Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Game 3: The Hangover

Assume a positive spin is coming:

Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce shot a combined 8-35 from the floor and the Celtics were still in the position to tie the game up at 78 a piece with minutes remaining. Lamar Odom decided to show up in the fourth quarter, Sasha Vujacic (first time I've respected the man enough to call him by his name) drilled a coffin closing three ball, and what more can we say about Kobe?

You didn't see Michael defer the ball to Scottie to close it out, you won't see Kobe doing anything different. The Lakers needed game 3, we could argue about who needed it more, but the Lakers couldn't go down 3-0. Boston didn't die completely but they certainly weren't the team that came to play in games 1 and 2. Between jawing with Paul Pierce, finding Vujacic wide open, and drilling back to back jumpers to close the game out, Kobe was determined. Aside from Kobe's struggles at the charity stripe, he played a dominating game. Ray Allen stayed with him, put a hand in his face, yet that didn't face Bryant. To the tune of 36 points, 12-20 from the field, and getting to stripe 18 times, Kobe was the agressor. The reason his team is back in the series.

With Jack sitting court side and tabloid whores Eddie Murphy, Sly Stallone, and Steven Spielberg also grabbing free seats how could Kobe not be excited to play for his fans? (Insert sarcastic tone) Here's my issue with the "stars" sitting court side: Am I supposed to believe that they actually like the Lakers? Am I supposed to believe that a bunch of self-absorbed actors wearing sunglasses indoors actually become depressed between losses? With the exception of Jack and Leo (who traveled to Boston to watch his team play) they are all just as I so thoughtfully put it, media whores. It's one thing when Boston sports icons, David Ortiz and Curt Schilling show up, even when Magic and Jerry West want to catch some Celts/Lakers action, but when I start seeing Ellen Pompeo & the guy who made The Adventures of Pluto Nash, wearing sunglasses sitting courtside, that's where I draw the line. (Insert joke about Eddie Murphy picking up transexuals on Rodeo) Please get this series back to the bean.

Game 4 is a must win for both teams; Boston needs to steal one in L.A. and this may be the best opportunity. The Lakers can't lose a game in L.A., it is hard enough to win one on the road, let alone two. Now forgive me but I need to go rip my hair out because of last night.

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