Thursday, January 3, 2008

BAM ! (Dan Lebatard style)

I'm back . . . had a few days layoff to ring in 2008 in the Big Apple, but I did not witness it via Times Square, call me crazy but I always figured Times Square on New Years Eve may be a prime spot for a terrorist attack, so I stay away. I did however see Slash from Guns & Roses walking out of his hotel and into his SUV, also I saw who I think was Peter King walking down the street with his wife, unfortunately my girlfriend can't tell Peter King from Peter Rabbit so I can neither confirm nor deny that it was in fact, Peter King.

No 'Dropping Knowledge' this week, unfortunately I spent entirely to much time watching bowl games, drinking champagne, and ripping my hair out watching the Cowboys, I know your all very depressed about that. I'm prepared to deliver you my picks for WILD CARD WEEKEND, but I should warn you that without the help of Tim Donaghy my picks have gone from almost never right to, never right. For example, Hawaii got thumped by Georgia, Michigan railroaded Florida, and West Virginia slapped Bob Stoops in the mouth. If I was a betting man I'd be down approximately $250 over the past 3 days, and guess what I am? TO THE PICKS . . .

Jacksonville @ Heinz Field against the team formerly known as the Pittsburgh Steelers. Taylor and Jones-Drew are primed for the playoffs, Jacksonville just beat Pittsburgh in the snow when they had Willie Parker, and everyone in the world is picking Jacksonville to be "THAT TEAM" this playoffs. So I'm picking Pittsburgh, why? Because everything points to the home team getting a 1 and done, Big Ben is the proverbial playoff quarterback, and if they win I can actually brag about it. If the Jags win, everyone just says I picked em' too. No numbers involved in it, no logic, and certainly no proof. G-G-G-Go Steelers, that was tough getting out.

San Diego against Tennessee Vince Young or no Vince Young when it takes you 4 quarters to defeat Jim Sorgi and the entire practice team of the Colts your not going very far. New England is licking their chops at the thought of playing the Chargers again in the postseason, so sure as sh*t that will happen. Chargers in a rout too much LT for the Titans, not even Phillip Rivers on a bad day could screw this one up.

Skins @ Starbucks Headquarters, Seattle is a sleeper, that's because it rains half of the year there and it puts you to sleep. I am letting it be known, as a Cowboys fan I am deathly scared of this Redskins team. The defense has turned it on in the month of December, Clinton Portis is playing like he played with Denver and that run through Roy Williams last week proved it. Seattle can't run the ball and they have completely given up on it, I'm not being a jerk when I say it but if Sean Taylor was playing this game I'd be scared to be Deion Branch. Todd Collins makes no mistakes then Washington upsets the Seahawks.


Football Giants v. Tampa Bay Eli drives me absolutely crazy and if I was a Giants fan I would have already taken him out. He gets his receivers nearly decapitated every time he throws over the middle and Plaxico Burress is always 1 play away from getting jacked up. Home field advantage means nothing in this game because I'm sure the G-Men don't mind playing in 60 degree weather in Tampa Bay. If Brandon Jacobs runs the ball against Tampa the way he did against New England the Giants roll. Key Factor: Jeff Garcia, he can get the ball to those veteran receivers and they have a solid defense. Expect Garcia to play huge, in a loss.

*Since I am the Isiah Thomas of the sportsbook, everything I touch turns to sh*t, you can now go ahead and put money on Tampa, Seattle, Tennessee, and Jacksonville.

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