Thursday, October 25, 2007

Clueless Hank

Recent comment from Hank Steinbrenner:

“I think the most important thing is, whoever we hire, give him a chance. Because he’s not getting the ’96 Yankees. He’s getting a younger team, and for the most part, it’s a transition period, so give him a little while.”

I'm a 24 yr. old Boston Red Sox fan from Auburn, MA, and I think I know more about the New York Yankees than Hank and Hal Steinbrenner. They should have to interview for their job, because its clear they have no qualifications to run a Major League Baseball franchise, let alone one of the top 5 money making brands in the world. The quote above is a perfect example of that, not only is it a direct shot at Joe Torre, which they blame for making them look stupid, but it's an inaccurate statement to begin with, PERIOD.

"he's not getting the '96 Yankees . . "


Jorge Posada is a better catcher and hitter than Joe Girardi '96
Doug Mientkiewicz loses the battle at 1st to Tino Martinez '96
Robinson Cano trumps Mariano Duncan '96 at second base
Alex Rodriguez dominates Wade Boggs '96 on the hot corner
Derek Jeter today v. Derek Jeter in 1996 . . .No Question the 07' Jeter is better
Hideki Matsui crushes Gerald Williams '96 in Left
Johnny Damon in center, advantage Bernie Williams '96
Bobby Abreau is younger and faster than the overrated Paul O'Neil '96
Jason Giambi off HGH loses to a younger Ruben Sierra '96 . . .possible PUSH

2007 Staff v. 1996 Staff

Andy Pettitte '96 v. Chien-Ming Wang
Pettitte was 21-8 that year with an era of 3.87
Wang this past year was 19-7 with an era of 3.70 PUSH

Kenny Rogers '96 v. Andy Pettitte '07
Rogers was 12-8 with era of 4.68
Pettitte this year, 15-9 & 4.05 Pettitte '07

Jimmy Key v. Roger Clemens '07
Key lasted longer but boasted 12-11 & 4.68
Clemens @ $13Mil 6-6 w/ a 4.18 PUSH

Doc Gooden v. Mike Mussina
Same amount of wins & era's over 5.00
Gooden produced 3 less losses PUSH


Mo Rivera 96' 61 outings 2.09 ERA ADVANTAGE
John Wetteland '96 43 Saves

Joba Chamberlain 19 outings 0.38 ERA
Mo Rivera 07' 30 Saves 67 outings

Hanks right, the new manager isn't getting the '96 Yankees, he's getting a team with older more talented veterans to go along with young talent like Chamberlain, Hughes, and Melky Cabrera. The 2007 Yankees would drill starters like Jimmy Key & Kenny Rogers. Other than the '96 vintage bullpen with Rivera as a set-up guy, there isn't any other advantage the Yanks of yester year hold on the Yanks of today. Moron.

"It's a transition period . . "

The Yankees are going through a transition period? The Florida Marlins had a fire sale and went through a "transition period" after they won the 2003 World Series (beating the Yanks) their payroll was something like 36 million dollars after that. Your telling me that with a $200+ million dollar payroll the Yankees are going through transition? This is the same team that went ahead and signed ROGER CLEMENS to a $13 Million Dollar pro-rated deal in MAY! And somehow that signifies "transition." Hank get your head out of your ass, you think Daddy would have ever said the Yankees are going through "transition." I find it amazing that your rivals who are about to win their 2nd World Series in four years have done so by only holding onto 7 of the 25 Players and completely reconstructing their team with established veterans who produce in the clutch along with some exciting young players who are no doubt going to be superstars in the league. I'll make sure Georgey Boy has some goggles when we POP the champagne in Denver on Sunday. F*cking Transition, what is that?

"he's getting a younger team . . "

1996 New York Yankees average age 31 yrs. old - YES I DID THE MATH

2007 New York Yankees average age 31 yrs. old - YES I DID THE MATH

So, I've done my homework before I ran off and made comments to the media. The comments you made were nothing short of erroneaus and fraudulent.

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