Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quick Snap: Jets Shock

You had to know they'd come out tough, not this tough. The Jets got in Tom Brady's face very early and stayed in it. With a 28-21 win in Foxboro the New York Jets walked the walk, every last step. While Monday is going to be all about how the trash talking was worth it, focus more on what the J-E-T-S went out and accomplished:

[1] The Jets avenged that 45-3 beatdown they were served earlier this season.

[2] Their defense went out and sacked Tom Brady five times, disrupting the games toughest offense to plan for.

[3] Mark Sanchez had a confidence building day for the books - 16 of 25 for 194 yards and three touchdowns.

[4] Shonn Greene got going. The Jets running back who played very well in the 2009 postseason came up huge averaging close to five yards a carry on Sunday afternoon.

[5] Beating a second-straight Super Bowl winning quarterback in their place, really proves this team can do what they've said they could do all along.

The Jets gameplan seemed to be a simple one, drop back every defensive back and stay away from blitzing something which Rex Ryan wasn't used to doing, but it worked. Tom Brady had no one to pass to, he seemed frusterated and concerned as every moment passed and at the end of the game, the Patriots are going home. Wow.

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