Friday, April 17, 2009

Keep It Real Friday, Period

We've got an exciting Keep It Real this week . . we're talking the epicenter of sports, Beantown. We're talking Lord Stanley's Cup and why you should be following this. Greg Paulus wearing Maize and Blue, and of course Why the Celtics aren't and weren't winning a title in 2009.


It really doesn't end for Boston, does it? The Red Sox are getting roughed up in the early going (3-6) through nine. The Celtics coudln't have had a worse day. On Thursday we discover Kevin Garnett may be done for the postseason and GM Danny Ainge is laid up in the hospital. However, the Boston University Terriers are the current NCAA men's hockey national champions. As for their inter-town professional franchise, well the Bruins are the top seeded team in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Multiple super bowls, a pair of world series', a couple of college hockey national champions, oh and that banner known as '17. What more can one fan base win? A Stanley Cup, that's what. I fear for my fellow New England sports fans. After the Bruins hoist a cup our deal with the devil will be complete, he's held up his part of the bargain and our soul's are his for eternity. We won everything we dreamt of since 2000, we've hosted our share of championship parades, we've been the underdog and the favorite. Lucifer, you can have my soul, as long as you give me Lord Stanley's Cup.

While we're talking beantown, the Celtics weren't winning it again, even if KG was healthier. I know that is sacrilege in Boston but we need to step out of dream world here. Respect that Lebron has become Lebron 3.0 in 2009, respect that the Lakers are deeper this season, and respect that we still haven't replaced the likes of P.J. Brown and James Posey. That 31-point smackdown was an aberration of things to come if the Celtics reach the Cavaliers in the postseason. Yes, Lebron James is that good, and the Celtics don't have an answer for that, not this year. Mikki Moore and his 4 points and 4 boards a game aren't cutting it to replace P.J. Brown, sorry. Now I don't think you should take offense to me banging on the way the Celtics have played, all due respect 15-7 over the last two months isn't HORRIBLE, but it just won't do. The Cavaliers been 40-1 at home this season, read that sentence again, THEY ARE 40-1 at home. But you thought that Boston was going to take two games in a seven game series in Cleveland? Not this season folks, no way. Cleveland and Lebron is a better team than the one that took the C's to game 7 last postseason, I'm thankful they won it and I'd trade away Al Jefferson again if I had to for one banner, but that's all we're getting. KEEP IT REAL!

Get on the Hockey train folks, this is the time to do it. For all of you guys out there drinking yourself a tall glass of Hockey Haterade, you don't know what your missing. Yes, the regular season, just like in basketball, is entirely too long. This is the time of the year to latch onto a little puck, playoff hockey doesn't compare to the regular season. FACT: How many sports still have opponents who hate each other? Bruins and Canadiens, hate each other just as much as their fans hate each other. FACT: Scoring in the postseason is tough, only the good survive and usually they are amazing goals. For example, Chara's rocket into the net last night. You want great goals, you got 'em. FACT: No wild card weekends, no push over wins. Ask the Capitals about push over first round games. A 4-3 loss to the Rangers woke up a few in Washington. I know you still think it's just a foreign game and you'd rather watch The Biggest Loser, but your wrong. Put on some god damn puck and you'll see, and would you please stop saying hockey sucks, cause it doesn't. Take it from a guy who said the same thing only a year ago. KEEP IT REAL!

Lastly, C'mon Michigan, Greg Paulus, really? The 4-year Duke point guard is leaving Duke upon graduation. He isn't getting into pro basketball, a week after trying out for the Green Bay Packers, yep that's football, he's now going to get a shot to compete as a graduate student at the University of Michigan, playing football. If he can do this, it's a fun story. Got his starting job pulled away from him at Duke during his senior season, he WAS a top flight high school football recruit just four years ago, recruited by big schools and went another direction. Maybe choosing basketball wasn't the right choice for him, but playing quarterback for the maize and blue, this is a mistake for Michigan. You are building a SERIOUS program, and the first thing you do isn't get a former high school quarterback turned back up point guard to take your snaps in spring ball. I'd love to follow Paulus playing quarterback, that's fantastic, but not at Michigan of all places. There has to be another program, any program that wants to take the flyer, but please not Michigan. They are supposed to be a top flight program, they are supposed to compete against Ohio State, this is not the way to do it. Rich Rod, pass on this one, please. Good Luck Greg, but please not Michigan. KEEP IT REAL!

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