Monday, April 27, 2009


Why is the NBA not reviewing Ben Gordon's antics after his game-tying three pointer at the end of the first overtime in the Bulls 121-118 victory over the Celtics Sunday afternoon?

I'm sure some of you remember when now Patriots wide out, then Vikings wide out, Randy Moss, celebrated a touchdown catch by mock mooning the crowd. Sure, it might be amusing as bathroom humour always is but the NFL didn't think so. In fact Mr. Moss received a rather hefty $100,000 fine for his actions.

Watch the play again with the YouTube clip I've posted. Ben Gordon hits the three point shot then feels the need to grab himself in celebration. Hey Ben, Michael ever do that? Larry ever do that? Maybe someone your familiar with, Ray Allen ever do that? What you did was classless and you ought to be suspended or at the very least pay a big fine. Grow up, you have kids watching you on television and people paying to see you play not grab yourself in a moment of celebration!

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The Zoner said...

I don't know about suspending him for that, but it sure was classless. Let your play speak for you.