Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Ten

The first BCS College Football poll of 2008 is out, and as always, there is room for interpretation. I'll attempt, to give you my version of the BCS (strictly Top 10) after each week from here on out. First, some things you won't find:

Teams from the ACC
Hawaii, Boise State, or TCU
Anything regarding Charlie Weiss or Notre Dame


10. Texas Tech Love the Red Raiders, but they are who they are. The only legit team they beat was Nebraska. That win at home against Nebraska was entirely unimpressive, and it took them an overtime to do it. Their next four games are against FOUR ranked teams, Kansas (23), Texas (1), Oklahoma State (6), and Oklahoma (4). They'll lose at least two of their next four, maybe more. The Big 12 has become a buzz saw.

9. Ohio State I guess. The Buckeyes laid it to Michigan State in Lansing. Done and Done. 45-7. I hate the fact that they use the system to their advantage; but I can't blame them. The Buckeyes host a monster game with national title implications this week against Penn State. If Ohio State wins, they win the Big 10 and kill any shot of a Big 10 team reaching the BCS title game.

8. Georgia Pre-season hype, narrowly escaping Spurrier in South Carolina, and getting taking out to the woodshed by Alabama. Win at Baton Rouge next week, knock off Florida in the first week of November, and you've got a shot. If Georgia wants to get back into my graces, SHOW ME SOMETHING! Ten point wins against Tennessee and an over rated Vanderbilt don't do much for me.

7. Florida If not for a blocked PAT, this team is in the Top 5. A loss to Mississippi in late September won't keep them down for long; A win in between the hedges at Georgia on November 1st puts them closer to the Top 5. A big win, 51-21 to conference rival LSU, allowing 10 or fewer points in 4 other wins puts the Gators in a comfortable spot heading into November.

6. Southern California I refuse to let the Trojans back into the Top 5 until either Penn State, Alabama, Texas or Oklahoma State lose at least 1 game. It's principal. The Trojans play no ranked teams for here on out. The PAC-10 has no other ranked teams besides USC. In my mind, if USC beats every team 70-0, they still lost to Oregon State, the same Oregon State that got throttled by third ranked Penn State. As always, they'll be in the Rose Bowl.

5. Oklahoma Sure, you could put them ahead of Oklahoma State but I'm not going to. They have a loss, it's just that simple. However, things are looking up for the Sooners. After their momentum stopping loss against Texas, they returned the favor to 16th ranked and conference foe, Kansas. They are the only blemish on the 7-1 Texas Christian Horned Frogs record, a 35-10 smack down in late September. Again, if Oklahoma State, Alabama, and Penn State fall, the Sooners could rise.

4. Oklahoma State They play in a power football conference, The Big 12. Three teams in that conference, Oklahoma State, Texas, and Texas Tech have yet to lose a game. Oklahoma has only lost once, to Texas. The Cowboys upset Missouri when they were ranked as high as #3, blew the doors of PAC-10 Washington State, and with an upset of #1 Texas this week, they could be looking at a BCS #1 ranking. Until they lose, they remain in the top 5.

3. Alabama From day 1, I disrespected the University of Georgia, it wasn't a shock to me that Alabama beat them. Their other big win? At Clemson, yes, the same firing their head coach because they've started out 3-4 Clemson. Sorry Bama, I'm only doing as Nick Saban asks of me, not putting the Tide as high as they probably should be. Word to the wise; THEIR RUNNING THE TABLE IN THE SEC.

2. Penn State Their 8-0 headed to Columbus this weekend. They have let up no more than 24 points in any game, scored over 40 points in 6 of their 8 wins. More impressive than that, in two road wins at Wisconsin and at Purdue, the Nittany Lions allowed a touchdown or less, IN THE ENTIRE GAME. By November 1st they will have the Big 10 Conference wrapped up, with no Conference Championship game, their ticket to the National Championship will be punched on Saturday.

1. Texas They are college footballs best team in college footballs best conference. Being 1 of 4 teams ranked inside the top 10, the Longhorns have the runaway Heisman Trophy winner under center and before their shootout at the Cotton Bowl, the Longhorns hadn't allowed a team to score more than 14 points on their vaunted defense. 45 points against previously top ranked Oklahoma, 56 points against previously eleventh ranked Missouri, I fear for what they have in store for Oklahoma State and Texas Tech in the coming weeks. Barring a huge upset, punch the ticket, this team is tops.

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