Friday, March 6, 2009

Keep It Real: NFL is King

The Major League baseball's Spring Training season is in full stride. Dozens of major leaguers are about to participate in the World Baseball Classic. NCAA basketball programs everywhere are preparing for March Madness and positioning themselves for bracket play. However, nearly five weeks since competitive play has ended in the NFL, football is still front and center in American sports. Since the NFL free agency season opened last week, NFL general managers from Seattle to Foxborough have been more active than Magic Johnson in the 80's. All due respect to the other sports, this is an all football edition of Keep It Real Friday: The NFL is King,

First Down: 75% of the moves made from the last week in February to the final week in April, are made with the NFL draft looming. The Kansas City Chiefs trading for Matt Cassel gives you at least one definite answer, they won't be drafting Mark Sanchez at #3. The Seattle Seahawks signing free agent wide out, T.J. Whoseyourmamma, makes you wonder if what was a given before the combine, the Seahawks drafting Michael Crabtree, is still a given now. The 49ers couldn't get Kurt Warner away from Arizona, possibly opening the door for one Mark Sanchez to be drafted at #10. The Patriots clear cap space by trading Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel to only pick up an early second round draft choice, which won't cost them as much money. The Atlanta Falcons watch LB's Keith Brooking and Michael Boley sign free agent contracts with the Cowboys and Giants, now they are in the market for rookie linebackers. NFL general managers had their opportunity to find out what they liked and didn't like about the coming draft class then, they began moving. You sign free agents because you can't draft a replacement who will give you as much, you pick up draft picks because you have alot of holes to fill. Rarely are there moves made in early March that won't play a significant role come late April. KEEP IT REAL!

Second Down: The Patriots are just that much smarter than you. Deal with it. While their fans spent 3-days after the trade tearing their hair out and complaining that they didn't get enough in return, FOR THEIR BACK UP QUARTERBACK, Bill Belichick was sitting in a room twisting is make believe mustache and laughing at what he'd just done. Let me pitch this to you, say you drafted a quarterback, who'd never even started a college football game, in the 7th round of the draft, and several years later you could trade him for a high second round draft pick, would you do it? Don't answer, I'll do it for you, YES, YES, YES! Wait though, you didn't "just" get a second round pick, you managed to disrupt one of the most talented offenses in the AFC, the Denver Broncos, by floating it out there that you were interested in their 12th pick, you would trade Cassel if they dumped Pro Bowl QB, Jay Cutler to Tampa Bay and Tampa would give up picks as well. Two things: (1) this would never have happened, why would the Patriots want a 12th pick when they have to pay Vince Wilfork (2) Josh McDaniels, have you learned nothing watching the Belichick/Mangini feud? Now, the Broncos have to either keep Cutler and have him hold a grudge, or trade him off at a twenty five cents on the dollar, because everyone knows you have an issue. Scott Pioli knew this, deal done, Pats get what they wanted. KEEP IT REAL! He's just that much smarter than you.

Third Down: Really Jay Cutler? Your that stunned that the Broncos attempted to shop you around the NFL? Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and Peyton Manning are the four quarterbacks in the NFL that remain untouchable, for now. What do they all have in common? THEY ALL ROCK CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS. Jay Cutler isn't a bad quarterback, he's got a giant arm, puts fans in seats, and sells jerseys, but he's 17-20 as a starter. Yes, the defense behind him is softer than pillows but he plays in the AFC West, yep that's right, he gets to play against Oakland and Kansas City twice a year. In his first two seasons as a starter, he threw 32 interceptions, does that sound like a quarterback who would work well in a Josh McDaniels system? McDaniels has worked with two quarterbacks Matt Cassel and Tom Brady, you know what defines guys like that? Consistency. Humbleness. Team Players. Have you seen any of those things from the cocky, risk taking, teammate calling out in public, Jay Cutler? No. So forgive Josh McDaniels if he wants to get his first head coaching job off the ground without having to worry about his quarterback taking shots that don't need to be made. If he had the opportunity to bring in Matt Cassel, he should do it. Jay Cutler isn't a championship winning quarterback who knows how to win, he's a 25-year old gunslinging Brett Favre Jr., please. Keep It Real!

Fourth Down: Terrell Owens, ahhhhh, did you think I would let Keep It Real Friday get away without mentioning T.O.? Here's a guy who kicked and screamed his way out of San Francisco, refused to play in Baltimore, and destroyed the Philadelphia locker room till they let him go. To Dallas. Most players would see the path they've trail blazed behind them and cool it, especially when playing in Dallas makes you one of the biggest athletes on the planet; see Tony Romo. Not Terrell Owens, oh no, Terrell is a lock for the Hall of Fame, that's a fact. However, when you look at Terrell's career, what impresses you? Where are the big wins? Where are the Michael Irvin like Super Bowl catches? Where is the teammate or coach who will introduce him to the members of the Hall of Fame? Those things are no where to be found, due to what he has done in his career, the bridges he has burned, and locker rooms he has destroyed, Terrell Owens is THE locker room cancer. No bones about it. I loved what T.O. brought to the field, he busted his hump, made some big plays, and could really play his position, but all that isn't worth it any longer, when you miss the playoffs and your team is as dysfunctional as the Cowboys have become, removing T.O. is the only way to at least make it seem like your attempting to right the ship. He'll end up on another team, that's for sure, but I'm just glad he isn't a Cowboy anymore. KEEP IT REAL! T.O. is T-Overrated.

. . . . .If you want more of , we'll give you NFL Mock Draft updates next week, possible destinations for Terrell Owens, and of course as always, KEEP IT REAL!

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