Friday, January 9, 2009

BAM! Keep It Real!

Keep It Real Friday is off with a bang this week. We're talking The Epicenter of Sports, the New York Yankees, and why Titans rookie running back, Chris Johnson, should stop talking out of his ***. Oh, and we'll diagnose the BCS for the 1,000,0000th time.

Breaking It Down Boston is on the brink, you know this:

The Red Sox came up short in their attempt for a third World Series title since 2004. They followed up that with a disappointing off season thus far, losing out on free-agent first baseman, Mark Teixeira, to the rival New York Yankees. Now they have taken out low-risk contracts on the likes of former Cy Young candidate, Brad Penney, former Tampa Bay outfielder, Rocco Baldelli, and future hall of famer, John Smoltz. Again, they aren't a mid-twenties power hitter entering the possible prime of his career.

After the Boston Celtics ripped off a 17th World Championship in 2008 and tore through the first several months of the season, they've dropped 6 of their last 8 games since losing to L.A. on Christmas Day, ending their previous 19-game winning streak. The likes of the Knicks, Bobcats, Warriors, and Trailblazers have all dropped the Celtics in the past two weeks. Now the obvious rumours you know about are that they will add hated NBA guard, Stephon Marbury. A team searching to get their swagger back is about to add a known cancer, perfect.

The New England Patriots had the worst injury in the league this season. All world quarterback, Tom Brady, done for 2008 and possibly his career. If it wasn't bad enough already, the Patriots win 11 games and miss the playoffs, just a year removed from their record setting 18-1 season. The Pats have gaping holes in their defense, are getting older in the tooth as the days go by, and because of the injury to Brady, are forced to put a franchise tag on their backup, Matt Cassel. That tag will force the Patriots to have two of the five highest paid quarterbacks in the league on one sideline. This is not the Pioli/Belichick way. For you Patriot fans out there, the Dolphins aren't getting worse.

Boston College football wins their division of the ACC for the second straight year, only to lose to Virginia Tech for the second straight year in the same title game. To add insult, they dropped their bowl game to a 6-6 Vanderbilt team, their first bowl loss in 9 years. Then, just this past week their head coach of only two years determines that a job as an NFL coordinator, because you know the Jets aren't hiring him, is better than his job as the head coach of the Boston College Eagles. Jagodzinski, OUT.

Boston College hoops beats the #1 team in the country, at their place. They knocked off North Carolina on Sunday night and then just two days later get beat by Harvard, yes, that Harvard. Not only did Harvard beat them, they beat them at Boston College, the only victory Harvard ever had against a ranked opponent, EVER!

I guess there is a price to pay for three super bowls, two world series trophies, the reigning baseball MVP, an NBA championship, and a partridge and a pear tree. KEEP IT REAL, the epicenter of the sports universe is struggling.

The Yankees have gone out and paid top dollar for the top free agents. I'll remind you Manny Ramirez remains unsigned. By adding Teixeira, Sabathia, and Burnett, you could be looking at the American League champs, well I'm not going that far, but you get my point. I just want everyone to understand one thing, they have a smaller payroll for the coming season, than they did last season. They outspent the Red Sox not because they have more money, but because they truly believe it is the way to get back into the contending picture. The Red Sox, under no circumstances, had to go out this season and spend that kind of money, they really didn't. They have their C.C. Sabathia, his name is Josh Beckett, they have their A.J. Burnett, his name is John Smoltz/Brad Penney, and of course they do have a first baseman who got more MVP votes than the one the Yanks just paid top dollar for, his name is Kevin Youkilis. Yes, it would have been nice to add Tex, but it didn't happen, move along and as always, Keep It Real!

Titans rookie running back, Chris Johnson claims that he, and not Matt Ryan, should be the NFL offensive rookie of the year. He calls the voting "bogus", and implies that if his peers voted for the award, he would have easily won it. Somehow, being the only rookie selected to the Pro Bowl gives him the right to call himself the rookie of the year. Chris Johnson, shut up. For starters, if it wasn't Matt Ryan, it should have been Joe Flacco. The reason I take such issue with Johnson is because he doesn't even find out what the other rookies this season have done. He's succeeded in a run first, pass second offense. An offense which was carried by the defense for the majority of the season, and an offense which he wasn't the only feature back. Johnson was the 8th leading rusher in his rookie season, it's respectable, but look at who was ahead of him, playing the same position as him. Chicago Bears rookie, Matt Forte, who rushed for more yards on an offense that has struggled for years since the trading of Thomas Jones, a pro bowl starter. Steve Slaton, a fellow AFC baller, who like Forte, racked up more yards than Chris Johnson, and plays on a team that needs to get the ball in the hands of their best player, Andre Johnson. Yet neither of them are Pro Bowl backs yet right? Chris Johnson plays in a conference which isn't heavy at the running back position, Matt Forte is playing in a conference with Michael Turner, Steven Jackson, Adrian Peterson, Clinton Portis, and DeAngelo Williams. Then you want to poll the players to see if Matt Ryan would still win rookie of the year? Go ahead, and I guarantee he'd win. Ryan stepped into the hardest position on the field, with the most to learn, the most difficult transition for a rookie, and his team got in the playoffs. You played the position which is widely known as the easiest to adapt to. Keep It Real Chris! Your a great player, but an idiot.

So the Florida Gators are National Champions, and you'll get no real argument from me. I think that they played a hell of a season, and never once doubted they wouldn't beat Oklahoma in the title game. However, to the fans and players of Utah, KEEP IT REAL! Congrats, you beat an Alabama team playing without their Outland Trophy winning offensive tackle. It's impressive, finishing your season without a blemish is equally impressive. But the truth couldn't have been said better when my buddy Joe said it:

"I wouldn't make Utah #1, they wouldn't even get a piece of the title. On Friday morning after all was said and done, if you put Utah against USC, Florida, Oklahoma, or Texas, they'd be a double-digit dog, and you know that."

Your not beating Tim Tebow and the Gators, it wouldn't happen. Maybe you'd knock off one of these Big 12 teams, but I doubt it. In no way, shape, or form are you beating the Trojans of Southern California, they are too fast, too strong, and too deep. KEEP IT REAL! Be happy with your top five ranking.

As Always, KEEP IT REAL!

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