Friday, May 1, 2009

Keep It Real TGI Fridays

Witty title, I know. Let's get cracking on this weeks edition of Keep It Real Friday. After watching my Celtics get pushed to the brink last night I'm full of venom . . . . WATCH OUT!

Selena Roberts, be prepared because I plan to write a book about you some day. I hate Alex Rodriguez too, but your obsessed, I'm talking Ali Larter in that new movie Obsessed. It's one thing to expose a guy in the newspaper, there is a certain type of person who loves reading that type of thing, BUT YOU WROTE AN ENTIRE BOOK BANGING ON THE GUY. One would think you are a spurned lover here. Furthermore, to think your on the cutting edge of investigative journalism here is over the top. Alex gained weight in high school, Alex slept around, Alex went to strip clubs, Alex played poker non-stop, and on and on it goes. Selena Roberts just wrote a book about 95% of the guys I know. We went through puberty, grew six inches and put on weight. When your in your twenties alot of guys go to strip clubs and if you have money you go to more expensive strip clubs. Alex slept around isn't news, 75% of athletes probably sleep around, different cities, whose going to find out? I'm not condoning it but why Alex? It's not everyday you have a nauseating reporter crawling up your a** to find out what you had for dinner. My buddies play poker non-stop, side games, online games, casinos, but you know why no one is writing about that? BECAUSE NO ONE CARES. I wouldn't read the book if you gave me a signed free copy. Selena Roberts is infatuated with Alex and its a bit much. She may be a great journalist but going forward she's a tabloid reporter, "Hey Selena, there goes Brittany." KEEP IT REAL LADY, your obsessed!

Sports Illustrated, what's happening to your New York Mets? Good pick on the World Series winner though, keep 'em coming. I don't care what your trying to convince me of SI, it won't work. Until the New York Mets come out and win a god damn division title I'm not buying them. There in 4th place behind the Marlins, Phillies, and Braves. An offense that includes Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, David Wright, and Jose Reyes is somehow 9th in the National League in runs scored. They're sitting just ahead of the Giants in 15th place in homers, the Giants whose cleanup hitter is Bengie Molina. With a .282 batting average they should be scoring alot more runs. 21 games into the season the New York Mets pitchers have allowed 81 walks, have an .era north of 4.40, and a starting pitching staff with an .era north of 5.00, and this is the team that is supposed to be winning a title? If it wasn't for their cross town rival Yankees, the Mets would be the greatest group of combined talent that can't seem to win a thing and continues to under achieve year after year. Here's a thought, ADD A FEW MORE STARTERS THAT CAN WIN GAMES. Keep It Real, you know the Mets aren't winning anything in the near future, that's a fact.

KEEP IT REAL, I'm not mentioning the Celtics for a reason.

I can't give you any more on this edition of Keep It Real Friday . . . I'm too nervous about the C's, as always KEEP IT REAL!

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