Monday, August 29, 2011

Can't Get Enough

Some may recuse themselves from discussions revolving around the most electric athlete in sports. My response to you: Do you let your vegan girlfriend lay out your clothes for you as well?!?!

With Monday evenings news coming out of Philadelphia, the Eagles inking quarterback Michael Vick to a six year estimated $100 million dollar deal, I'll just nod and applaud Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, well played my friend, well played.

Hard to imagine isn't it?!? 18-Months removed from being the third option on the Philadelphia depth chart, thankful to just be in the midst of his second chance opportunity in The League, how far Vick has come. As referred to in a May 21st, 2009 article from The Worldwide Leader, "penniless and reviled for running a vicious dogfighting ring, but hopeful for a second chance at his once-charmed life as a star NFL quarterback" Vick couldn't have dreamt of the day when he yet again inked his name to a contract offering him over $100 million dollars, the second of his career.

With more guaranteed money the second time around, (approximately $3 million more), Michael Vick sits again on the cusp of a career that has promised so very, very much and aside from glimpses, we've yet to seriously see. The first time, Vick sidelined a promising career with a 19-month stint in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary for his role in an inter-state dog fighting ring. Not exactly what we were hoping for from the kid out of Virginia Tech who gave the vaunted '98-'99 National Champion Florida State Seminoles all they could handle in 'Nawlins. This time?!? I'm not sure much will stop him, and the Eagles.

At 31-years old, a very old thirty-one, Mike Vick is a more mature quarterback than he's ever been. There is a reason the veteran quarterback reached career highs in passing yards, passer rating, touchdown passes, and all the while doing it with fewer passing attempts than he did his final two seasons in Atlanta. His interceptions were way down, a staple of quarterbacks who've matured into a player who makes plays rather than ends drives.

So, what is realistic from our latest anti-hero?!? A sure-to-be million dollar endorsement deal with Nike?!? Check. An NFL franchise throwing their entire off-season into improving every position around Vick?!?!? Check. An NFL owner foregoing the years taken off Falcons owner Arthur Blank's life?!? Check. A Super Bowl?!? To be continued.

And you wonder what it'll be like when Tiger Woods rocks the color red and sports a three-shot lead on a Sunday at a major?!?! I'm guessing something like this.

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