Monday, October 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday

11:00 on Sunday night and yes, I've done absolutely nothing productive with my day off. Like Jesus, today was my day of rest. However, I did hold my girlfriend captive while watching 13 straight hours of NFL pre-game shows, NFL games, and wrap-up NFL highlights, needless to say she was thrilled. After all that football, I've taken away a few things from this NFL season. . .

(1) The New England Patriots are very good, against bad teams. Losses to the division rival Jets and those pesky Broncos in the early weeks of the season apparently woke up a Patriot team that had yet to look the part of the well oiled Patriot machine. However, nothing cures the early season blues quite like the winless Titans and Bucs. In back-to-back games the Patriots have thumped two teams that have looked terrible at this point. Through 5 previous games, Tom Brady had thrown just six interceptions. In the last two, he's gone for nine TD passes. The high powered Patriots had scored just 13 more points than their opponents, in the last two they've outscored the opposition 94-7, increasing that gap to plus +100. Returning from London the Patriots won't play again till they welcome Miami north on November 8th, then they hit the road again. In five of their final nine games the Patriots will be on the road and won't be facing teams like Tennessee and Tampa Bay. Road matchups in Indianapolis and New Orleans shall be a real litmus test, those are the games Patriot fans are used to winning. Jury is still out.

(2) The New Orleans Saints are playing the best, period. No argument or debate. The Saints weathered whatever the Dolphins could put on them Sunday afternoon. Drew Brees' three interceptions. Terrible starting field position in the first half. A 21-point deficit early, on the road! Nothing could stop the 39.6 point per game New Orleans Saints. By outscoring the Dolphins 36-10 in the second half, the Saints improved to 6-0 on the season. Over the past three weeks Drew Brees and Co. have made several statements. October 4th, the Saints welcome an undefeated Jets team to The Superdome, a 24-10 victory put the league on notice, these Saints also has a very good defense. October 18th, another New York team flies south, this time the undefeated Giants and their touted defense. The Saints hung 48 points on another NFC East team for the second time this year and made that Giant defense look very bad. Today, the Saints went on the road against a Miami team coming off two straight wins and seemingly hitting their stride. The conclusion? The Saints overcome everything imaginable and fly home with another victory remaining undefeated. These Saints can score with anyone and it seems as if they will.

(3) Can Chicago get their money back? Remember how crazy it was for Josh McDaniels to want Matt Cassel over Jay Cutler? I'm guessing it was performances like the one he had on Sunday which McDaniels wasn't in love with. Well McDaniels and those Broncos have yet to lose a game this season and the Bears are a pedestrian 3-3, and a Steeler missed field goal away from starting 2-4. I don't know if people reading this in Chicago are people who can get this done, but someone needs to inform Bears ownership that Jay Cutler just isn't that great. Sure, Cutler has thrown 10 touchdown passes this season, however he's also thrown 10 balls to the other team. In Atlanta last week, Cutler throws an interception in the red zone, a turnover that proved costly. This week, Cutler added three more interceptions to his total and I'm guessing that relates to his Bears team being embarrassed 45-10. When the Bears traded their quarterback, Kyle Orton, to the Broncos this past offseason, I'm sure they didn't expect this. Orton has thrown 9 TD's and just 1 interception, which was on a hail mary at the end of the half. While the Bears offense has become punch-drunk with Jay Cutler, last seasons breakout rookie, Matt Forte, is suffering most. Through six games this season, Forte is averaging just 50 yards per carry, last year at this point he was already near 78 yards per game. Through the last three games, Forte has rushed just 33 times, while Cutler has thrown it 108 times. Anyone else wonder why the Bears haven't been as good as expected?

(4) Fact, the Giants are overrated. As the schedule has played out thus far, the G-Men have already played and beat Tampa, Oakland, Washington, and Kansas City, not exactly the class of the NFL. They have played three teams with playoff aspirationsh, Arizona, New Orleans, and Dallas. Playing spoiler against the 'Boys in their home opener and ribbon cutting on Jerry's World, the Giants allowed 251 yards on the ground, and nearly allowed not one but two 100 yard rushers. Last week, the Giants gave up 369 yards passing and 4 touchdowns from Saints quarterback Drew Brees. The Saints also ran for over 120 yards on the Giant defense. On Sunday, it was the offense who struggled. In a loss to Arizona, Eli Manning threw three interceptions and the Giant offense put the ball on the ground twice. Is it so shocking to say the Giants at (5-2) have beaten up with on bad teams and played very poor against good ones? If the Giants are just not getting up for games that is going to develop into a problem. Looking at their schedule, the supposed class of the NFC East travel to Philadelphia and Denver in the next four weeks, with home games against a good Phil Rivers and Matt Ryan sandwiched in the middle. No more JaMarcus Russell's and Josh Freeman's left on your schedule.

As in recent weeks, the LynchyRightNow Power Rankings will be out after tonights Monday Night showdown between Washington and Philadelphia. . . Check out the newest podcast from LynchyRightNow.

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