist to give him knuckles, pure comedy. You really have to see this one to believe it.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien: David Ortiz, the first person I've ever seen on Conan who is actually taller than the host. Ortiz came bearing gifts giving Conan a custom Red Sox jersey with his name on the back & a baseball bat from the Ortiz collection. A life long Red Sox fan, Conan thanks Ortiz for bringing home another championship to his home town and then Conan does as Conan does, he takes over the interviews making the guest feel slightly uncomfortable at his jokes about what they just said, but I laugh. Conan pronounces Daisuke Matsuzaka correctly, already knows the handshake he and Ortiz do, and also adds in the question about what will happen with Mike Lowell, I'm impressed. Conan then tells Ortiz to make sure they get him signed, at this time Ortiz looks into the camera and says "Teo (not a misprint) get it done!" How O'Brien knew about Ortiz giving the Boston Media advice after each interview is beyond me, but he knew that Ortiz would repeat the story, exactly what does he tell the media to do after each game? Ortiz replied "now go out and get some ass" Unfortunately Bob Ryan, Dan Shaugnessy, and Tony Massarotti aren't exactly the "going out getting some ass" type.

As a Red Sox fan, is their anyway to get one member of the Championship team on a late night talk show at least once a week? We'll have the MA state lottery sponsor it, like they sponsored the 2004 trophy going to every town in New England three years ago. Appearing tonight on The Late Late Show, Julian Taveraz. Tell me you wouldn't watch that?


What happens when you play with fire? You lose 27-17 @ home to an unranked conference foe. Squib kicking every time you kick-off, passing the ball on 1st and goal from the five, and playing with no sense of urgency for three quarters cost the previously undefeated Eagles a shot at the National Championship & most likely the first Heisman Trophy on Chestnut Hill since Doug Flutie. While putting 415 yards on the Seminole defense through the air and two touchdown passes seems good, its the Heisman hopefule, Matt Ryan's third (11) interception of the night which sealed the fate of Boston College.

1. BC drove all the way down the field on Florida State in the first quarter before a forced pass to reciever Marcus Robinson inside the ten yard line was picked off by cornerback Tony Carter.

2. After a Ryan toss down the sideline BC was set up, once again inside the ten yard line with 1st and goal to go. Two botched runs and an incomplete pass later, Steve Aponivicius misses a field goal wide right. Boston College fails to put points on the board for the second time in the half.

3. 4th Quarter, the Eagles are down 6 and driving on the Seminoles when they arrive inside the ten yard line once again, Boston College throws several incomplete passes, adds a holding penatly & over the line of scrimmage penalty, result = 3 Points. Boston College has successfully shot themself in the foot. Tom O'Brien style.

I take my hat off to Florida State and the semi-unconscious Bobby Bowden they played with excitement all night long and put pressure on Ryan forcing him into making bad decisions. While Ryan's Heisman trophy bid may be done, his success surely won't be, expect him to be one of the top QB's selected in next years pro draft. Next up for Boston College, road games at Maryland and Clemson with a return to 'The Heights' against Miami just after Thanksgiving.

Sidenote: While I'll tell you, and it may be hard to believe, I never actually went to Boston College, my season tickets are a result of my cousins hard work during her years as a student there, members of my family and I still enjoy watching BC Football and will for years to come. As far as "superfrauds" go? I was at Boston College Saturday night in the pouring rain for three hours tailgating before the game, the wind was blistering, the air was freezing, but I was there. That may be a sign of a severe drinking problem, but to me I can't get enough of the college football atmosphere and there is only one real D-1 Football Program in the state to cheer for, so I do. Fraud that.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The "Hoodie"

Do I like Bill Belichik? No, I find him arrogant and demeaning. I have no sympathy for Belichik or the New England Patriots when people question their Super Bowl wins, I for one don't question them and I believe its rediculous to question them, but when you completely ignore your boss (Roger Godell) and show a complete lack of respect for the man, then own up for the consequences, whatever they may be, and sorry Bill, but this is one of the consequences along with that 500K nut they had you crack, so be mature about it.

By running up the score on the lowly dolphins & redskins, you prove NOTHING. You have a completely different team that no one doubts you can win with, and win big with, so you wouldn't "need" to cheat. So by beating a team by 40 points in 2007 with a completley revamped recieving cor, doesn't prove you could win those dances without cameras. Whip Mangini's ass by 50 points, and that should give you enough satisfaction, he's a rat thats a fact, and you disregarded the requests of the NFL, thats a fact.