Friday, June 26, 2009

Keep It Real Friday: The Draft

The NBA Draft, the preeminent draft in the sports universe. A night with at least one guy wearing a ridiculous bow tie, Dicky V via satellite, and a panoramic lens to catch 6'7" hoops stars shaking hands with 5'5" commissioner David Stern for a photo op. Folks, life doesn't' get much better than this.

As a tribute to last night I'm prepared to deliver KEEP IT REAL FRIDAY in NBA draft style, moonwalking on my desk like Michael Jackson (had to do it) let's get after it!

BOOM! The Spurs are not done their run just yet. For everyone who thought that Tim Duncan and the Spurs didn't have gas left in the tank after the Spurs less than memorable departure from the postseason, think again. San Antonio has fully reloaded less than a month after the season ended. First, the Spurs went out and got both athletic and dangerous. 20 point per game scorer, Richard Jefferson, creates a more versatile starting five and covers the Spurs in case of injury to either Ginobli or Parker, depth they were missing from last season. For the first time in his career Jefferson is playing with a legit big man inside, this should free up his game and allow him to make a bigger impact. In the draft, they seriously got what they needed and did it in the second round. Hurricane Jack McClinton gives them a forceful sharp shooter. McClinton has deadly range and gives the Spurs a 3-point threat off the bench. Major similarities with Celtic back up Eddie House, and you saw how Boston made sure they kept him around after their 17th World Championship was captured. DeJuan Blair going in the second round was a shock to many, and it's not shocking that he didn't get past San Antonio at #37, he gives them depth off the bench and can develop into a fine NBA big man. Finally, having had pretty good success with their current French born point guard the Spurs were sure to add yet another French born point guard in Nando De Colo. This Spurs teams can make me shut off my NFL SUNDAY TICKET in November and turn on some hoops. San Antonio doesn't re-build, they just reload, KEEP IT REAL!

I'll say it, god damn I like these Nets. With each move the Nets have made, they get more exciting to watch. This probably doesn't result in wins and a playoff spot, but I like them. With current NBA All-Star guard, Devin Harris exploding onto the scene in 2009 the Nets were looking to give him some young hungry talent to work with. Out with disgruntled Vince Carter, in with postseason rookie standout Courtney Lee. Courtney Lee comes off a season in which he turned into the steal of the 2008 draft and finds himself playing with Devin Harris in the garden state, maybe not an ideal state but he's playing with a true scoring guard. Lee is getting off better shots and has played noticeably well in this past postseason, experience which no one has on that Nets team. Drafting Terrance Williams at #11 is a jackpot if you ask me, the Louisville 2-guard has exceptional talent and is the most personable guy in this draft class. Williams has a versatile game both defensively and offensively, not to mention the amount of energy he'll bring to this Nets team. Comparing yourself to Ron Artest isn't always a good thing, but if Williams plays like Artest does on the court, this is going to get very interesting. With Harris, Williams and Courtney Lee, the Nets remind me of that Hawk squad that almost knocked off the Celtics in 2008. Keep your eye on New Jersey, this team is my sexy pick of 2010! I'll be checking both my NFL SUNDAY TICKET SCHEDULE & the New Jersey Nets schedule! KEEP IT REAL!

Ricky Rubio won't be a Timberwolve for long, bank on it. Let me get this straight, Rubio made it clear he doesn't want any part of Minnesota and they still picked him? Then they followed that up by drafting Jonny Flynn, further pissing off Ricky Rubio. The Timberwolves showed up in New York with two hats and put them on two guys who play the same spot? Are we sure that Kevin McHale still isn't in charge? Has he actually left the building or is he still in the back of that war room wearing a disguise and shouting out draft picks? No seriously. A year after basically dumping O.J. Mayo for Kevin Love the T-Wolves follow it up with this head scratcher. Ricky Rubio doesn't know how good Al Jefferson is and at this rate he will never find out. The Timberwolves are going to lose out that selection when Rubio heads back to Spain when other guys they could have used were on the board a.k.a. Steph Curry. With Jonny Flynn and Steph Curry the Timberwolves would have had their back court for the future and would have looked dangerous, now they are just going to look like fools. Furthermore, Wayne Ellington won't be as effective in the NBA as people think. The Timberwolves will never get to see Ricky Rubio in action and for a team that had four picks in the first round, they did about as bad as anyone could do. Kevin McHale is still lingering and this team is oddly constructed, there is a reason I don't mind paying for NFL SUNDAY TICKET PRICE and would never pay for a t-wolves ticket.KEEP IT REAL!


Danny Granger is slamming his head into a wall right now. Looks like Larry Bird has officially gone off the deep end in Indiana, a state where he could once do nothing wrong. The "what the f*&%" moment of draft night 2009 happened at pick #13. With fantastic small forward from Louisville, Earl Clark still on the board and the Indiana Pacers desperately needing a running mate for Danny Granger they passed. Instead of a player like Earl Clark or Sam Young from Pittsburgh, the Pacers select Tyler Hansbrough, who won't be able to be Tyler Hansbrough from Chapel Hill in The League. Hansbrough's game DOES NOT TRANSLATE for the 19,000th time. Oh, and may I remind everyone that he was projected as a mid to late round selection, couldn't they have moved back if they really wanted him? Was he REALLY going to get taken before 20? Doesn't this team already have their max on white guys who can't play in the NBA but were studs in college? Troy Murphy, Josh McRoberts, Mike Dunleavy, and now they pick up Tyler Hansbrough? It's time we put a freeze on hiring retired NBA hall of famers as GM's, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Kevin McHale, great NBA players, terrible GM's, and I haven't even mentioned Isiah Thomas. So Danny Granger have fun with these great hustle guys and wake me when they get you a running mate. LARRY OUT, KEEP IT REAL!

That wraps up another successful NBA draft season, and I'll leave you with a final message from our 2009 NBA draft party:

"It's 3:30 in the morning, still drinking, another NBA draft in the books, fantastic!"

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