Saturday, November 3, 2007

The "Hoodie"

Do I like Bill Belichik? No, I find him arrogant and demeaning. I have no sympathy for Belichik or the New England Patriots when people question their Super Bowl wins, I for one don't question them and I believe its rediculous to question them, but when you completely ignore your boss (Roger Godell) and show a complete lack of respect for the man, then own up for the consequences, whatever they may be, and sorry Bill, but this is one of the consequences along with that 500K nut they had you crack, so be mature about it.

By running up the score on the lowly dolphins & redskins, you prove NOTHING. You have a completely different team that no one doubts you can win with, and win big with, so you wouldn't "need" to cheat. So by beating a team by 40 points in 2007 with a completley revamped recieving cor, doesn't prove you could win those dances without cameras. Whip Mangini's ass by 50 points, and that should give you enough satisfaction, he's a rat thats a fact, and you disregarded the requests of the NFL, thats a fact.

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