Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week 2: Pick 'Em

Back by popular demand, and at the hope of winning some of my manhood back, were doing Week 2; Pick 'Em, WITH LINES!! Finished Week 1 at 4-2. Get your bookie on speed dial, stay away from North Carolina @ Rutgers tonight, weird things always happen in Piscataway, New Jersey.

To the picks . .

Baltimore +4.5 @ Houston Not only is Charm City in love with strong armed, rookie quarterback, Joe Flacco, but so am I. What Trent Dilfer did for the the vaunted Ravens defense in '00-'01, Baltimore will need Joe Flacco to do in 2008. That is stay away from interceptions, find OPEN receivers, and hand the ball off to a quality Raven backfield. In week one, against the swiss cheese defense that is the Bengals, rookie Ray Rice, and Le'Ron McClain combined for 150 yards on 41 carries. The Texans however, didn't have as good of luck against Pittsburgh. Houston got waxed 38-17, gave up 183 yards on the ground, and 3 rushing touchdowns. If not for the Rams and Raiders, were talking about how bad the Texans were in week 1. Pick: Ravens +4.5

Philadelphia +7 @ Dallas You can't look much better than Dallas & Philly looked in their openers. Philly torched St. Louis on big play after big play, McNabb threw for 300+ for the first time since the Clinton Administration and St. Louis looked like a high school team. The Cowboys destroyed Cleveland at the 'Dog Pound.' Romo had twenty-five minutes to find his receivers, Barber mashed for three quarters (16 carries, 80 yards, 2 TD's) T.O. was T.O. and the debut of rookie back, Felix Jones, went off with a big bang. This is a statement game for both teams, huge win at Dallas for Philly and they are the odds on favorite in the NFC, Dallas puts up 5 TD's against Philly, people are fearing when their schedule comes up DAL. Secondary of Dallas gets a boost with Newman back, Anthony Spencer could also be back giving their front seven a boost. Pick: Dallas -7

Buffalo +5.5 @ Jacksonville The Jags are in trouble. The Titans defense sacked Garrard 7 times on Sunday. Starting offensive guards Maurice Williams (out for two games) and Vince Manuwai (out for season) won't be playing on Sunday against a Bills team that registered 5 sacks in their opening win. Former 7-year Jaguar, Marcus Stround makes his return to Jacksonville this week with something to prove (six tackles on Sunday). A much weaker offensive line destroys Jacksonville's hope at running the ball and puts pressure on Garrard. My AFC champion Jaguars pick isn't looking so good.
Pick: Buffalo +5.5

Atlanta +7 @ Tampa (I'm writing this with my best Gruden face on, try reading it with yours) Love the Falcons making a improvements this year. shocked by Turners' 22 carries and 220 yards but all due respect, it was against the Lions! (sidenote: you've gotta feel real bad if your a Lions fan, your team is terrible and you have to live in Detriot) Anyway, the Falcons have a quality rushing attack, next to Turner was Jerious Norwoods' 93 yards on 14 carries. Ryan stayed out of trouble getting sacked only once, that may change facing a Bucs defense that is already down 0-1. Gruden is going to throw alot of new NFL looks at the young Falcon field general. Griese, starting in place of the injured Jeff Garcia, automatically gives the Falcons a couple timely turnovers. Either way, Pick: Atlanta +7

Miami +6.5 @ Arizona One week in and can you definitely say anything about either of these teams? Arizona beat a terrible 49ers team, 23-13. Knowing that Frank Gore would rush the ball 14-20 times, due to the ineptness of 49er Quarterback, J.T. O'Sullivan, the Cardinal defense still gave up 96 yards on the ground. Even though the Fish gave the Jets a scare, 90% of what Chad Pennington did was out of spite for his former team. After playing so well in week 1, it's no doubt that week 2 should see a fall off. Arizona has some offensive weapons, they are playing at home and unfortunately, they are giving WAY to many points. Pick: Miami +6.5

Pittsburgh -6 @ Cleveland The Browns are terrible, they are on national television way to much this year, and Cleveland fans are in for a long year. I can already hear the chants for Brady Quinn from Ohio. Romeo Crennel joins a long list of defensive coordinators turned head coaches that bring horrid defenses every week (Marvin Lewis, right at the top of that list). I don't care if it is Ryan Leaf playing quarterback, anyone given more than 10 seconds to throw the ball will pick you apart. Quarterbacks like Romo and Roethlisberger will finish the game in the first half. The Browns are very unlucky getting the future NFC champion Cowboys and AFC champion Steelers in back-2-back weeks to open the 2008 campaign. The Steelers could be giving 3 touchdowns and you'd have a hard time talking me out of them. Pick: Pittsburgh -6

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