Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Bosh Factor

Just as on draft night in 2003. Just as on "Redeem Team" in 2008. Now again, with free agency looming, 26-year old power forward Chris Bosh is taking another back seat to the King LeBron James and former NBA Finals MVP Dwyane Wade.

Some forget that Bosh was in the same draft class as LeBron, Carmelo Anthony, and Wade. The difference between his draft classmates and he? Bosh has been employed north of the border for the Toronto Raptors for the last seven seasons. Yes, I feel the need to remind you they are an NBA franchise playing in an NHL country. I digress. As free-agency hits this summer and Bosh is almost a lock to return to the United States, his landing spot might just be the most intriguing of all. I've gone ahead and broken it down appropriately.

We're dubbing it The Bosh Factor . . .

His list (rumored) consists of five NBA cities, including Toronto to save face for his current franchise as free agency doesn't begin till the start of July. After Toronto, Bosh has circled three of the four largest media markets in this country to make home. New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Finally, Bosh adds Miami, a franchise which is always on television, most likely will have a new head coach with a few rings, and the ability to re-sign their superstar as well as adding Bosh. These are the scenarios which Bosh is most likely entertaining:

Scenario #1 - Return to Toronto. Highly unlikely, to be blunt. Bosh scores 24 points a night and pulls down almost 11 rebounds, and he's only 26. Entering the prime of his career, we've barely been able to see him on the same stage as a Dwight Howard, James, or Wade, the postseason. Not to mention, Bosh is a a fun kid who we're missing out on because of his location. The media knows that, his handlers know that, and he knows that. Toronto should begin work on a sign and trade, because they won't get anything in return if they let him walk for free.

Scenario #2 - Go to New York, convince LeBron James to as well. The Knicks and Bosh might not be a perfect fit, but with LeBron, it looks way more dangerous. The Knicks would be a playoff team next season, Bosh would put up fantastic numbers, and while LeBron may become the Prince of the City, Bosh would be his running mate. If Chris Bosh wants immediate exposure since his isolation to Toronto, the Knicks would be an amazing jump onto the front pages. For the Knicks, there is no Bosh without LeBron, he also wants to win right away.

Scenario #3 - Bosh, LBJ, & Rose. If Chris Bosh and LeBron James got in touch, assuming they haven't, a jump to the Windy City would create a "big three" for that puts Boston's to shame. James won 62-games in a regular season, reached the NBA Finals, all without players like Bosh and Bulls guard Derrick Rose. For Chris Bosh, imagine the looks and paint he'd dominate with LeBron James & Derrick Rose playing 1/2 and him on his own down low? You'd have three players in their prime playing for a owner who wants to raise banners, and you'd probably be having a say in who their coach was as well. When you think of this scenario, why would there be any other?

Scenario #4 - Bosh finds his way to L.A. If it's true and Pau is on his way out, or even better Andrew Bynum who can't stay healthy, Chris Bosh would be Kobe's ideal. For Bosh, you'd be hitting Hollywood, and we know you desperately want that attention to your game and your personality. If your Phil Jackson, taking that pay cut to watch possibly Pau, Kobe, & Chris Bosh? Well it seems a little better now. For Kobe, this is the player you want to play with, a player who doesn't know what it's like to be on a contender every season. Not to mention the Lakers are always going to spend to stay in contention. Anyone doubt Russell Westbrook arrives in L.A. at some point? Chris Bosh would love to find his way to L.A., the cards are in your hands Mr. Buss.

Scenario #5 - Wade, Bosh, & Rose Read Scenario #3 again, everywhere I put LeBron, you add Dwyane Wade. Wade is an explosive player who has been to the top of the mountain and won. For Wade, he's a Chicago kid, he fits. Pair him with players like Rose & Bosh, and we've already seen what he can do at that level. Playing with players who want to win is something Bosh isn't used to, and have you seen Dwyane Wade play? If even a small portion of that rubs off on Bosh, he'd be scary good, if he's not already. I keep coming up with the same question as this option pops in my head. Does anyone believe Wade is leaving? Is anyone still on that boat?

Scenario #6 - The Consensus Of the 14 people I asked, 11 landed on; Chris Bosh is headed to Miami. With Pat Riley looming over the Heat bench, Dwyane Wade's return to Miami, and the addition of Chris Bosh, the Heat are an instant smash in the East. Does a Pat Riley coached team with Chris Bosh look dangerous to anyone else? If LeBron's re-signing in Cleveland or final landing spot takes as long as we presume, Bosh & Wade may be forced to jump in much sooner than originally expected. Bosh would love to be in Miami, about as far from Toronto as you can get. That media exposure is more relevant, he's on television more often, and the postseason Chris Bosh could be born. Winner.

As the NBA Draft draws near, it's possible this story gets more interesting by the day, but being the only player that can really draw LeBron James or Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh holds a few cards at this table.

Get After It!

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