Thursday, June 24, 2010

Keep It Real Birthday!?!?!

It's my birthday and I'll Keep It Real if I want to. (Yep, I just did that) What better day to return with America's most beloved column, Keep It Real ________ [insert day of the week]. With a surprising amount of stories taking place in the sports universe, I'm going to weigh in with a mixed bag of topics. From the U.S. soccer team to the NBA Draft, we're getting after it this Thursday morning by taking anyone and you to task!

Get After It!

U.S. Soccer Advances (time to tune in) You've got to pay attention now America. As much as the majority of you would like to go back to our baseball highlights, NBA free agent talk, and the occasional athlete scandal (Cough! Cough! Lawrence Taylor) Story #1 is easily our United States World Cup team. With the U.S. team advancing on a 91st minute tournament saving goal, the Unites States are making noise from coast to coast. Aside from the hero of yesterdays game, Landon Donovan, U.S. goalie Tim Howard is becoming a household name. We're sitting on the cusp of a U.S. team that has made significant noise with every sports platform using them as topic number one and story number one. Heading into the one and done round, the U.S. team will play a tough Ghana squad on Saturday afternoon. With America already on board, given our Championship in Golf, Hockey, and Basketball have just completed, it's about time we wake up and Keep It Real! Soccer is in!?!?!?!? GOAL ! GOAL ! GOAL! GOALLLLLL !

Graeme McDowell, McDONE THAT! I know our focuses had been on other events around us. Father's Day. Crowning NBA Champs. Previously mentioned World Cup. But the man from Northern Ireland that won the U.S. Open this weekend with Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Ernie Els chomping at the bit, should get a few more moments of glory. With the Saturday leader Dustin Johnson choking his way through 18 holes on Sunday, it was his playing partner that kept his chances alive and stayed ahead of the pack. Doing Late Night, guest appearances on Entourage, Graeme McDowell has officially placed his name under a long list of U.S. Open Champions and probably still hasn't gotten enough credit. While his 74 isn't usually the score you see on day four of a major, a score that wins the thing, it was on this past Sunday. McDowell shot his worst day of the tournament the same day everyone else did and still took it home. Can't say it enough, with every heavyweight in the game coming at him and then falling back, McDowell will leave with a victory at Pebble Beach and a name etched in history. Keep It Real, he's a just as impressive in a major victory as anyone else could have been.

The NBA Draftologists, self included. The day of, it heats up. You get trades here and there, and I love it! With all the hub about one and done Kentucky Wildcast John Wall, the draft is being overlooked. From Ohio State standout Evan Turner to Georgia Tech big man Derrick Favors, the whole front end of this draft is front loaded to the max. Then we go deeper into the draft with players the caliber of Patrick Patterson, another Kentucky standout. Damion James, the 6-7 Texas Longhorn. What about veteran college guards like Maryland's Greivis Vasquez and Kansas' Sherron Collins???? From my sleeper steals like Xavier's Jordan Crawford and Dwayne Collins of Miami, the NBA draft is deeper and more exciting than it's been in years. If you aren't on board with draft night, you better call somebody and find out. Keep It Real, off season, hot stove, trade buzz, the drafts are just as big in U.S. sports!

Happy Birthday ME! . . . .


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