Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cry About It!

Ask yourselves, what really upsets you about the decision of LeBron James to play in Miami? You aren't Cavaliers fans. You love to hate the Knicks. Nobody honestly thought James would actually wear a Clippers or Nets jersey. As for Chicago, LeBron wasn't about to play under Michael's number and banners all while in the building that His Airness built. So ask yourselves, is it just the national television show which got you angry? If so, 7.3% of United States households tuned in, willingly. You wanted this to happen, you pulled over to the side of the road to watch the car crash, now your upset about it?!?! Folks, it's real simple: QUIT CRYING, GET OVER IT, & ENJOY THE RIDE.

Ten (10) Reasons You Ought To Be Excited

Ten Did you enjoy watching Pierce, Garnett, and Ray Allen for the past three seasons?!?!? Because this is what your getting, ten fold. Between LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade, your going to get what you just got in Boston, in Miami, for the next six seasons guaranteed. Your going to see three players, who like each other far more than Boston's Big Three, and are going to take the "Me Against The World" attitude, to another level. Trust me.

Nine Tired of the Western Conference dominance? Me too. Nine of the last twelve NBA Champions have come out of the Western Conference. Between the current dominance of the L.A. Lakers and their dominance between 1999-2002, coupled with the 4x NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs, the Western Conference has dominated the NBA Finals for far too long. You can consider that very close to over. Between the Miami Heat, the Chicago Bulls, the Orlando Magic, and what is left in Boston, the power has completely shifted back to our East Coast Bias.

Eight Isn't the NBA just more fun when Pat Riley is on center stage?!?!? The Miami Heat's president of basketball operations is the official closer of all front office executives in the NBA. Months in the making I'm sure, Pat Riley convinced three players that Miami is where they need to be and that Miami is where they can get it done. Whether Riley stays in the owner's box or makes a return to the bench, the NBA is just far more fun if Big Slick is in front of the camera and in front of the league.

Seven Now you and I get to watch Chris Bosh. He may not be a "super"star in every sense, but no one is happier to be in Miami than Chris Bosh. Playing his entire career in Toronto, we've missed out on Chris Bosh. Now playing alongside two of the games best players, that is over. We'll get to see Bosh on opening night, probably on Christmas Day, and every other Sunday afternoon game on ABC. Chris Bosh can rebound and score with the best of them. For those of you who say he won't be ready to play on this stage, he's been ready for seven seasons and this is the first time he's had the opportunity. I'm buying it.

Six After LeBron's return to Cleveland wearing a Heat jersey, we probably won't have to ever hear from Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert again. Gilbert is a classless a-hole if you want my not so humble opinion. He's a jilted lover and nothing more. I heard one person describe Gilbert in the best way, "Dan Gilbert is a guy who was married to a woman way to good looking for him, now he's shocked she finally left for someone better." Deal with it. As for his claims that he'll bring a title to Cleveland before LeBron helps bring one to Miami, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Wait, hahahahahahahahah. Riiiight.

Five If the NBA could get locked out next summer, what better way to go out than watch the games best on the biggest stage. I don't care if they let a fan play point guard every night, the Heat will contend next season I can bet you that. Damon Jones & Jason Kapono led the NBA in three point percentage when playing in Miami with Shaq and Wade, did nothing after. Why?!? Because with Wade & LeBron, and Chris Bosh, insert NBA caliber shooter, doesn't matter who, and all he has to do is hit wide open three pointers. This team will contend in 2010, don't bet against it.

Four When Bird played alongside Parrish and McHale, you saw three Hall Of Famers put in work. When Magic played alongside Kareem, you witnessed multiple championships and a dynasty. When Jordan played with Pippen, dynasty. When Duncan joined David Robinson, dynasty. Shaq & Kobe, dynasty. Pau & Kobe, dynasty. Would someone else like to explain the bad part of Wade and James?!?! Just one bad thing!??! How could you not be excited when we are sitting on possibly the next great dynasty in NBA history?

Three They've won before. This big trio played together in both the World Championships and the Olympics. With Wade coming off the bench! Isn't this just another Olympics with bigger implications (yes, the Olympics doesn't mean as much)? If these guys are going to have as much fun as they did in the Olympics, oh boy!!!!! LeBron and Wade aren't selfish, no part of their games ever have been. James did everything he could in Cleveland, giving Mo Williams and the rest of that supporting cast every opportunity to win, now he'll be giving the rock to someone who can do that.

Two LeBron James doesn't have to be "the scorer LeBron" we've grown accustomed to seeing. Better yet, he gets to be the passer. The passer LeBron James is more exciting than anything, and now with a finisher like Wade and Bosh, woah! LeBron is probably the best passer in the game today with court vision not seen since the likes of Magic Johnson. No?!?! Ask somebody who knows anything about hoops, LeBron can handle the rock.

One IT'S LEBRON & WADE ON THE SAME TEAM! Are you serious?!? You don't want this??!?! You don't want to see arguably two of the top three players in the NBA on the same roster running rough shot over anything in their way?!?! You don't want to see another dynasty with the top players in the league?!? You don't want to see more excited basketball than we've seen in a decade?!? The ideea of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade got me excited, the fact that it is happening gets me even more excited than I've been for an NBA game that will most likely have no impact on anything, the Heat opener!

Say you hate the NBA, say you can't stand what LeBron did to Cleveland, the fact of the matter is, you should be excited! Get After It!

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Unknown said...

I agree I do not understand why everyone is so surprised/upset.Given the choice what 25 year old guy would not go to South Beach with two of his boys?