Sunday, September 30, 2007

1st Round Playoff Predictions . .Stick Ball

So the playoff picture is set, it took until early Tuesday morning on the east coast to find out who the 8th and final spot belonged to. The Colorado Rockies won in the 13th frame behind National League MVP Matt Holliday's fantastic game, and botched call at home plate, but watch the clip, you can be the judge. Here's my thought on the call, I hate instant replay, I don't think the Patriots belonged in the Super Bowl in 2001, and the Rockies won 14 of their last 15 outings, they deserve it, when it came time to decide which team wanted it more, they buckled down and won the games they had to, game, set, match. To the Postseason:

Colorado v. Philadelphia: My question of the series is, can the Rockies stay this hot? Both teams are going into the playoffs trailblazing, they both absolutely destroyed the month of September. I already mentioned the amazing month that Colorado had, but the fighting Phils, they really did fight to get into the playoffs by winning the National League East on the very last day of the season. I know I know, the New York Mets all but pulled a britney spears like fall from grace, but the Phillies finished the season 19-11 in the month of September, and if they hadn't won the East, they would have had a good enough record to get in that one game playoff, and the way Jimmy Rollins has carried that team, forgettaboutit. The Phillys sparkplug is only the fourth player in the history of the Majors to finish a season in the 20-20-20-20 club, thats 20 doubles, homers, triples, and steals, if I didn't slightly have a man crush on Matt Holliday, this guy would be my MVP. Since I just mentioned him, Matt Holliday, the guy no one even knew who he was two years ago on the American World Baseball Classic Team, (I don't blame you, no one besides me and Theo Epstein even watched the god damn thing, but i digress) The Rockies cornerstone (queer pun, i'm sorry) had a season for the ages, not only did he carry his team into the playoffs, but he finished the regular season with 50 doubles, 36 homers, 137 rbi's, and oh yea, he hit .340. My MVP, don't talk to me about him playing in Coors Field because Jimmy Rollins plays at a little league park, just ask Ryan Howard and his 50+ homer season last year. Here's the thing, The Phillies offense has been playing out of this world, from Jimmy Rollins to Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, this team is playing really well, but their pitching staff is why I like the Phillies. Cole Hamels and Kyle Kendrick combined for 25 wins, they have an era's under 3.90 which is more than I can say for any starter on the Rocks, and their bullpen has been playing very well, just look at the ERA of Red Sox garbage man J.C. Romero (1.24) apprently he's followed the Todd Jones theory, once you leave the bean half way through a season, you dominate for the remainder. The city will be rocking, they are the most tortured city around, Phillies in 4

New York v. Cleveland: Because of pure laziness, I won't go back ten lines and retract the statement about Matt Holliday having a season for the ages, because Alex Rodriguez seriously just had a season for the ages (sorry I just puked in my mouth) 51 homers, .314 average, 156 RBI's, and 24 stolen bases . . . be right back . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .sorry I just threw up , I hate Alex Rodriguez, seriously. No votes neccesary, he's the MVP, and I'm just a banker with a bad hobby of blogging. I hate the Yankees pitching staff, I wouldn't be scared about the Rocket in the Playoffs, nor am I scared of Mike Mussina, I never knew that day would come, but they do have one of the best pitchers in the American League this year Yao Ming's little brother has an era of 3.70 and the guy with the as* for a chin is post season money (Andy Pettitte.) Ming Jr. has a record of 19-7, so he's their ace and pretty much scares me every time he pitches against the Red Sox. Do we have to talk about their offense? The "Captain" is an opponents post season nightmare, you and I both know it. Matsui, A-Fraud, and Abreau all had over 100 RBI'S , leading the American Leagues most powerful lineup. They obviously have Danny Almote's ageless cousin, Mariano Rivera, and the incredible guy who would have gotten his ass kicked by Kevin Youkilis if they just let baseball players physically brawl for a half hour, Joba Chamberlin. The phenom has pitched in just 19 games and 24 innings while hosting a 0.38 ERA with 1 earned run allowed and OH YEA 34 strikeouts. I have to move onto the Indians before I need my stomach pumped from talking about the yanks for the last five minutes, I think i've swallowed my own vomit (third puke reference) in the last twenty minutes of research. I don't buy the Indians in this series, I know the great genious Peter Gammons, and my favorite baseball writer Buster Olney selected the Indians (this years detroit tigers) to win the series, but I just don't see it happening. Heres what we know, Fausto Carmona and C.C. Sabathia are the best one-two punch going into this thing, they have era's under 3.25 and both have racked up 19 wins a piece, they've been nothing short of brilliant. To top it all off, they have home field advantage as the American League Central Champions, and they are playing a short series, with those two going at home in games 1 & 2, some expect they go to the bronx up 2-0 looking to split the next two and move on. I'm even go to confess I think that Sabathia and not my favorite pitcher not named Jon Papelbon, Josh Beckett, will win the Cy Young, and he deserves it, Nuff Said. I even love the young core talent with Sizemore, Hafner, and Victor Martinez, they also have my favorite dirt dog of all-time Trot Nixon (not that he matters, they just have him that's all) With all that said, I just don't buy it. 0-6 against the Yankees this year, losing 49-17 in the runs column. Tell me all the statistics you want to, tell me that Rivera isn't Rivera any more, tell me The Indians are the team to beat, but here's the thing you have to realize when you read this prediction, I'm from Massachusetts, which means I live in the heart of Red Sox Country (I agree roche, I won't acknowledge Red Sox N**ion) and I live in constant fear of the Pinstripes, I refused to celebrate one minute earlier friday night, So I'm from New England, which means, Yanks in 5. I puked again, give me a minute.

