Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two Weeks of Fury . . .

You know what would have been worse than a Pats/Giants Superbowl? Bamboo shoots and the water board torture. I had to hopelessly watch LT sit on the sidelines in his terminator helmet while Nate Kaeding kicked 4 field goals then when I thought it couldn't get any worse Michael Strahan was flashing that giant gap and headed to the Superbowl. As if all that's not bad enough the writers are still on strike and I'm forced to watch Celebrity detox, somehow another Baldwin is still getting casted in television shows. Give me a bottle of Jamesons, the two most obnoxious groups of fans are in the big dance.

Before we move onto the Superbowl a couple things need to be said about the conference championship weekend: (and week leading up to)

In 2007, two players among many made the most significant changes, Randy Moss & Brett Favre. As we head to the Superbowl it is funny to see how some things stay the same, Randy is in the news for extra curriculars again and Brett Favre is throwing brain scratching interceptions to end the game. If only I could have made that bet, Straight cash homie, straight cash.

I never thought you were a "tough" guy if you weighed 300+ pounds and decided not to wear a long sleeve shirt under your pads in sub zero temperature. I grew up playing football in New England and if it was cold and you didn't wear a shirt underneath your pads you were a moron. Now Tom Coughlin on the other hand, opting to wear nothing but his jacket and a Giants baseball hat in a pure icebox at Lambeau, that's just bad ass. (check out the back of his lid, I think its Velcro, can someone pitch and get him a fitted?)

Last one, this goes out to Deion Sanders. In the words of Tony Soprano, "where do you get your b*lls?" For you to question whether ANYONE was sitting out a game, let alone an AFC championship game is down right INCREDIBLE. I watched you play in Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, and Baltimore, NEVER saw you line up and pop someone when you had the opportunity, you were the inventor of the shoulder arm tackle, the same tackle they teach kids NOT to make in pop Warner. LT has been running over people since his horned frog days and I certainly wouldn't question his game or his will to play that game. Deion, no one wanted to hear from you while you played, or now that your retired.

Back to my worst nightmare, Giants/Pats for the Lombardi. I never liked the Patriots, nope never did but I've always like Kevin Faulk , FROM?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Louisiana State University. Trust me it has nothing to do with this past weekend, this guy has been the ultimate team player for this franchise since he was drafted in 1999, 46th overall. Any real Patriots fans would be able to tell you that as well, a poor mans Brian Westbrook if you will. Why has he been on my map all these years? Because the first college football playstation game I became obsessed with, used to have a player who diced up my Gator teams I'd play with, LSU RB #3. To think New England selected Andy Katzenmoyer with the pick they had at 28. Kevin Faulk is working on a near 10-year career and at the end of that whenever it may be he will have 4 Super Bowl rings, thats 3 more than his distant cousin Marshall.

If this blog seems a bit jumpy, its only because I'm just on my first glass of whisky and have yet to take the bite off of the Giants and Eli Manning actually representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. It is, what it is (quickly becoming the most overused phrase in the world) Listen, before you all start rambling on about how "GREAT" Eli has become and how he is finally telling his critics to shut up just relax for a second. Eli is the same kid who WANTED this job, he WANTED to be the Quarterback in New York, remember he forced that trade out of San Diego on draft day. Like being the Quarterback in Dallas, at Notre Dame, or of the New York football teams, criticism is part of the job, and Eli knew that going in. My hat will be the first to go off to the guy, he has done everything he could to keep his team alive in this years playoffs, he has kept the ball away from the other team and refrained from making "favreian interceptions." But it has only been a MONTH of quality football at the helm which he has been doing so. The guy wearing the plastic boot and dating supermodels, well lets just say, this ain't his first horse race.

. . . taking three advil and hoping I wake up from this nightmare called Superbowl XLI.

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