Saturday, December 6, 2008

Too Much Tyrod

Ughhh, that was ugly. A second straight let down in the ACC championship game for the Boston College Eagles. For the second time in two years the Eagles get chased from the Orange Bowl and sent to ACB (another crappy bowl) at the hands of the Hokies.

The main focus was on the quarterback play for both teams. Boston College sent their redshirt freshman, Dominique Davis to Tampa in his second start and he met a Hokie defense that didn't give an inch. Virginia Tech on the other hand put the ball in the hands of their quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who gave the vaunted BC defense all they could handle and then some. Countless missed tackles and fumbles led to the downfall of the Eagle defense. A fumble inside the twenty in the first half stopped a scoring drive, an interception in the third to set Virginia Tech up for another scoring drive inside the BC twenty, and a late fumble from Davis which got returned for a touchdown and the Hokies took over.

When I'm wrong, I'm wrong and I now admit that a redshirt freshman quarterback in only his second start cannot be asked to put touchdowns on the board against a top ten national defense. I will not be spending new years on South Beach, and as a consolation prize, the laptop is burning my legs. One last thing, I noticed Bruce Smith was cheering on the Hokies, where were the Vick brothers? Must have had plans. Excuse me while I slip on my Alabama pullover (until the Gators come back) CHOMP, CHOMP!

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