Saturday, December 11, 2010

Heisman Morning: Final Thoughts

[1] Cecil Newton isn't the first parent to ask for a hand out.

For us to sit wide-eyed with our jaws touching the floor, well that's just ludicrous. Is Cecil Newton wrong to 'pimp' his son to the highest SEC bidder? Absolutely, but was he the first? Of course not. I don't feel sorry that Cecil Newton and his son will not get to share what should be a night that father and son remember forever (I respect Cecil more now for willingly staying home), it's the bed they've made. However, I do refuse to hold their feet to the fire and pretend that Cecil Newton is the first parent to look for compensation in exchange for their child's athletic ability. He's a stage dad.

[2] Andrew Luck should be the runner-up in a close vote.

This isn't a one-horse race as much as The Worldwide Leader wants to convince us it is. 'Talking heads' from coast to coast should take a look at the numbers and show a little more respect to Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. The junior Cardinal quarterback led Stanford to an 11-1 mark this season and a spot in the Discover Orange Bowl. Luck threw for over 3,000 yards and 28 touchdowns while completing 70% of his passes carrying the Stanford offense. There is a reason Andrew Luck is in New York, and it isn't to just shake Cam Newton's hand as Newton accepts the Heisman.

[3] In the end, doesn't Cam's controversy make tonight more interesting?

Part of me still believes the Heisman voters are going to snub Cam Newton in the wake of everything that has happened, coupled with it taking place in the same year as the 2005 Reggie Bush Heisman is being removed from the record books. The voters haven't exactly been forthcoming as to who they'll vote for, they've been open about being torn because of 'smoke there's fire' which makes for much more drama than expected. Don't get me wrong, I wish we didn't have to sit through this and they'd just tell us who the winner is, but as a fan of drama, I'm all in.

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