Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You Don't Want To Hear It

Michael Vick has been flat out electric. He's said the right things off the field and he's done more than expected on the field. After six quarters of starting quarterback, his first since 2006 and his first since spending 18 months in Leavenworth, Michael Vick is back.

After taking over for the injured Kevin Kolb in week 1, Vick torched the Packer defense and almost beat them. The Eagles backup rushed for 103 yards and threw for another 175 on 16 completions. The decision to start in week 2 while Kolb recovered from a concussion was an easy one for head coach Andy Reid, and it paid off. In the Eagles 35-32 road victory against Detroit, Michael Vick was very Michael VickESQUE, yet with a twist. This time around, Michael Vick was pass first and played inside the pocket as well as outside with his feet. Vick completed 21 passes for over 280 yards and hooked up with DeSean Jackson four times for 135 yards. Vick spread the ball all over the field completing passes to eight different receivers. He looked phenominal. Vick wasn't turning the ball over or making bad decisions in the passing game. He hit receivers in stride, he fit the ball into tight spaces, and for all intents and purposes he owned week 2 in the NFL. Michael Vick left no doubt on the field that day. He's got more gas left in the tank than some first and second year quarterbacks in this league have.

Then, on Tuesday morning after probably the most exciting 8 days of the last four years of his life, Vick agreed that Kevin Kolb was the starter of this team and played company man to perfection. The following morning, Michael Vick was named starter of the Eagle offense going forward by head coach Andy Reid. Reid saw exactly what everyone else saw. Mike Vick didn't just stay error free and win a game, he won the game. Michael Vick made up for the injuries to the Eagle offensive line, he escaped the pocket when he needed to, and made up for the defense allowing over 300 yards passing. With the Eagles playing against two tough road defenses in the next three weeks, at Jacksonville and at San Francisco, as well as the return of Donovan McNabb to Philadelphia in two weeks , of course THIS Mike Vick was the right decision. You don't want to hear it, but he's about to take the next step.

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