Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Year in Review

Like Paulie Walnuts says "you can take 2007 and give it back to the Indians." Sure there were some bright spots, Celtics introducing KG and Ray Allen, Dallas (2) home wins away from Glendale, and of course another Red Sox championship, but all in all, I just didn't care for it. Warning: another Sopranos quote coming "I'm like a woman crying that she has no bread when I've got a Virginia Ham under my arm."

Why should I like this year? Boston College blew an opportunity to play in the Orange Bowl, I could have spent New Years on South Beach. The Spurs, Colts, Tiger Woods, and Roger Federer had banner years, that is the largest group of boring superstars you can have. No T.O., No Mark Cuban, No Phil Mickelson, and no ummmm (insert exciting guy tennis player here). As far as my Red Sox go, a 4 game sweep against a minor league club in the World Series, great. No comeback wins against the Yankees in the playoffs, you know what the most exciting part of the MLB postseason was? Canadian Soldier flies invading 'The Jake.' I'm currently grinding my teeth together like I'm on coke because I'm about to tell you that the most exciting championship team of '07 is 4 college basketball players & Joakim Noah from Gainesville, Florida. UGGHHHH!!!!

In the birth year of LynchyRightNow.Com brought to you by Nike (trying to get a new pair of sneakers, sorry) I was hoping for a slightly better year to discuss but I have been reduced to these top stories:

Two of the top college prospects of all time, Kevin Durant & Greg Oden are about to join the NBA, the Boston Celtics have finally become relevant again, and Orlando big man, Dwight Howard is poised to take over the spot of MDP, Most Dominant Player. But those aren't the top stories in the NBA this year, OH NO. The top stories belong to a crooked referee who has been fixing games to turn a profit and the MSG saga. The Knicks have become one of the worst run franchises in the professional sports, while they play in the same city as the commissioners office and Tim Donaghy proved that once again what I believe is somewhat true, way more of professional sports is fixed than we know about.

While we talk Johan Santana and Eric Bedard trade rumours surrounding the MLB offseason 'hot stove' the NFL offseason is also found in the papers, under Police Log. Between the Pacman Jones incident in Las Vegas which left a man paralyzed and Tank Johnson being arrested with more guns in his home than Scarface . . .wait didn't something else happen? ummmmmmmmm OH YEA thats right Mike Vick was put in jail for the next 2 years of his life. The NFL has more player movement between jail systems than football teams in the offseason.

How could we not go forward without the last month of the year having something overshadow a Patriots team that is attempting to go undefeated, a feat that no one has accomplished since 1972. That something? of course Steroids. A sport that was once known for its acronyms like ERA, OBP, and AVG is now known for HGH, that would be Human Growth Hormone. With the release of one of the most rediculous documents ever concieved, The Mitchell Report, MLB brass has become a laughing stock. Now this isn't the last of it, that is for certain, in 2008 Congress will have something to say, and you still haven't heard the final word from Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds, two of the most celebrated big leaguers of all time.

I love sports, they are my lifeline, as sad as that sounds the majority of my life is based upon what time Cowboys play on Sunday, when tailgating starts for the BC home football games, and what time tip-off is. I sit on the internet in virtual Red Sox waiting rooms, I eagerly get minute to minute updates on what players are moving where, and I even know the name of 10-12 minor league prospects before they hit the majors. When 2008 rolls around I'm looking forward to doing it all over again and I just hope I don't have to learn more about Michael Vick's backyard hobby, what a clubhouse attendent shoots in Clemens' ass, and which refs are being hunted by the Feds and organized crime. Go Celtics!

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