Saturday, November 19, 2011

'Bama Coming Ya'll

First off, two things . . .

(1) The 55,000 rocking Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa last night were amazing from the opening kickoff through the second overtime. It was going to be awfully difficult for the #2 Oklahoma State Cowboys to go into that building and stay focused. Ten penalties and five turnovers later, they got bit.

(2) With Stanford falling last week and Oklahoma State having the stage to themselves on Friday night, the Cowboys were in the pressure cooker. All eyes on newly anointed Heisman front runner Brandon Weeden, a direct path to the BCS National Championship, and the stage looks like it was too big for that program.

Where are we now?

Assuming (and I agree that assumptions in college football aren't wise) LSU remains unbeaten, both against Arkansas on Friday, November 25th and in the coming SEC Championship Game, they'll await an opponent in the BCS National Championship Game. We're making the case that the team they'll meet in New Orleans for the 'crystal football,' should be their in-conference rival; Alabama.

The Crimson Tide are the best of the '1-loss' programs, period. Defensive coordinator Kirby Smart caused a ton of problems for LSU when they came to Tuscaloosa, despite the Crimson Tide's 6-9 overtime loss against the 'Bayou Bengals. Place the emphasis on overtime-loss here. Alabama's only blemish on their record is an extremely tight defensive battle with the consensus best team in the country. That's enough to say they don't deserve a re-match with no AQ-undefeated's remaining? Of course not. Running back Trent Richardson and Alabama deserve a shot more than any of the '1-loss' teams. I'll reiterate, in the last five games including that loss to LSU, the Crimson Tide have allowed no more than the nine-points they allowed to those Bengals. You want to see two evenly matched teams compete for the National Championship, find a way to put Alabama in front of the lot!

Why not Oregon!?!? I can sum it up really quickly;

(1) LSU hung 40 on Oregon back on September 3rd; You want that again?

(2) Ducks star running back LaMichael James has rushed for 103 yards on 31 carries in his two games against SEC heavyweights. In that game against LSU earlier this year and against Auburn in last seasons BCS National Championship? I'll pass.

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