Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10 Plus: Take it to the bank!

I'm from Massachusetts, but I'm not a Patriots fan. It's necessary to say that because what I'm about to say isn't biased or based on blind faith, it's fact. Without All-World quarterback, Tom Brady, the New England Patriots will win 10+ games & THE DIVISION; you can take that to the bank!

I've also enlisted some Pats fans to give me some perspective.

Week 2 @ the Meadowlands Favre's first shot at the Pats, playing in the division, at home. If your the Jets, this is the reason you go out and get Brett Favre, right? To beat the rival Patriots, Howdy Doody (Chad Pennington) just wouldn't do. THE TRUTH: Favre won't do either, Maroney & Morris combine for 100+ and the Pats have the gamebreaker, his last name rhymes with BOSS. Win (2)

Dan: Pats Jerry: Jets Roche: Pats

Week 3 @ Foxboro against the Dolphins Nearly two full weeks of the Matt Cassel era and he'll have won his third game. The Dolphins offense is anemic, Ricky Williams rushed for 24 yards on 10 carries in week 1 and if he's still healthy by week 3, expect more of the same. The Dolphins will have more than one win in 2008, but none will come against New England. Win (3)

Dan: Pats Jerry: Pats Roche: Pats

Week 5 @ San Francisco J.T. O'Sullivan coughed up two fumbles, threw an interception, and was sacked 4 times this past week . . .AGAINST ARIZONA! From Maine to Providence, Cassel hysteria has reached an all-time high. Win (4)

Dan: Pats Jerry: Pats Roche: Pats

Week 6 @ San Diego Before you say it, the Chargers just lost Merriman for the year, they looked terrible at home against Carolina, and may even have lost tight end Antonio Gates for some time. Playing Oakland and Miami just before the Patriots come into town won't exactly test them either. However, the Chargers are playing at their place and they do have the best running back in the league. Rivers isn't J.T. O'Sullivan, Brody Croyle, or Chad Pennington. At the risk of sounding crazy: Loss (1)

Dan: Chargers Jerry: Chargers Roche: Chargers

Week 7 @ Foxboro against the Broncos I like Denver in this game and it has nothing to do with the whipping they put on lowly Oakland (41-14) this week. This might be the first time we see the Patriots have to come back after a regular season loss in over a year. The Broncos have some good receivers and a good set of defensive backs. The ability to give Moss and Welker fits and offensively, the Broncos could take advantage of that secondary. Loss (2)

Dan: Broncos Jerry: Broncos Roche: Broncos

Week 8 @ Foxboro against the Rams Two-game losing streak, adversity, meet THE CURE. What the Rams were in week 1, isn't a mirage. They aren't that good, they don't believe they can win, and even the coach may have lost this team. Patriots back on track. Win (5)

Dan: Pats Jerry: Pats Roche: Pats

Week 9 @ Indianapolis The Colts could be getting old quick, but I'm going to go with what you saw in week 1 being rust. Peyton is still standing upright and until he isn't, I'll take the Colts. Loss (3)

Dan: Colts Jerry: Colts Roche: Colts

Week 10 @ Foxboro against the Bills At 5-3 and losing 3 of their last 4 games, has Belichick lost faith in Cassel? Were getting there and a loss in this game would do it. I don't think the Bills have more talent than the Patriots, but I do think they are well coached by Dick Jauron and play good defense. I think the Bills push Cassel and the Pats to the brink in this one. Loss (4)

Dan: Pats Jerry: Pats Roche: Bills

Week 11 @ Foxboro against the Jets This could be your back breaker with Matt Cassel. Favre has had more than half a season to acclimate himself to the Jets and their system. I'm guessing the Patriots aren't feeling so good losing 4 of their last 5. The crowd at Foxboro will be dying for a home win here. I don't think the Pats will slip to .500 they get a win, but it's close. Win (6)

Dan: Pats Jerry: Pats Roche: Pats

Week 12 @ Miami Even Tom Brady has lost a clunker in Miami. But this is the Taylor/Thomas less Fish led by Pennington. If you haven't figured it out, I'm not high on Pennington/Parcells/ or Holistic Healer Ricky Williams. Pats improve to 7-4. Win (7)

Dan: Pats Jerry: Pats Roche: Fish

Week 13 @ Foxboro against Pittsburgh This team is legit. Week 1, their linebackers looked great, Big Ben looked like Big Ben, and Willie Parker was rushing the ball like old. The Steelers take advantage of the BradyLESS Patriots. Loss (5)

Dan: Steelers Jerry: Steelers Roche: Steelers

Week 14 @ Seattle The Seahawks have hands down the most dominant home field advantage. If 13 weeks into the season they are healthy at receiver and have developed somewhat of a rushing game, oh and Hasslebeck's bulging disk hasn't gotten worse then the Patriots will have problems. Unfortunately for Seahawks fans, that is to many if's for my liking. Win (8)

Dan: Seahawks Jerry: Pats Roche: Pats

Week 15 @ Oakland The Pats roll, did you see the Raiders play last night? They have no offensive line, a soft defense, and oh yea, a crazy owner. The Pats are making a playoff push and this is Win (9)

Dan: Pats Jerry: Pats Roche: Pats

Week 16 @ Foxboro against Arizona Kurt Warner probably can't stay healthy long enough for the Cardinals to make a playoff push. In that event, Leinart and his former backup Matt Cassel could be sharing the same field. Cassel wold be leading his team to win number 10, luckily he's playing at home. Win (10)

Dan: Pats Jerry: Pats Roche: Pats

Week 17 @ Buffalo The Bills aren't making the playoffs but I've gotta think to sweep the defending division champs without Brady will give them something to smile about. Buffalo wins a wild one, but the Jets lose the tiebreaker to the Patriots. Hats off to the Bills. Loss (6)

Dan: Pats Jerry: Pats Roche: Pats

I've got the Patriots going 10-6, which I think will be enough to win the AFC East. Luckily for New England, Matt Cassel, or whoever is playing quarterback for the Pats, they have horribly easy schedule. They'll win the division and play in the first weekend of the playoffs. It's going to get exciting.

Dan: 11-5
Jerry: 11-5
Roche: 10-6

(they really tried not to be bias)

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