Tuesday, November 10, 2009

LRN Power Rankings: Week 10

Vince Young is 2-0 as a starter in Tennessee. Believe it, the Dallas Cowboys are atop the NFC East. Some teams are the tale of two seasons, while others remain the same. Cincinnati is continuing to win and at 4-0 in their division, they'll look to lock it up quick. Alas, the Washington Redskins lose again while falling to 2-6 on the season and look worse doing it. These are the Week 10 Power Rankings from LynchyRightNow, get after it!

Quick notes worth explaining: The Texans and Panthers both moved up in losing efforts, they played on the road in Indianapolis and New Orleans while giving both undefeated teams a proper scare. The 4-4 Baltimore Ravens remain in the top 10, their losses are to Minnesota, Cincinnati (2), and New England, all playoff teams, they need some things to fall their way. To the Power Rankings . . .

1. New Orleans Saints (1) The Saints haven't played as well the last three weeks as they had the first five, however in the NFL a win is a win and 8-0 is pretty damn good.

2. Indianapolis Colts (2) The close calls at home to San Francisco and Houston don't worry me. Losing Bob Sanders before Brady & Co. visit Lucas Oil Stadium, now that worries me.

3. New England Patriots (5) Click, Click, Click. That is the sound of the New England Patriots beginning to 'Click' on all cylinders. This week in Indy is their first real road game since losing the first two in New York and Denver.

4. Minnesota Vikings (3) Should we ignore that Adrian Peterson has had just two 100 yard rushing games through eight weeks? Luckily, Detroit, Seattle, and Chicago are the next three for AP. Expect dominant performances.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (6) 4-0 In the AFC North. Traveling to Pittsburgh this weekend to play for the division title. It is safe to say that I'm stunned. Cedric Benson has had four 100 yard rushing games, attribute that to the reason why Carson Palmer is staying upright. (Sacked just twelves times this season)

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (8) These are the Steelers. We don't speak of them as we speak of the Patriots. We don't praise Big Ben as we do Peyton or Tom. However these Steelers make statement wins look easy. They handled the Broncos this week, they gave the Vikings their first loss. Hey, they're the Steelers.

7. Denver Broncos (4) Josh McDaniels may need to regroup his offense at this point, scoring just 17 points in their last two. Losing to Baltimore and Pittsburgh in back-to-back weeks while San Diego has ripped off three straight wins is a bad sign for the division leading Broncos.

8. Dallas Cowboys (10) The Cowboys are playing very, very well. With all do respect, I don't want to jinx it.

9. Baltimore Ravens (7) Fact, the Ravens have lost four games to better teams (Cincinnati, New England, & Minnesota). Fact, Indianapolis, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh are coming up, plenty of opportunity to make up ground.

10. Philadelphia Eagles (9) Very good one week, very average the next. Philadelphia had their opportunities at home against New Orleans & Dallas, they lost both of them. Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb should decide what they are and decide it quick.

11. Atlanta Falcons (13) We talked about how tough Atlanta's schedule is after reaching the playoffs a season ago. However, they've only lost games to teams in this weeks top 10. New England, New Orleans, and Dallas.

12. San Diego Chargers (17) Last to the party, the Chargers are playing well. After three straight wins the Chargers should be serving notice to Denver, this division isn't decided just yet.

13. Houston Texans (14) Don't worry Texans, your making moves. With seven games remaining the Texans will have a small window to get through, but they can do it. A defense that is finally stopping people led by super rookie Brian Cushing (78 tackles), and an offense led by Matt Schaub who has gone over 300 in three of their last five. Will a 5-2 finish be enough?

14. Miami Dolphins (11) Come back to planet Earth my friends. The 3-5 Dolphins aren't feeling as comfortable right now, however 5 of their next 6 are very winnable. Silver lining, they get New England, Pittsburgh, and Houston in South Florida.

15. Arizona Cardinals (18) The road warrior Cardinals? If the 49ers won't step up and win a few, leave it to the defending NFC Champion Cardinals. Arizona is 4-0 on the road this season and have 4 of their next 6, you guessed it, on the road.

16. Green Bay Packers (12) Maybe they're just bad. They've yet to beat a quality opponent and whether it be the offensive line or Aaron Rodgers himself, the quarterback is on his butt far to often.

17. San Francisco 49ers (16) Losers of four straight, most recently to the Vince Young led Titans, the Niners are struggling. Albeit, their 3-0 division record is still intact with four weeks till their next division contest.

18. Chicago Bears (15) Could Lovie Smith's job be on the line? The 4-4 Bears have given up on the run and don't hide it. A supposed Super Bowl contender is looking very average while their division rival Vikings are looking tougher and tougher.

19. Carolina Panthers (21) Well, well, well. The Carolina Panthers have some heart. The Panthers took a 17-6 lead into halftime at New Orleans this past weekend, DeAngelo Williams was one yard shy of his second straight 150+ yard game. When the Panthers are clicking, they are rushing the ball with authority. Huge game for the 3-5 Panthers this week vs. Atlanta.

20. New York Jets (20) Two weeks before they head to Foxborough, MA. Prepare yourself Rex Ryan, it's like you said, they have a better coach and a better quarterback than you.

21. New York Giants (19) It's a freefall . . .four straight losses with Atlanta, Denver, and Dallas coming up? The Giants are on a bye week and must figure a way to straighten things out before the hole is too deep.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (23) Maurice Jones-Drew is the only thing going for this team. 136 yards a game over his last three, including six touchdowns. A massive turnaround is in check if the 4-4 Jaguars are looking to make a playoff push.

23. Buffalo Bills (22) I'm going to go out on a limb here, Michael Vick and Terrell Owens? Why not? This team can't be printing their own money yet and I have a sneaking suspicion many cameras and eyes would be on Buffalo if they brought in Michael Vick and returned T.O. with dare I say it . . legendary Tony Dungy?

24. Tennessee Titans (26) Impressed with Vince Young's 2-0 start? Not really. Impressed by Chris Johnson and his 181 yards per game over the last two, yes! The Titans may have already played themselves out of making the playoffs but finishing strong after an 0-6 start, that would be respectable.

25. Seattle Seahawks (25) The Seahawks should be blown up at some point soon, they can beat bad teams (their win vs. Detroit this past week) but against legit teams, they just aren't that good.

26. St. Louis Rams (27) The Rams got a win. Since I'm a draft guy and the Rams will have a top 5 pick . . . With the #3 selection in the 2010 NFL Draft the St. Louis Rams select Jimmy Clausen, quarterback Notre Dame.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (30) Great, let's keep it going. With the #5 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Ndamukong Suh, defensive tackle Nebraska.

28. Kansas City Chiefs (24) With Larry Johnson out, the Chiefs can get back to building their team. Scott Pioli has a rebuilding project and hopes that something will turn this team around, anything.

29. Oakland Raiders (29) The team that has gone through countless head coaches over recent years is now going through more coaching troubles? If I was a betting man, Tom Cable is out quicker than we think.

30. Detroit Lions (28) The Lions couldn't hold onto a lead against Seattle and Matt Stafford threw a bunch of interceptions. This team needs alot of things but mostly they need to be patient.

31. Washington Redskins (31) The Redskins need someone to bring players in, coach players, and keep Daniel Snyder signing checks, that's it. I'm positive that the Skins don't know where to go at this point and are just throwing money at problems.

32. Cleveland Browns (32) Mike Holmgren? Who are you going to draft? Another Notre Dame quarterback? I don't see the Browns getting any better anytime soon, firing Mangini this quick is embarrassing.

. . Till next week!

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