Wednesday, August 24, 2011


No, this isn't a quick post about the presidential candidacy of Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, but about Raiders owner Al Davis!

Upon hearing that Davis was the only owner in the NFL to make a selection in Monday afternoon's NFL supplemental draft, I knew what had happened. A 40-yard dash in 4.36 seconds at his pro day and at six feet six inches tall, Al Davis was simply blown away by a very athletic problem child. This time, it was outcasted former Ohio State wunderkinds, quarterback Terrelle Pryor. Giving up their 3rd round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, despite not having a pick in rounds two and four already, the Oakland Raiders reached for an athlete who makes what some would refer to as questionable decisions at best. Makes sense huh!?!

With veteran projects Jason Campbell (60+ NFL games under his belt), Kyle Boller (65+ games), and Trent Edwards (35+ games) all on board, another project quarterback was exactly what Oakland needed. In the dementia stage of his tenure as Raiders owner, Al Davis has pulled off another head scratcher at best.

(1) I can't say it enough, do you know what the most important attribute for NFL quarterbacks to have in order to be successful in this league is? Being a good decision-maker. Accepting money for autographs, exchanging Big Ten Championship rings for tattoos, and tip-toeing around receiving numerous other illicit benefits, all bad decisions. Trust me, it matters; see Michael Vick's pre-prison sentence career.

(2) If you have said the sentence, "Terrelle Pryor is going to learn to be a receiver / h-back in the NFL," you're way overpaying by selecting him and giving up your 2012 third-round pick. He's missed a ton of time already, has a pending five-game suspension, and furthermore has anyone seen him catch passes yet?


Don't let Pryor's super-agent Drew Rosenhaus fool you, there is no way Pryor is "tickled" to be headed to Oakland, no chance. Let alone the simple fact that a best case scenario would have been to get selected by a team with clear intentions for what to do with your athleticism, any team with an owner who opted for PowerPoint presentations over overhead projections would have been nice. Too bad for Pryor, really I mean that. As ESPN draft experts Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. attempt to sound off on what the Raiders might do with Pryor, don't bother listening because not even Oakland knows what they'll do yet.

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