Friday, January 14, 2011

Pick 'Em: Divisional Round

Wild Card Weekend: 2-2
Regular Season: 138-110-7

Playoffs - Divisional Round

Baltimore At Pittsburgh Saturday 4:30 PM [EST] You either love these games or you despise them. The class of the AFC North squares off in Pittsburgh later today for what is sure to be a tight one. They split their season series with the Ravens winning by three way back on October 3rd and the Steelers paid 'em back with a 3-point win of their own in early December. With points being at a premium it's going to be the quarterback who avoids costly turnovers and the running game that puts in work. Toss up. Ravens +3

Green Bay At Atlanta Saturday 8:00 PM [EST] Despite what is going on in Foxborough tomorrow afternoon, this is the game of the weekend. Two high-powered offenses led by young and talented quarterbacks with great coaches on each sideline. When these two teams met on November 28th in Atlanta, the Falcons closed the door late and the Aaron Rodgers fumble on the goal line earlier in the game proved to be the difference maker. The Green Bay defense is going to slow down Michael Turner who peeled off 110-yards in their last meeting. Falcons win in a close one for sure. Falcons -2

Seattle At Chicago Sunday 1:00 PM [EST] This game is going to go one of two ways; (1) The Bears defense really flexes their muscles and bring Seattle back to earth. (2) The Seahawks hang tough and prove they might just belong in the postseason. I like the Seahawks with ten points, the Bears offense is not an offense that fears me and the Seahawks are playing with house money. With a Packer win on Saturday night and the Seahawks with an upset, your NFC Championship would be taking place in the upper Northwest. Seahawks +10

New York (Jets) At New England Sunday 4:30 PM [EST] After all the talk is done, we're left with the facts: Mark Sanchez is going to go have to win in New England and that I just can't get past. Sanchez is 'okay' and that may just be about all I can say for him. Brady and the Patriots are going to take a two-touchdown lead into halftime and Rex and his band of misfits won't be able to come back on the road against the MVP. I completely expect this game to be over much quicker than it was a month ago. Patriots -9

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