Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pick Em'

Were going to try and make this a weekly thing, I'm picking 6 NFL games a week (no spreads, I heard it's illegal to bet on sports in Massachusetts.) So consider this as "advice" so to speak:

Thursday, September 4th:

Washington Redskins @ New York Giants The defending champs are opening up the 2008 season, in New York, down a few players (future HOF, Michael Strahan & Pro Bowl defensive end, Usi Umenyiora). If you had asked me about this game pre-January 2008, I'd have told you that Eli isn't capable of playing under the microscope that is New York. But today, after taking the New England Patriots and their 18-0 record out behind the wood shed, I'm all in with Eli. I liked these 'Skins when Todd Collins was leading them into the playoffs, with a new head coach, it'll take quarterback, Jason Campbell, a couple of games to figure it out. pick: Giants

Sunday, September 7th:

New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins Once Favre got sent to the Jets and Pennington ended up in Miami this game became significant. Parcells isn't patrolling the sidelines for Miami, he's in the box. Long time Dolphins, Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas are gone, and Ricky Williams, yes, THAT Ricky Williams, may just be the most talented offensive threat they have. Eating Cheetos, lounging on the couch, and watching television are the most productive things to do when your stoned, not rushing through 300 pound defensive linemen, but I digress. The 2008 Jets aren't the 2007 Jets. They've improved their offensive line (Alan Faneca), their backfield (Tony Richardson), and of course under center (Brett Favre). pick: Jets

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints In the past week the Saints have evacuated 'Nawlins for Indianapolis, traveled back to examine the damage that Gustav caused, and returned to practice. Jon Gruden hasn't done anythng else but get his Bucs prepared for the Saints. They may be improved with the addition of Vilma, Shockey and the drafting of Ellis, but these Bucs may cause the Saints more harm than Gustav. Next to the Ravens, no one has played better defense, longer than the Buccaneers. pick: Buccaneers

Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots So the Patriots win 18 straight games in 2007, and they get Kansas City in Week 1? Your giving possibly the best team in the league the Chiefs in the opening week, the Chiefs are TERRIBLE. Normally I wouldn't bother with a sure to be lopsided affair, but with Brady possibly being somewhat injured, I LIKE IT! If I were a betting man I'd take the Chiefs and the points (wait, I said we weren't doing that) The Patriots will light it up in the afternoon and make a point. This is a statement game, Kansas City is not prepared to play against this offense and Brady & Co. will get back to their winning ways in dominant fashion. pick: Patriots

Chicago Bears @ Indianapolis Colts It amazes me that the Bears are going into yet another season with the Orton/Grossman combination at quarterback. Does the term "trying to fit a square peg into a round hole" mean anything? The Colts however, may have a glaring problem. Manning has been a tad more open than Brady about his injury. Expressing concern about "getting into the flow of things" and "finding rhythm within the offense." Both of these statements make me believe that there is some doubt in Peyton's mind. For an offense that has Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark, and Joseph Addai, maybe Jim Sorgi could lead them to the playoffs, but I doubt it.pick: Colts

Monday, September 8th:

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers Has the spotlight ever shined brighter on any player than it will on Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay on Monday night? I'm sorry folks but I don't buy that Brett Favre WAS the 2007 Packers and the Packers brass don't either. Rock solid offensive line, Donald Driver catching passes, and Ryan Grant rushing should give Rodgers enough to roll with. Know what else I don't buy? The Vikings as a true Super Bowl contender. From his 'Sooner days to his rookie year in the NFL, when is the last time Adrian Peterson played an entire season? You think Tarvaris Jackson is good enough under center? The had a 70.8 passer rating in 2007, the kicker? IT BROUGHT HIS CAREER PASSING RATING UP! The man tossed 9 touchdowns and 12 interceptions last season. Against Dallas in week 7, the Cowboys defense shut down Peterson (12 carries, 63 yards) and your boy Tarvaris went 6 for 19 with 72 yards passing! I'm all fired up pick: Packers

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