Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's GO Time with Red Light

Schill's back and I couldn't be more excited. So what if he has his own blog, so do I, so what if he's a tad overweight, so am I, so what if he thinks he is smarter than everyone else, so do I . . . .err so is it a wonder why Schill is one of my favorite ballplayers? No.

People lets face the numbers, he is one of, if not the best, postseason pitcher of all time. In a Red Sox uni alone the man boasts a 6-1 record in 8 postseason starts to go along with his 3.28 era. When he said in that chevy add four years ago, "I'm headed to Boston, to help break an 86 year old curse" and then he came through on that not once but twice in four years! So Schill likes to talk to the press, at least he has something to say. Damned if you do, damned if you don't, for years people criticized the likes of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and dozens of other athletes who wouldn't pick a side on one topic or another outside of their profession, Schill while I disagree with him, campaigned for President Bush after the 2004 World Series, he spoke out on Barry Bonds, and also negotiates his own contracts not because he won't have to give a cut to an agent, but because he actually is smart enough to do more than just play ball. Let us not forget the actual contract he just negotiated, not only did he challenge himself by the type of incentive laiden contract, but he also took less money guarenteed to play for our beloved Red Sox, in a time where Alex Rodriguez opted out of a contract that would guarentee him close to $250 million dollars more in his pocket and Roger Clemens courted teams he knew would pay through the nose for his services just to prove that he could make that money, Curt stayed to actually contend for not his 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Championship but his FOURTH. Now alot of Dan Shaugnessy lovers out there like to point to things like his media pressence or the fact that they don't "buy" the bloody sock Schilling sported during game 6 of the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees, or they just hate his view on alot of things, those are THE SAME PEOPLE WHO HATE THAT MANRAM doesn't respond to the media. THEY NEED SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT, NUFF SAID ON THAT. I see it like this, if it was fake or not, the injury sure as shit wasn't fake and to put your f*cking career on the line to win a championship is something we should all be proud of and thankful for.
He isn't Pedro Martinez, Schill doesn't feel disrespected if he's not considered the "ace" of a staff he doesn't need to be the #1 pitcher on the staff. He has played second fiddle to Randy Johnson, Petey, and now Josh Beckett. So as self promoting as you think he may be, the man knows when to play his role and play it well.

Lastly I want everyone to know this about Curt Schilling, in his four years as a Red Sox he has amassed a 53-29 record with an era of 4.19 along and 574 strikeouts. If you exclude the season he was coming off of ankle surgury Schill has thrown with an era under 3.80 and also averaged 143 k's a year. In his 98 regular season starts Curt has managed to only have 16 no decisions, that is utterly amazing. If 2008 truly is your last year to witness Schilling pitch know that he may not be a hall of famer, but he's got 3 Rings that he earned.

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