Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tryptophan Hangover

So by tommorow morning, my vacation will officially be o-v-e-r. Quick Recap - lost my wallet in the biggest city in the world, Boston College snatched their seat in the ACC Championship Game, Cowboys & Packers won and then ate turkey, LSU coughed up their shot at a National Championship, people continued to not watch or care about hockey, and Ray Allen nailed a last second three pointer to give the celts their 11th win. OH and the Patriots survived a scare from the lowly Eagles behind A.J. Feely, you know the quarterback who wasn't good enough to start over Joey Harrington and a one leg Dante Culpepper. But I thought in the honor of Thanksgiving, now that I've survived all the tryptophan I can handle, I'd do a little comparison.

Butternut SQUASH: I tried the orange potatoes before but they were just dissappointing, I tried cheering for the Eagles, but in the end they were just dissappointing. Up 28-24 in the fourth quarter against the Yankees of the NFL and A.J. Feely comes alive, throwing two interceptions one in the end zone and one to seal the game for New England. I cheer for America's Team, we play in the NFC-East which means that your never allowed to cheer for Philadelphia (the most losing sports city in the country) but when your playing the Pats and hopefully ruining their shot at history, I'm forced to try them once, but like squash, never again! Like squash they looked like they'd be a good side, but no I was wrong. At least I can forward to Pats fans that Big D roughed them up 38-17 on the road, so maybe Glendale won't be so bad after all.

The Stuffing: My favorite of the sides, never a dull side of stuffing. UPSETS - Darren McFadden and the Razorbacks of Arkansas, Chase Daniels and the Missouri Tigers, and Pete Carroll and his Trojans. Lets be honest though, McFadden is the best collegiate football player in the world, Kansas has played well with a soft schedule, and the REAL SC got team got healthy and stood up. But like stuffing, upsets are pretty filling and always a delightful treat. Nothing fills up the Thanksgiving holiday better than some college football upsets.

Cranberry Sauce: Brett Favre, a timeless classic. Cranberry Sauce is classic, I'm a Cranberry Sauce out of the can kind of guy, sliced up and put right out on a plate. When you think of a good outing for a QB what do you think of? 300+ yards, 3 Td's, and 25+ Completions right? Never failing, just like that cold cranberry sauce with the imprint of the can on it, Favre threw for 381, 3 TD's, and 31-41 completions. Impressive? a little. Great things never change.

The Mashed Potatoes: This award goes to Eli Manning, you don't get much more mashed than Eli did with brother Peyton watching over him Sunday afternoon. Eli's 33.9 QB passer rating and four interceptions made the Vikings secondary look like all-pro corners. On a week were Jason Campbell played well, A.J. Feely blacked out and turned into the A.J. Feely who beat the Patriots two years ago, and Tony Romo well, he played pretty Tony Romo like leading da boys to a 10-1 record, Eli had one of the worst games of his career. On a side note, I've never had bad mashed potatoes, I love them all the time, I could eat them anyway . . . .then again I'm Irish, that was expected.

The Gravy: What else can be said about the 2007-2008 Boston Celtics? Kobe said they've sucked his whole career, now look at them (admission from the Lakers star) they are off to one of the best starts in franchise history (11-1) and finally the last second shot doesn't need to be a forced irratic layup from Paul Pierce (Ray Allen gets the rock) Twice in 11 wins Allen drained the last second shot and when Pierce did in Orlando, they lost. So when I say giving the ball to Allen in the last minutes is gravy, it really is. The Celtics, after many dissappointing years of guard play have brought in one of the most clutch shooters and 3-point threats in the league over the past ten years. Gotta give praise to Jesus Shuttlesworth around Turkey Day.

Da Bird: The Boston College Eagles, for taking down The U for the first time in 15 contests. The Philadelphia Eagles for giving the Patriots a scare and proving that I was wrong, Andy Reid is a great coach. The Kansas Jayhawks proving me right again when you don't beat anyone legit, it doesn't meant your #1 it just means your a pretender who will get shut down at one point. The Arizona Cardinals, who lost to the 49ers AGAIN, thank you because the more wins SF gets, the less likely that the best college back, Darren McFadden could end up on New England, which would be a nightmare, just ask the Bayou Bengals. Lastly, to that jacka*s Rodney Harrison, who continues to flap his arms like they are wings mocking the Philadelphia Eagles, steroids must affect your brain because that was TO thing, and he no longer is on the Eagles, but you keep doing it, you've officially joined the ranks of Shawn Merriman, steroids does a body good, bragging about it makes it even more asanine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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