Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pick 'Em: Week 2

Four losses a week ago. Allow me to excuse myself: (1) I should have treated the Giants with more respect, at least one Big Apple team didn't disappoint unveiling their new digs. (2) Other than Peter King, who was calling Houston Texans RB, Arian Foster? (3) Only one game in and yes, Pete Carroll's act is holding up. (4) Cowboys backup tackle Alex Barron, Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, they'll take the blame on my final loss.

Onto week two. The brothers Manning square off on Sunday night. An AFC East showdown between the Jets and Patriots. Baltimore heads to Cincinnati, Mike Vick under center again, and New Orleans travels out west. We've got a full slate and we're going coast to coast.

Last Week ; 9-4-2

1:00 PM (ET)

Pittsburgh +5 @ Tennessee The Titans were one of the more impressive teams this past weekend. Chris Johnson did what he wanted against the Raiders and their defense didn't look too bad either. A win this week and the Titans could really wake some people up if they aren't already. As for the Steelers, can't say I was all that impressed but they are getting back to the running game of their past. Titans -5 [stay away]

Miami +5.5 @ Minnesota The Dolphins didn't look all that impressive in their opener, and that was against the Bills. However they did go over 100 yards rushing and got the ball to big offseason acquisition Brandon Marshall early and often. When it comes down to it, the Vikings are going to have to find their identity quickly. Either you turn down the run game road and play defense or you get Brett in sync with his wideouts, one or the other. Miami +5.5

Arizona +6.5 @ Atlanta The Falcons have to be taken to task at some point here. They've drafted offensive linemen, defensive linemen, a quarterback, and went out and got Tony Gonzalez, yet still they have problems getting into the endzone. Scoring 9 points against Pittsburgh last weekend have been the Troy Polamalu factor or it may just be a sign of things to come. Stop the Atlanta ground game and force the young quarterback to make plays down field. Then there is Derek Anderson. Atlanta +6.5

Baltimore -2 @ Cincinnati If your the Bengals you've got to the be really disappointed in the effort your team put forth in the first game. They were sloppy on defense and it resulted in a big Patriot win. However if your Baltimore, the first glimpse of junior year Joe Flacco didn't look great. Showing signs of life in the second half, the Bengals were able to put up monster passing yards, don't expect Carson to have as much time in New England as he will against Baltimore. Ravens -2

Kansas City +2 @ Cleveland I don't know how many weeks it'll take for KC to start shopping for a new quarterback, but it's still more than Cleveland has. If the Chiefs can lean on Jamal Charles and play better defense up front they'll have a shot against plenty of teams like Cleveland. The Chiefs won't be getting points by kickoff, take it now. Chiefs +2

Chicago @ Dallas -8 Hold on Cowboys nation, don't start thinking you have a cake walk next. Peppers could have a breakout game as a Bear if the Cowboys plan on blocking as poorly as they did against Brian Orakpo of the Washington Redskins. The Dallas offense struggled last week and that's no surprise to anyone. Cowboys -8; Come on, you think I'm really going to jump on the Cutler bandwagon?

Philadelphia @ Detroit +6 The hits keep coming for the Lions. First Stafford gets knocked out of a game that looks like your in control. Then you have the game won before the refs steal it back. Now your going to have to go weeks without Stafford? That being said, Michael Vick has got to be the most excited individual in the game. Vick is probably going to be starting this game on the road with the chance to really make a statement, or at the very least audition for anyone willing to take a flyer next season as well. If there is a next season. Philadelphia -6

Buffalo @ Green Bay -12.5 This seems a bit crazy. No, this is an NFL team in Buffalo and as much as you hate to admit it, this is an NCAA football type of spread. Still, I don't know where the Bills points are coming from and Green Bay is going to head back to their friendly confines. The Packers have something to prove after their sloppy win last week in Philadelphia. I like the Packers to really show up and put a serious hurting on Buffalo. Packers -12.5

Tampa Bay +3.5 @ Carolina Here I was thinking Carolina would turn a corner, then they got blown out by the Giants and Eli. Fortunately for them, Tampa Bay isn't the Giants. Carolina has had a week to head back to the drawing board and like it or not, Tampa is just bad. The Panthers need to get more out of their rushing attack because it seems as though it's all they have. Huge division game for the Panthers, must win. Panthers -3.5

4:00 PM (ET)

Seattle +3.5 @ Denver The Seahawks shocked everyone in week one but now they'll have an even tougher test, win on the road. The Broncos didn't look good in Jacksonville. But I've got a theory about teams who stun everyone and know they just did, it doesn't last in the following week. After saying that, wait. The Seahawks are getting points?!? I'm in. Seattle +3.5

St. Louis +3.5 @ Oakland I'm not a fan of the Rams putting the game on their rookie quarterbacks shoulders so early. Asking him to throw the ball 50+ times in his first start? Not a great idea. Speaking of bad ideas, the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders are a win one this week then lose one the next tyep of squad, and they got blown out last week by the Titans. Oakland -3.5

Houston -3 @ Washington I was surprised at how well the Redskins defense played and even more so surprised at how Houston handed it to Indianapolis. I saw some bad things from Washington however. The 'Skins offense didn't look great and you still have to wonder as to what their gameplan is. I think Houston is going to really shake up Dan Snyder in this one and stomp Washington at FedEx. Houston -3

New England -3 @ New York Jets What I took away from that big Jets/Ravens showdown was this. The Jets aren't ready for Mark Sanchez to win them games and Joe Flacco needs to get his act together. For the remaining ten people on the New York Jets to the Super Bowl bandwagon, please step off or prepare to be embarrassed. The Patriots are going to put up a couple big scores on the Jets and make a statement, this is a game they care about even if they tell you its like any other. New England -3

Jacksonville +7 @ San Diego We didn't see much against Kansas City from San Diego. Yes, Rivers put up his numbers. Yes, the rookie running back played well. Then they lost. The Jaguars stuck to their gameplan, take shots when you can, run the ball, play tight defense. If Jacksonville heads out to San Diego playing the same way they are going to make it tough for the Chargers. People need think about San Diego, their best offensive weapon after the quarterback is still holding out and that's not a good thing. Jacksonville +7

8:00 PM (ET)

New York Giants +5 @ Indianapolis The Colts have to recover after that performance against Houston. They will. I like how the Giants opened up but that was against Carolina who neither of us think are going to do anything this year besides win a couple close games. The Colts on center stage need to step up after their Super Bowl loss then opening loss. Close one. Colts by a touchdown Colts -5

Monday Night

New Orleans -5.5 @ San Francisco The 49ers have to bounce back this week, the division loss to Seattle in the opener was pathetic. Unfortunately, you don't bounce back against the Saints. New Orleans really took care of business against the Vikings in the opener and they for sure could put up more points against San Francisco. Saints -5.5 ON THE ROAD!



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