Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are you prepared for Brian Griese?

This guy, for that guy . .really?

So your an embrassed Chicago Bears fan, it's not nearly as embarrassing as being an Oscar De La Hoya fan right now, at least Rexy isn't dressing up in fishnets right? But you started chanting "Griese, Griese, Griese" during your second half Tony Romo ass kicking sunday night, in front of the entire country, so you got it. I mean, I understand your pain, 1 touchdown, 6 interceptions, 500 yards passing, and a QB Rating of 45.2, Grossman is playing awful, I mean like his play is as bad as you can get. I would also like to remind you Bears fans, before it gets worse, the Cubs are going to be playing in October, Ozzie Guillen is back with an extension, and you traded your best running back(Thomas Jones) to the New York Jets for a couple sideline cameras and a bag of chips, just so you know .

So this 10-year veteran, three-team castoff, and one time pro-bowler is getting handed the keys to the best defense in the league. Yes Ravens and Patriot fans, The Bears have the best defense in the league. I'm not going to dig on Griese to much because after watching the Bears second half collapse on Sunday night, now they don't even believe themselves when they struggle to say "we have rex's back." He's done in Chicago, completely done, even if Griese were to get injured, every soldier field faithful would rather see Kyle Orton than Rex Grossman. If Brian Griese gets through the entire game with no interceptions, I think he gets a standing ovation, right before Rexy starts to cry. This was intended to be a quick blog, just because I'm stunned this didn't happen earlier, he was one of the top 3 reasons they lost in the SUPER BOWL, right after Devin Hester took all the momentum from Indy by running back that kick off, that would make me question wether or not he was "the guy." Sometimes we have a tendency to make statements like "well the guy did get them to the Super Bowl" . . . no he DIDN'T, Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, and the nastiest defense in pro football got them to the Super Bowl. I want to finish with this, Rex Grossman isn't Trent Dilfer of the 2000' Ravens, Dilfer managed the game efficiently and without throwing Interceptions, he also had Jamal Lewis to hand the ball off to, that franchise made a conscious decision to improve themself after Dilfer by selecting Kyle Boller in the coming years, they released Dilfer, BUT HE WON THEM A SUPER BOWL, Rexy hasn't won anything. Grossman isn't the only one to blame here though, he didn't trade Thomas Jones, all he did was what we predicted he'd do. Join the ranks of Danny Wuerfel . . .over rated University of Florida System Quarterbacks.

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