Thursday, January 26, 2012

All Caught Up

I've been out of pocket for a week or two, paying gig had my focus! However, don't fret, we still at it!! (that grammar error was on purpose) Before we get back into our regular routine, thought we'd get you all caught up!

Let's get after it!

The passing of legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno (1926-2012) is an awfully difficult moment to digest. The winningest coach in major college football history (409 victories) meant Paterno's passing should have been different, but we understand it can't be. The last several months of his life Paterno spent cancer stricken and a shade off the center of an awful sexual abuse scandal directly involving his longtime defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. Paterno's failures off the field surrounding the Sandusky scandal will remain a very sad but truthful end to both his coaching career and now his life. A life and career that just months ago would have been remembered for his contributions to Penn State both on and off the field amongst all the college football memories. The 46-seasons as head coach of the Nittany Lions, the two national championships, the 37 bowl game appearances, and of course each and every last one of those 409 victories, all play second fiddle now. All due respect to Joseph Vincent Paterno and his family, I believe it was said best by Maximus Decimus Meridius, "Men, what we do in life, echoes in eternity."

Lack of grace?!? No. Political statement?!? No. Display of freedom?!? We beg to differ. Newly anointed Stanley Cup Champion and 2X Vezina Trophy winner, Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas, opted out of this week's Bruins visit to the White House to be recognized by the top office in all of the land. Now let's not be confused here, I care very little about the political beliefs of Tim Thomas, his opinion on government spending means absolutely nothing to me. So why does this make the column!?!? Because I'm beyond tired of self-centered, over-opinionated, and boldly arrogant athletes believing it is their duty to 'make-a-statement.' Take it one step further, where does Thomas, the 3rd highest-paid player on the Bruins roster, get off making a 'Bruins-day' about himself. The moment Thomas released his statement on government spending on Twitter, he made himself the story of his teammates visit to the White House. That I have a problem with. I have a major problem with stealing the scene from your teammates who showed up and probably wanted a less controversial visit and to just enjoy the momemnt. Funny how a boy from Michigan forgets the cash that the same government he slammed put up to put the paddles on the heart of the American Auto Industry, right in his back yard.

Are you ready for Part II?!? As the Patriots and Giants set to do battle for the second time in recent memory, on the games biggest stage, it's got us thinking, what more could we ask for?!?! The stakes for New England & Tom Brady are at an all-time high. A fourth Super Bowl since 2001, the legacy of a future Hall of Fame coach and quarterback, laying claim to the most dominant franchise in the Super Bowl era?!? To the Meadowlands, a 2x-Super Bowl winning quarterback moving to an elite status in more minds than his own, a coach looking to add another Lombardi, and a franchise that would love to play spoiler to Bill Belichick one more time for good measure! If we aren't going to get treated to the sound clips from Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, if we aren't going to get to see the scoreboard light up as it would have if Brees or Rodgers had made it back, what better way to cap this thing off?!?! Aside from the Harbaugh family, and people who dislike these two insufferable fan bases, this thing could be g-r-e-a-t!

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