Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tom Brady v. Derek Jeter . .FOR ONE DAY

After countless conversations with my knucklehead friends, with a few miller lites (and when I say a few, I mean like Vin Baker telling the cops he's had a few) in us, I have decided to end the debate right here. If you could either be Derek Jeter or Tom Brady for a day, Who would you be?

Tom Brady - the golden boy because there is no box for "dating the hottest woman on the planet," and he's not married, the box he would check is single. The man is boasting 3 NFL Championship rings, spending his offseason in the bed of Victoria Secret model, Gisele (does she even need a last name?) OH YEA, and he just dated one of the most gorgeous woman in hollywood, Bridget Moynihan (was ranked in top 99 best looking women in the world on He's been in the NFL (hardest league to stay in) for only 8 years and has already had a Hall of Fame career, being the youngest quarterback since Joe Montana to win a Super Bowl. Tom Brady has been guest host on Saturday Night Live, one of the most watched episodes in recent history. He has been so highly thought of both politically and globally, being a guest at the President's state of the union address and of the Vatican. I just read that he has also been consistantly ranked in Forbes Magazine's top 100 celebrities, that's celebrities, not just athletes, he made $14.5 million as a signing bonus two years ago, along with a contract worth $60 million at the end of it. Along with Derek Jeter both are spokesmen for the one of the most prestigous watch companies in the world (movado) Not the nicest looking watch, yet people have gone out and purchased in droves in both New York, and New England . The bottom line on Tom is, although he gets pushed around and hit by some of the toughest athletes in the world once a week for 17 weeks of the regular season, and then usually multiple playoff games, when you have super models rubbing you down after the game, I'd let king kong throw me around for christ sake.

Derek Jeter the king of New York, hands down, this guy owns New York City, love him or hate him, you got nothing but respect for one of the most decorated athletes of our generation. Ranked ahead of Brady in the 2005 Forbes 100 top celebrities, linked to women like Tyra Banks, Vanessa Manillo, Jessica Alba, and most recently Jessica Biel (not a bad line up), Jeter is a World Series MVP, he is also recognized as the 11th yankee captain in the history of the franchise, a franchise that includes, BABE RUTH, Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, and Lou Gherig, just to name a few, a FOUR TIME World Series Champion (which we can conclude however important he was to those teams, they were stacked) Derek Jeter is a lock for the Hall of Fame, the day he retires, not only for his numbers but for the sick amount of effort he puts in on an everyday basis. He is the king of the intangible. I've have always said, no matter how much I hate the Yankees, I'd love to see Derek Jeter in a Red Sox Uniform, anyone who says they wouldn't oughta have their fan card revoked. He's a champion through and through. The final thought on Derek Jeter, he plays for a baseball team which is under more pressure than any other team in the country, both from the fans and the media, AND it's owner, he has had to endure having the greatest shortstop possibly in the world get traded to his team and move to third base leaning right to next to him, and still he kept his job. OUTSIDE of the athletic achievements, the guy is a baller in the largest city in the U.S. , dating some of the hottest women in the world, going to the best clubs, he can wake up in the morning and say, I'm DEREK F'n JETER, and your woman would LOVE me.

Edge: Tom Brady - despite me being a Dallas Cowboys fan, did you really think the Red Sox fan in me was going to choose a GOD DAMN YANKEE?!?!? even though TB was caught wearing a yanks hat, the guy was seen on vacation in Paris with Gisele, she waited outside of the San Diego Charges Visitors locker room just to see him, so not only is he dating her, she is waiting on HIM. Now don't get me wrong, half of this has to do with my obsession with how smoking hot his girlfriend is, but the other half is that he will probably win more super bowls in his career than my favorite quarterback of all time Troy Aikman, Tom Brady has probably never dated a woman as crazy as Mariah Carey, nor has he probably ever dated a woman who was romantically linked with a former 98 degrees star. He understands that athletes and "frangrances" aren't always the best ventures, For one day, I'd be Tom Brady -offseason style, no hard hits, only free drinks at bars, and then a little nightcap with a super model. Sorry Jeter.

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