. . . . . Alright, I'm back.

Chicago v. Arizona: Did you really think I wasn't saving the Red Sox series for last? So you think that I might have sympathy for Cubs fans being a die hard Sox fan? WRONG . . .I actually don't HATE the cubs, but I do root for them to lose just to see Michael Wilbon suffer after ripping the City of Boston all through the NBA off season. Speaking of Suffer? trying being the kid whose on this poster . . . . hahahahaha I just blogged Bartman, I'm going to stray from the topic for a second right here, but Michael Vick is still praised in Atlanta, but this guy can't sit on a bus within a 500 mile radius of the state of Illinois, love it. This team can't get enough of
curses, not only do they have to go through years of misery, but they have to watch cross town rivals win the World Series, just after the Red Sox won the world series, they are by themself now, how's that feel? What do I want to happen? I want them to get as close as possible to winning the World Series and then lose, I'd rather see that happen than see Alex Rodriguez fail a drug test, that's saying something. Good Luck Wilbon. Now to legitimate talk, the Cubs won the National League Central, after they went out and paid out the nose for Soriano, and decided that Lou Pinella was the best coach available, I haven't determined If I like Sweet Lou just yet, but i'm leaning toward hes just a crazy A-hole. Aramis Ramirez, Derek Lee and Alfonso Soriano leading a pretty productive offensive attack down to Arizona. All year long when they play there it's like a homegame for them, and I don't know if it'll be any different, in the playoffs, the Red Sox play home games in Tampa all year, and I think if they were in the Playoffs, you'd see the same type of thing. IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED A TREND, I compare things to the Red Sox, and I think pitching wins championships (except when it comes to the Yankees, because once again I'm from New England, and I get scared). Carlos Zambrano is as crazy as Lindsay Lohan, I mean like bat shit crazy, he actually fist fought a teammate in the dug out, and I would fear my life getting into the batters box against him, but he's dirty, when he's on, he's on, when he's off, hes Charlie Sheen in a strip club wild. The staff contains Rich Hill, team leader in strikeouts and a good era of 3.92, and besides Z, they have Ted Lilly, who I think can be the catalyst for this team, especially in a short series, leading the team in ERA. Arizona is that team that really has gotten here on the back of Cy Young Winner, Brandon Webb, and National League leader in saves Jose Valverde. The offensive numbers for this team aren't real impressive, they aren't even in the top five in batting average, runs, obp, or slugging percentage. I don't think you can win with one top pitcher, even if he is an ace. Chicago lost the season series 4-2 . . .1 of those Wins was against Webb, and Zambrano didn't take any losses in the season series. The way Hill and Lilly have pitched as of late, and how jacked up the Cubs will be ready to make a deep postseason run, I fully expect them move on to the NLCS . . . .Cubs in 4

Boston v. Los Angeles-Anaheim: Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines, I was worried about the Yankees catching them to take the East title, right from our grasps, but they held the Yanks off and now I've backed off the ledge and decided they are my FAVORITE to win the . . . . yea like I'm going to jinx it. So who will the sox be leaning on to help that reach the promise land or at least beat the Angels in the first round? Hopefully this guy has had enough time since Friday to errrrr recover? small side bar: There looks to be alot of people in the picture, but i'm referring to the best closer in baseball with the bud light box with eyeholes cut out over his head spraying beer on his teammates friday night. I mean, seriously have you seen a team party like the Red Sox partied friday night? Featuring a team who sat around for three hours waiting for the Yankees to lose a thriller against Baltimore, their young stud closer wore a box on his head with nothing but a pair of goggles, and black tights . . . . .Kevin Youkilis and half of the team performing the "running man" and oh wait that closer I referred to, did an Irish Jig. seriously? BACK TO THE PREDICTION: Boston has set up the rotation and it sets up to see Josh Beckett dominate on the playoff opener, he's pitching against John Lackey who has had about as much success as you did staying dry friday night at the fens. I do really like this Red Sox team, and I like them for more reasons than because I'm from New England, They have a playoff veteran and gamer Curt Schilling, Josh Beckett who will be the CY YOUNG runner up and leads the major leagues as the only 20 game winner. Dustin Pedroia their rookie phenom second basemen has been nothing short (no pun intended) of nasty, including electric bench player Jacobi Elsbury. This team has mixed young new talent with savvy veterans like Mike Lowell, Jason Varitek, and the afformentioned Curt Schilling. I'm keeping this short because in a short series, at Fenway Park of all places, The Red Sox pitching staff will come out and flex their muscles, one of the best bullpens in baseball along with one of the best rotations. I won't even start discussing how soft I think the Angels are . . . . . . . . . . Red Sox in 3

In the words of The Sportsguys friend Johnny . . . . I really don't know If i can handle a Joe Buck, Tim McCarver "Armageddon" like announcing of the ALCS between the Yanks and Sox . . .. then again this will piss of Mike Wilbon, SO GOOD!

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Unknown said...

Here's the thing - as much as a Yankees/Red Sox series would potentially destroy the universe. You've set up a Phillies/Cubs NLCS - are you friggin kidding me?

If you thought Yankee and Red Sox fans were obnoxious wait until you get a load of a bunch of fat guys in greasy t-shirts and black mustaches slurring their words and talking about how effing great the Cubbies are. Don't get me wrong I love the whole idea of Chicago but put them in a series with an entire city on round the clock suicide watch like Philly and that my friend is what will ultimately bring about the end of humanity.