Monday, December 10, 2007

Jesus doesn't vote for Heisman

I've punched my one way ticket to hell a long time ago, there is no difference between a first class ticket or a coach ticket to hell, so I don't mind writing this. Jesus doesn't give a shit that you returned a kickoff 89 yards for a touchdown, he could care less that you can slam a baseball 438 ft., and he certaintly does not award you with a Heisman Trophy for being a good Catholic.

This weekend Florida signal caller and 2007 Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow walked up to the podium at the Downtown Athletic Club and before his parents who raised him, before his coach who recruited him and put him in the situation to win, and before himself for grinding it out in the weight room for hours making it impossible to tackle him, he thanked his "Lord and savior, Jesus Christ." Oh Tim Terrific took time to thank pretty much everyone he could think of, including Gator Nation and fellow Gator 'Heisman Winning Jesus Lover' Danny Weurfel, and one more time, Gator Nation. I would just really appreciate it if these athletes stopped being so naive as to think that Jesus Christ is the first person to thank, he isn't.

Thank You, Nicholas S. Lynch for the hard work YOU put into getting a college degree. I'm not thanking Jesus for that, now if he paid back some of the student loan money I owe, then maybe he'll get a pat on the back and a Thank You from me.

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