Tuesday, October 13, 2009

LRN Power Rankings: Week 6

While the Chargers, Packers, Bears, and Saints were on a bye, the NFL was busy. The Denver Broncos make another huge jump in the ranks this week after their monster win vs. New England. The Falcons, Giants, and Seahawks posted 40-point games on the board, all making strides in week 5. On the downside, the Jaguars couldn't get out of their own way after a good win a week ago. The Bills continued their slide, that close game against New England seems like it happened decades ago. Without further adieu . . .

Get after it. The week 6 LynchyRightNow Power Rankings:

1. New Orleans Saints (1) Two weeks to prepare for the Giants, expect big things from Drew Brees this week.

2. Minnesota Vikings (3) Took care of business in St. Louis. No rest for the Vikings as they greet a reeling Ravens team in Minnesota when they return, can Favre maneuver Ed Reed & Co.?

3. Indianapolis Colts (4) Another week, another 300 yards in the passing game, another new target for Peyton Manning. Leading the Colts in receiving this week is Austin Collie, the 23-year old Canadian wideout. Five weeks, five wins.

4. New York Giants (5) Do you get credit for pasting the Raiders after they fly across the country? You do when Eli Manning only plays one half of football and you still put 40 points on the board. Giants remain unbeaten heading to New Orleans.

5. Denver Broncos (10) Wow. I didn't buy it for a few weeks but after seeing that defense shut down Dallas & New England in back-to-back weeks, I'm all in. They deserve jumping every team they did this week.

6. Atlanta Falcons (11) After a bad loss to New England and a bye week, there were some questions about the Falcons traveling across the country to San Francisco. After putting 35 points on the board before the half, questions answered. San Francisco isn't the '08 Falcons, the '09 Falcons are the '08 Falcons.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (9) They may not being doing it pretty, but they sure are doing it. The Bengals have beaten three division opponents in consecutive weeks, when it happens this often it isn't luck.

8. New York Jets (6) A couple disappointing losses on the road shoudln't distract them from what they are. The addition of Braylon Edwards seems to have good early results.

9. Baltimore Ravens (2) We hadn't seen the Ravens self destruct in a long time. It should come as to no surprise when they gave up their first 100-yard rusher of the Obama administration, the self destruction began. Blame it on the refs last week, blame it on yourselves this week.

10. New England Patriots (7) 0-2 on the road. Tom Brady may not look like the Tom Brady we remember, overthrowing receivers certainly aren't a staple of his championship career. On the plus side, linebacker Jerod Mayo is back in the middle of that Patriot defense.

11. Philadelphia Eagles (15) Completing passes to six different receivers in his return from injury, Donovan looked very good. Albeit against the Buccaneers, but the Eagles have looked strong.

12. San Francisco 49ers(8) A bye week to regroup after their 10-45 home loss to the Falcons this past weekend. When the 49ers return, Michael Crabtree and Frank Gore could be added to their offense.

13. Chicago Bears (12) Jay Cutler and the Bears will be tested in the coming weeks. Road games against Atlanta (3-1) and Cincinnati (4-1) loom for the Bears coming off a bye week.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (13) At some point you've got to start putting teams away. Allowing both the Chargers and Lions to hang around till late in the game is a bad sign, those type of games swing the other way from time to time. I trust Rashard Mendenhall is the answer to this problem.

15. Green Bay Packers (14) Green Bay has a couple soft ones on their schedule coming up, v. Detroit and v. Cleveland. This should lead the Packers into their re-match with Minnesota, looking very strong.

16. Miami Dolphins (21) I loved what the Dolphins did on Monday. Final drive of the game and not (1), not (2), but (3) different players went under center, IN THE WINNING DRIVE! I'll say it, this offense is the toughest offense to gameplan for, just ask Rex Ryan.

17. Arizona Cardinals (19) At some point one of these conference defending champions need to act like it. It took a goal line stand for Arizona to hang on to a game they had well in hand this past weekend. Don't expect that when you travel to Seattle.

18. Dallas Cowboys (18) I can't move the Cowboys up or down. Yes they should have beaten a winless Chiefs team by more, but they didn't. Miles Austin really does look like the playmaker the Cowboys that Roy Williams would be, and i hope they use that to their advantage.

19. Seattle Seahawks (23) Hasselbeck turned in a strong performance after returning from injury. 241 yards passing, 18 completions, and four touchdowns. Maybe the Seahawks have more left in the tank than we thought.

20. San Diego Chargers (16) Dropping four spots in a bye week? A readers specifically called me out on ranking the Chargers as high as I have. Maybe they just aren't that good, maybe the Chargers are just waiting to be blown up and start with Tomlinson. I love Phil Rivers, but it's just not enough.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars (17) What's the best solution for a team coming off a 41-0 loss? Playing the leagues worst team in your backyard. Hello, St. Louis!

22. Houston Texans (19) The Texans are just underperforming. Their offense can't put four quarters together, their defense is letting up way to many big plays. A win in Cincy would solve some problems, but I doubt they can put that together.

23. Carolina Panthers (22) What?!? You thought I was going to move you foward for beating the Redskins on your own turf? You had to comeback to take that one, you get no love.

24. Kansas City Chiefs (29) Sometimes you gain more in a loss, this week was one of those times for the winless Chiefs. Hopefully they can build on this loss and move forward. Matt Cassel didn't look bad, not bad at all.

25. Detroit Lions (27) You hang with the defending champs for as long as they did, you earn some respect. The Detroit defense looked better, things are getting there in Detroit.

26. Tennessee Titans (24) The Titans just aren't that good this season. Older in the tooth, the loss of Haynesworth, it's tough to put your finger on exactly one thing.

27. Cleveland Browns (30) Eeeek, I choose to ignore that 6-3 victory against Buffalo. Someone needs to apologize to all the fans who watched that game, refunds should be issued.

28. Washington Redskins (26) The Redskins have given both the Lions & Panthers their first win this season. This week they welcome the winless Chiefs, notice a pattern?

29. Buffalo Bills (25) Have the Bills given up? Regressed? I'm of the mind their season is going the opposite way. Biggest moment a close loss in week 1, now this? Good luck in The Meadowlands this week, you'll need it.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (31) I honestly don't see a win on their entire schedule, and I'm being nice about it. Does anyone think this would have happened if Jon Gruden was still at the helm?

31. Oakland Raiders (28) And your sure that there is no way to force Al Davis to sell this franchise? Really? It's hard to believe that this isn't the worst team in the NFL.

32. St. Louis Rams (32) B.A.K.B. Bet Against Kyle

Some swings this week and some reshuffling will take place in the coming week with the Giants @ New Orleans. Check back (hopefully) every Tuesday for the LRN Power Rankings.

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