Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Savior; In South Florida

Why the outrage? Why the venom? For newly anointed Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, he's done nothing but fight an uphill battle since draft night 2010, but why?

The Broncos 1st round selection that night (25th overall), was ridiculed from that moment on. The driving force behind the pick in the spring of 2010 was former head coach Josh McDaniels. The brash, young, and outspoken former offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, McDaniels had a belief that Tebow's talents could translate to the next level. A 2x-NCAA BCS National Championship quarterback, a Heisman Trophy winner, and a player more driven than nearly anyone we've ever seen play the collegiate position, somehow that wasn't enough for him to earn the respect of the NFL viewing public. However, was it Tebow's fault that McDaniels felt that strongly about him? Was it Tebow's doing that made the Broncos acquire the likes of Brady Quinn for future Cleveland Browns 1,100 yard rusher and Madden cover boy, running back Peyton Hillis? Was it Tebow's doing that the Browns went out and acquired both he and Quinn when they had veteran signal caller Kyle Orton already under center? After the 2010 season, which saw the Broncos finish 4-12, McDaniels was out. Leaving a mess behind him, a mess which included Tebow. Without an offensive mind like McDaniels on his sideline, the young quarterback would now be under the direction of former Carolina Panthers coach Jon Fox and a man who values defense above all.

About John Fox, the man does not trust Tim Tebow, and that is going to take time. We laugh at how poorly the Tebow led offense played for the first 55 minutes in Sunday's win against Miami, but that isn't all on Tebow. Fox rarely let Tebow play and do what he does best, create. Furthermore, trading Tebow's potential best target, receiver Brandon Lloyd, just days before Tebow starts his first game of the season, that isn't exactly a show of confidence. Since Tebow has gone under center, at the clamoring of the Broncos fans I'll add, Fox has done nothing but use caution when discussing Tebow. After his win on Sunday, Fox replied "I'm sure he'd say the same, but I liked the last five minutes much more than first fifty-five," and then "Tim's a work in progress, we've said that from the beginning." Correct me if I'm wrong, but when Fox was in Carolina did he ever use such bland, holding back lines to discuss the likes of Jake Delhomme? A player who tossed 78-interceptions during his years in Carolina, which an average of 13 INT's per season. I'm not so sure John Fox should have gotten a second chance so quickly, and I don't believe he's the man to determine the best quarterback on a roster. It would seem to me that the organization's philosophy is, and dictated by Fox to the media, we can't back Tebow just yet, otherwise there is no 'get out of jail free' card if they end up with the number one overall pick and Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is looking them right in the face. John Fox isn't doing a great job hiding that poker face.

So, that being said . . .give the kid a break! If he's going to fail, let him fail. If he's going to win, let him go out and win for you. For a franchise that has been superstar starved since Elway and Terrell Davis, and don't get me started on Cutler and Marshall, why are they so resistant to Tebow? There are franchises out there who are moving every part of their franchise to help someone succeed. The Chargers got rid of Drew Brees when they saw something in Phil Rivers. The Eagles cleared out their cabinet in two years to back Vick. If you don't like those, look at what the 49ers are doing, how many chances has Alex Smith gotten? My parting words to the Broncos, build on the Von Miller draft, play defense, and let Tebow go out and win!

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