Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pick 'Em: Week 17

Last Week: 10-6
On The Season: 133-99-7

1:00 PM (EST)

Carolina At Atlanta Matt Ryan & the Falcons have a second opportunity to clinch home-field advantage throughout the postseason. For a team that plays so well in the A-T-L (6-1 in 2010) the Falcons know how important this game is. Falcons turn it on against a Carolina team itching to end this miserable 2-13 season. Falcons -15

Pittsburgh At Cleveland A Steeler win promises they won't travel to New England till the AFC Championship and a loss means the NHL's Winter Classic probably was the last game we'll see at Heinz Field till next season. Mangini's last game in Ohio, Hillis & Co. come to play, these AFC North matchups are no cake walk. Browns +6

Minnesota At Detroit This is how it comes to end for future Hall of Famer Brett Favre. Injured, on the sidelines, watching 3rd string quarterback Joe Webb lead the Vikings into Detroit. Final season numbers: 11 TD's, 19 INT's, & 1 embarrassing off-the-field issue. That being said, a win would make Minnesota 4-2 under interim head coach Leslie Frazier, hopefully removing the 'interim' tag. Vikings +3

Oakland At Kansas City Someone within the Chiefs organization has to respect how incredibly efficient Matt Cassel has been, more so how Charlie Weis has had an effect on his game. Cassel has thrown only five interceptions in over 400 attempts with a completion percentage north of sixty. Impressed yet? To the game . . .Oakland is playing without 1,000 yard running back Darren McFadden who gashed the Chiefs in the Raiders week 9 overtime win. Chiefs -4

Miami At New England It's going to be interesting to see how the Patriots play this one. They've sewed up the division and home-field throughout but won't play again for two weeks. Belichick watched Wes Welker go down with a serious injury in Houston last season in the same type of game, are they willing to risk it for a tune up? I doubt it. Because Brady, Welker, and the rookie TE's won't play past the first half at most, expect Miami to come up the East Coast and keep it close. Dolphins +6

Tampa Bay At New Orleans If the Saints win today they'll head into the playoffs winning 9 of their last 11. With an opportunity to win the division if they get help from Carolina in Atlanta, New Orleans has to go out and take care of business against a banged up Buccaneers team. They're back at home for most likely their last time this season and have already abused Tampa's defense once this season. Saints -8

Buffalo At New York (Jets) I'm not sure what the Jets plan is for the postseason. They aren't the same team as last season, their quarterback is probably mending a season full of injuries while trying to stay on the field, and the off-the-field issues have become a joke. I'm going to stick with the Bills even after they gave up against New England a week ago (34-3), come on even the Jets got smoked by Brady in similar fashion. Bills +3

Cincinnati At Baltimore With both the Ravens & Steelers playing 1:00 games, scoreboard watching is going to be tough. Baltimore has to open it up against the Bengals and get some help from Mangini. If there was ever an afternoon where you were going to put fear into opposing teams by pulling out all of your weapons, it's this afternoon Joe Flacco. Ravens -10

4:15 PM (EST)

San Diego At Denver Not yet Tebow, but soon. The rookie quarterback has raised a few eyebrows in his solid performances at Oakland then against Houston last week. It's an encouraging sign when the rest of his teammates are getting behind him when the Broncos have nothing to play for. With the postseason moving on without San Diego for the first time in a while, Rivers and Turner will go up to Denver and get a win to improve to 9-7. Chargers -4

Chicago At Green Bay I've said it before and I'll say it again, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are the scariest team in the NFC. Their defense is littered with big-time players all over the field. Charles Woodson & Nick Collins in the secondary. Pickett, Raji, & Jenkins up front. Clay Matthews & A.J. Hawk in the middle. Ask New England what they thought of the Packer defense, that's how you know they're for real. Chicago isn't winning this game. Packers -10

Dallas At Philadelphia Giving Michael Vick the week off is a great idea. Philadelphia can't be pleased about the pounding he's taken in recent weeks. The Cowboys loss to Arizona wasn't pretty on Christmas day and the offseason couldn't come quick enough for Jerry Jones. Kolb is going to play well in relief while the Cowboys might be forced to go ahead with 3rd string quarterback Stephen McGee. Eagles -2

Tennessee At Indianapolis With Houston planning on keeping Gary Kubiak, Jon Fox being fired in Carolina earlier this week along with 'Niners head coach Mike Singletary, and Magini rumoured to be out in Cleveland, that leaves Titans coach Jeff Fisher as the only remaining question mark. With the Colts having something to play for at home, I expect Peyton comes out and torches Tennessee and begins preparations for the postseason. Colts -10

Arizona At San Francisco Is there a worse game on the slate? Honestly, I think I could care less who wins this game. Any college basketball on today? Arizona may have stole one from Dallas on Christmas, quarterback John Skelton has just 1 touchdown pass in four games under center, for a team that is supposed to be a passing offense. They're 1-6 on the road, make it 1-7. God, the NFC West is tough to handle. 49ers -6

New York (Giants) At Washington Am I crazy in saying Tom Coughlin has to go? This team doesn't respond to him and continues to have the same problems every week. Couldn't the Giants use a shake-up at this point? After they win a game which means nothing when the Packers clinch the playoff spot they earned by dropping the Giants last week, Giants ownership should really think about Coughlin's seat. Giants -5

Jacksonville At Houston Jones-Drew out, Garrard out, Jacksonville packs it in. The Texans will win this game and finish a very dissappointing 6-10 while Gary Kubiak keeps his job, again. This week seems more and more like the week we fire every underachieving NFL head coach, except Kubiak of course. Texans -4

Sunday Night 8:20 PM (EST)

St. Louis At Seattle What will be more of a shock on Monday morning, Sam Bradford leading the Rams to the postseason in his rookie season or a 7-9 Seattle team hosting a playoff game next week? One of those two things is going to happen and I still can't believe it. I'd love to see Bradford go out and torch Seattle on the road however in all liklihood, the Rams are 2-5 on the road and the Seahawks are above .500 at Quest Field. Seahawks +3

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