Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All-Star Game 2007 . .does it really still count? seriously?

Lemme break it down for you, this game should mean NOTHING, home field advantage should in NO WAY have anything to do with the mid-summer classic and here's the three reasons why YOU NEED TO KNOW:

1. The fans pick the starters . . the fans, we could dedicate this entire topic to how the moron national league fans vote Bonds over Matt Holliday, great gesture he's got 69 rbi's batting .350 and slugging close to .600 (if it was real, a.k.a. like bush and cheaney had nothing to do with enron, i'm sure the commish had nothing to do with this) fan voting is rediculous, I'm a diehard baseball fan, but how many homers pick up the ballot and vote for everyone from their team to start, Love the sox, but they are a prime example, remember when Kevin Millar finished 2nd among AL firstbasemen, when Kevin Youkilis was platooning every day because Millar was TERRIBLE. Fans you lose your right to vote if this game is going to count for anything, it's ludacris. Who's idea was this to begin with, admit it Bud you were embarrased about what happened at the ASG in Milwaukee, so you wanted to make a move to show everyone you were dumber than they thought. NO one would have cared about the tie game five months later, trust me . .there is way more important shit going on in the world. I remember when the "fans" voted Magic Johnson to the all-star game after he was retired, you didn't see David Stern saying "oh NOW THIS TIME IT COUNTS" this isn't god damn TRL, if the games gonna count, fans should step aside and appoint an AL & NL GM to pick the team based on the year the players are having.

2. Pitchers pitch 1 or 2 innings TOPS; I understand the meaning behind only limiting the pitchers to 1 or 2 innings, so you don't risk the players getting injured, BUT WHY MAKE THE GAME COUNT THEN. when in your right mind would Jake Peavy get replaced by Chris Young after just throwing straight darts for 6 Batters, It'd NEVER HAPPEN. Hideki Okajima sat on the pine last night after every new englander voted for him 1,234,908 times just to see him fly to san francisco and get a jersey??? mandatory, the LAST MAN ballot should play at least 1 inning, no matter what. But he doesn't play IN case the game goes extras, because there is something riding on it, I was OKAY with a Tie, I really didn't care as long as I got to see everyone play, but now that everyone doesn't play, the game has to end, you HAVE to let the pitchers who will win the game Pitch, and more than an inning or two, but no one would go along with that in fear of injury, the game once had pride, remember when Pedro Martinez in front of the world watching dusted back the first 5 batters he faced(not to mention PERENNIAL HALL OF FAMERS ) in the 1999 ALL-Star game, if the game had counted then and he came out of the game, and the American League Lost, and then the sox say went to the WORLD SERIES on the shoulders of Jeff Frye , lol sorry i can't even not laugh at that one. But realistically, if they had gone in a 0-2 whole losing the first two on the road during the world series because Petey came out of the god damn all star game , when Pedro Obviously was prepared to throw a gem , you'd say WTF what if they were at home? atta boy bud.

3. One player from every team must be represented the most rediculous rule ever put in play . . .then the game had to count, and it made it even more rediculous case and point:

Bobby Jenks 2-4 3.88era - white sox got to have somebody
(If I had it my way he'd been Replaced by Kevin Youkilis hitting .328 slugging .502)

so when the White sox are sitting at home in october and the Red Sox are going into the playoffs hmmmmmmm that's fair. BUT IT COUNTS

National League is a better example for this one, because they lose every year

Freddy Sanchez, hitting nearly fifty points below his season average last year, on a team that has a better shot playing in the Canadian american league, whose fans staged an f'n walk out on a game last week, that they'd BOUGHT tickets for, yea he should be a factor in who gets home field advantage
(I'd replace him with Adrian Gonzalez whose average is a little lower, but he's belted 14 homers and with 52 rbi's and slugging .469, OH YEA his team will probably make the playoffs and are sitting in first place)

Concluding, not only am I irritated it counts even though I want the Sox to have home field advantage when they make it to the series, I had to watch three hours of a home run derby made up of primarily guys who were just happy to be in it, no bonds, no griffey, no manny, no ortiz, no rodriguez . . ONE MORE THING . .. tell me you weren't a little suspicious when David Ortiz brought out a special bat for Vlad to win the derby with? Did he grab that from the Sammy "I just wanted to give the fans a show during BP" Sosa Collection . .although I think Vlad could hit out of the park with a toothpick. PEACE

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