Thursday, September 25, 2008

Week 4; Pick 'Em

I'm not picking the Cowboys game, the reverse jinx only works so many times. For those Dolphins fans who are now excited about 2008, the wishbone doesn't work for long in the NFL, get a grip. To the picks . . .

Broncos -9.5 @ Chiefs The Chiefs have given up 78 points in three games. Against a Patriot offense without it's field general, JaMarcus Russell (6/17 55 yards passing), and an Atlanta offense that is easing their rookie quarterback into the NFL. The Broncos have scored 114 points and have a quarterback in Jay Cutler whose looked nothing short of awesome. Broncos -21 that isn't a typo.

Ravens +6.5 @ Steelers Roethlisberger is hurt and playing. Willie Parker is out, rookie Rashard Mendenhall is in. By the third quarter of last weeks game in Philadelphia, Big Ben looked battered. Sacked 8 times in one afternoon for a guy who may already be injured and now he has to face Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens? Ask Kellen Winslow what that feels like after being on the receiving end of a Ray Lewis jaw shattering hit last week. Ravens +6.5

Chargers -7.5 @ Raiders Lane Kiffin, still the head coach of the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis, still bad sh*t crazy. Phil Rivers (were dropping the IP from Phillip) is playing great. Sproles or Tomlinson run wild on the Raiders and the Chargers continue to put points on the board. Chargers -7.5

Vikings +3 @ Titans When can all that Vikes to the Super Bowl talk stop? They just aren't that good under center, not Tarvaris or Gus are going to change things. It doesn't matter how good Peterson is, as long as the Titans march out Haynesworth on defense, they can stop anyone. Did I mention I love Kerry Collins for this Titans team? Titans -3

Falcons +7 @ Panthers Last time I picked Matt Ryan on the road, things didn't go so well. Jon Fox has a good defense and can do the same things to Ryan that Gruden and the Bucs could do. Carolina is going to win some games this season and shake some things up. Falcons won't be able to get the run game going early. Panthers -7

Browns +3.5 @ Bengals Who wants to watch this game? Zero wins in six games for State of Ohio, professional football teams. I think that the Southern California Trojans would give both of these teams all they could handle, seriously. Bengals should have upset the Giants last week in New York, the Browns haven't come as close to winning. When in doubt, pick the home team. Bengals -3.5

Season Record 6-11

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