Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Associated Press LOVES Barry Bonds

So everyones man crush Tom Brady wins the AP Male Athlete of the Year. ESPN runs a column about how humble Brady feels because he has won this award in a team sport, considering the 1st and 2nd runners-up, Roger Federer & Tiger Woods both play individual sports. BUT after reading the column ESPN lists who recieved the 4th most votes, ahead of Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning, ahead of ALCS MVP and World Series winner Josh Beckett, and ahead of Eastern Conference Champion Lebron James, is none other than the most controversial athlete in the history of professional sports, Barry Lamar Bonds.

Oh how we forget, Mr. Bonds became the all-time home run king this past summer, passing Hank Aaron and putting his stamp officially on the history of the game, as if it wasn't their already. Then once Major League Baseball was finished with their season & the San Francisco Giants were finished with his contract, he was federally indicted on perjury charges, how convienant. Lets bleed every last dollar out of his fans before we decide to tear the guy down. You and I both know that once Bonds' ability to rake in money for the owners of the San Francisco Giants hit a ceiling he'd be gone from the bay area and baseball. It isn't coincidence we can't all be that ignorant. Bud Selig is great at ignoring problems when they pad his wallet and that is what Barry Bonds and the 'Steroid Era' did. Once whispers turned into rumours, rumours turned into problems, and problems turned into seats in front of Congress, Bud took action. When that golden goose stopped sh*tting golden eggs it got indicted. The AP gets II Thumbs UP for attempting to make BLB the Athlete of the Year, that would have been great!

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